It was then, that it appeared. That, whose shadow left only ruins.

That, whose each step was trailed by horror.

The one who wandered around aimlessly like a behemoth granting destruction in its benevolence.

The one who was gifting misery with each step that it took.

And this time, it wasn far away like all the previous times… it was near.

So near, that if one were to stumble backwards and fall, he might just land in the feet of that behemoth.

And presenting its unchanging desire for upholding chaos, it announced its presence like it always did and each time… left all to hear in dread of its wake.

…By a roar!

. . .

. .




A few days ago…

– – –

”Ferrin! Come down and have dinner! ” A gentle yet firm looking lady near her early 30s shouted in front of the stairs, her hands on her hips, a deep frown adorning her face.

From up above, the sound of disgruntled moaning could be heard, a boy seemed to be muttering about some hell of a life he was living.

Just as the lady was about to hit a nerve and blow off, annoyed words of a teen boy travelled down the stairs, ”I told you mom, I want to go to sleep! I am tired, do you know how much effort school requires from me? Im going to sleep again. Ill eat later and please don shout further! ” The boy seemed to be begging her from his tone.


Ferrin clicked his tongue while replying in defeat, ”Fine, Im coming! ”

”Good boy! ” Aria smiled in satisfaction and went back to the kitchen to set up the dinning table.

From above the stairs, a slightly chubby boy walked down slowly, almost at a turtles pace.

His unkempt brown hair stood straight all around the place, his hazy light brown eyes twitched terribly, a war had ensued to stop them from shutting down again.

Yet despite Ferrins unsightly appearance, Aria remained unmoved, as if this was the norm for them.

”Go wash your face! ” Aria shouted from inside the kitchen while caressing a thick liquid with a motherly smile.

Ferrin glanced in her direction for a while before saying tiredly, ”Alright mom, though I wish you listen to me sometimes as well. ”

Ferrin scratched his head in annoyance and slowly walked towards the bathroom.


Even the cold water failed to drive off his laziness. His lack of energy and monotonous mood were with him from his childhood. He had always been like this for some reason.

At the beginning of his life, his mother and father were extremely worried about him. They went to various doctors and physiologists asking for help but the doctors failed to find any fault. When he became 6, his father got tired of him and decided to leave him.

His mother was unwilling to leave him be. Despite knowing she would be all alone and that she would have to raise an abnormal child, her motherly love refused to budge and she rejected her husband fiercely.

The argument escalated and ended with them getting divorced. Currently, she was working in an office, her pay wasn much but it was enough to support the two of them.

Her husband had at least been kind enough to let them keep the apartment he owned. This did serve as some help in the arduous life she had chosen for herself.

No matter what people said or did in the many memorable years of her life, Aria had remained strong in her stance and supported her son to the best she could.

It was due to her efforts that Ferrin had been brought up safely from his childhood and reached the age of 15 this year.

”Sit down! I will go get the juice, I heard from someone that it can work wonders to light up sparks in lazy bums like you! ” Aria smiled lovingly as she went to fetch the dark green juice she had made at home.

”Sigh! Call it poison mom! I hope it doesn involve raw weed like last time. ” Ferrin pouted unhappily as he reminisced about his torturous past.

”Hehe! No, no! Nothing like that this time, I swear! ” Aria couldn help but smile remembering how last time her son almost chocked on the drink when she told him it involved raw weed fetched from a pile of crap.

After thinking about it, even she realised that it was disgusting even considering it.

”I hope so! ” Ferrin sighed helplessly. Before beginning to lazily stretch out his hand and start pouring the food in his plate. Even this simple act felt like he had to go through a tall mountain.

I wish somebody could do this for me instead… I think if someone can feed me, that would be nice as well. Ferrin shook his head at his wild fantasies.

”Here, try this! I bet you won need sleep for three whole days after this. ” Aria chuckled mischievously before pouring the thick juice inside Ferrins glass.

”Exactly like how every last time I didn need sleep as well I guess. ” Ferrin spoke contemptuously before pouring the juice down his throat.

Actually… it shouldn even be called juice, it was bitter to the point any sane person wouldn want it near him and disgusting like he was eating burnt tyre.

But this our boy Ferrin, who didn even bother spitting it out as he felt that even doing that would be bothersome. So? He chugged it all down his throat of course!

”How is it? H

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