Good Will Inc.

Chapter 5 | Ted

In-House Memo

RE: Social Media

November 2nd, 2018

To all personnel ~

For the love of all that is holy and/or damned, stay the ** off of mortals social media accounts! I don want to see your angelic or demonic mugs on some teenage boys Facebook feed, or some stay-at-home moms Instagram collage! I don care how good-looking you think you are (Gabriel). And no photo bombs (Drake and Dorian). It wasn amusing in the age of Polaroids, and it sure as hell isn funny now!

My Tech Support agent is doing his best, but his job is not cleaning up after the Selfie Bergade. We cannot have some random mortal nerd proving the existence of the ethereal companies.

I am sick to death of this topic. My blood is literally boiling right now. Boiling. Knock it off, or feel my wrath.

Yours in chaos,



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