Good Will Inc.

Chapter 1 | Ted

In-House Memo

Re: Free Will

October the 31st, 2018

To all personnel serving in my legion of Demons, and all those in the Fathers holy multitude of Angels ~

Centuries of Holy Wars have taken a toll on our viable recruits from the Mortal Realm and our respective hordes of soldiers. It is fair to say that both sides have suffered losses of significant magnitude. Neither side can lay claim to a mortals soul if said mortal perishes before pledging allegiance.

Free Will is a numbers game, and collectively our numbers have been down.

This, in short, is bad for business.

In a recent parley, the Almighty Father and I have come to an agreement regarding this most recent war. We are issuing a cessation, effective immediately. The armies on both sides will cease and desist in all manner of battle. Instead, we will proceed with an operation of stealth.

One mortal will be chosen at random. This mortal will have no preexisting affiliations with either ethereal company. A blank canvas human being, if you will. One agent will be sent from each side. These agents will have one week to engage and recruit the chosen mortal to the company of Hell or Heaven.

The mortal must choose of his or her own free will, or the results of this operation will be null and void.

The side the mortal chooses shall be named the winner. The victor. The conqueror. And thus will our war end. One way, or the other.

The agents have already been selected and given their assignments. The rest of you: stand down, or face the discomforts of my fiery pit.

Yours in chaos,


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