{Investigation: Locate a Golden Mushroom}

{Details: This golden mushroom is a little trinket belonging to our family. It is however lost in the {Deep Dark Forest} of the {Black Mountain} west of the city. I believe that the goblins had stolen it. Please find it and youll be rewarded with a gold per person in the same party.}

{Rewards: 1 Gold per person and any Items you found along the way.}

{Status: Completed.}

”…I didn expect you two to find the golden mushroom… but, I need to get the requestor to properly examine the item. ”

Mary quickly excused herself back into the office as she brought the golden mushroom wrapped up in fluffy dire wolves skins as Xalkren and Kian feared that the mushroom might break on their way back home.

”Will that old gramps be alright, Kian? ”, he was referring to the old goblin. Kian on the other hand, sighed heavily as he held his injured arm, ”… Hes going to be fine, I trust that grandpa to not get himself hurt from recklessly jumping into fights he couldn win. ”

Xalkren remembered the colour skin of the grandpa goblin, ”…Man, hes really never been outside, huh? ”

”Hm. ”, he hummed, agreeing with his statement.


The two new {Adventurers} turned their gazes toward the guilds main double doors barged open disrespectfully to the woodcraft made by carpenters of this era.

It was a man with a little… chubby look on his entire appearance. He wore cleanly as if he was a noble. He stomped his way toward the reception desk and asked the both of them, ”Are you two the one who secured my family heirloom? ”

Xalkren and Kian looked at each other and asked after facing the noble wearing red, ”Golden mushroom? ”, asked Kian.

”Yes! ”

”Ah, Sir Marzia the IV! ”, Mary came out from the office with the golden mushroom in her arms as she greeted him respectfully.

”Heres your precious family heirloom, o fine noble! ”

”Oooh! Its back… to the family! ”, he grabbed the heirloom and hugged it tightly to his chest. It looked to Kian as if he was watching the chubby noble consuming the heirloom with his body, he shook his head after hearing Xalkrens words.

”Im glad that you
e reunited with your family heirloom, sir but… if I would be a little rude to ask for our payments? ”

The noble smiled and laughed heartily, ”Ill be giving you two gold each! Thank you very much for bringing my heirloom back to its home! ”

”…Thank you. ”, Xalkren was expecting the noble to lash out at him since hes heard from Aunt Suiyaz that most nobles are assholes and scums except for a few like her relatives.

He faced Kian as he too had a bewildered expression, ”…Thank you, kind sir. ”

”No, no! Thank you! ”



I was watching Kuren who was admiring at his first two recently earned gold coins in his pam. His other hand was tightly gripping onto the dire wolves pelts which we managed to get back from the… fat noble.

Not much troubles in that case though as we had more problems with validating our goblin camp raid since we were supposed to be E-Ranks {Adventurers}.

Im glad I had grandpa goblin hide himself in the forest away from the ruined church or well see a dead grandpa who failed to meet his grandkids.

Lets talk about questing in the {Adventurers Guild}, we have several options and it usually based on how we can perceive its ranks. I think.

Investigation quests doesn have a fixed rank, it stayed like this because its an investigation. We go investigate the request and see how dangerous it is to help after taking our hands into the matter ourselves. If that makes sense, we check if its ranked dangerous based on our feelings.

Example: I needed someone to go check out that cabin over there, are they taken by bandits or not? If theres bandits, we should say that the rank should be at least D to C as bandits are considered harder to deal with due to their unpredictability. Otherwise, its null to E at no bandits seen.

Next, subjugation or kill request. {Adventurers} like to call this as bounty quest, which is determined by their high reward, high value, high risk targets or high numbers of target needed to kill. They
e judged carefully by the guild to determine each ranks of the bounty request they received.

Lastly, gathering and escorting quests. These are unpredictable despite their fixed rank on the board. Who knows if you get attacked by a flying dragon when you
e picking up herbs? Who knows if you
e ambushed by a group of night wolves during their hunting night? I don want that.

Now… money. I took a quick look at him still fiddling with his coins.

He never seen that much money in his hand before, huh? Ah… that takes me back!

I began to smile from the fond memories I used to have back in my childhood days. I used to help out my father with his blacksmithing work by dealing with travelers or hunters buying equipment from us.

…I still feel that heavy weight in my palm when we receive ten golds as payment for fixing up a sword of a {Knight}. Good times, good times.

Now where was I?

Oh right, money! If I remember it correctly, one hundred copper coins are one silver coins: one hundred silver coins being one gold coin. There are no one hundred gold coin equivalent to a different type of coin. But, if they do exist. Will it be a royalty coin?

(Summarised: 100 Copper = 1 Silver, 100 Silver = 1 Gold, 1 Gold = 1 000 000 Copper or 10 000 Silver. Wait, am I even correct at this?)

We need better equipment than what we have right now and these gold coins will help us tremendously with full equipment and gear for Kuren.

Food and potions are necessities for us too, going back and forth to the church for a priests healing are too expensive for our current financial situation.

Airship will cost about eighty silver coins… equipments being one gold plus… haa.

I sighed.

”…We still need quite a bit more money before we can fly across the mountain with the airship - ”

I noticed Kurens body suddenly jerked up and twitching about as he stopped playing with his gold coins to tightly hold them in his hand.

Oh? Whats this?

This reminds me! I forgot that he ACTUALLY is scared of heights! He never climbed a tree in his life and he never wanted to be lifted by Brother Dexor as he was a giant.

”Kuren? ”, I asked with a light tone.

”What. ”, his cold tone is literally the only way to figure out if the topics touchy for him or not. I… as much as I wanted to mess with him for being a scaredy cat for tall heights. I want him to become stronger.

I asked, ”Lets go buy us something fitting for our kits. ”

You wanted to take revenge of what happened to our village, right? Then, lets get something fitting for an {Assassin} like you.


Xalkren and Kian got used to asking around in the {Calda City} for directions and guides in order to find where they were heading for. They were looking for a blacksmith shop in the city.

One kind bystander gave them a name of the blacksmith shop, {Grumbles Blacksmith}, another kind bystander led the two toward the city plaza.

Over there, they were able to find the blacksmith from Kians sense of smell for the molten metal and charcoals in the air. What did surprise them though is that the blacksmith was located just behind the {Adventurers Guild}.

Needless to say that they were indeed, baffled by the sudden revelation.

”Mrm? ”

An old grumpy dwarf but jacked up with muscles grumbled as he noticed Kian and Xalkren approaching his shop in the corner of his eye.

Xalkren squinted as he remembered the name of the shop, [Right, he grumbles…] ”We
e here to buy equipment. ”, not wasting any time, Xalkren said with a calm voice for their arrival to Grumbles shop, {Grumbles Blacksmith}.

”Mm. ”, he stood up and walked into his little shop while gesturing his gloved hand to beckon the two to come inside of his shop.

The two looked at each other and shrugged before following the grumpy dwarf into the little shop, then, their second surprise was found.

There were many selection of weapons and armour on display, most of them looked ordinary but well made with excellent quality smithing. Kian lay his eyes on the greatswords display that was on the end of the right corner of the shops interior as he walked over to check it out.

Xalkren on the other hand, inspected the various kind of daggers on the display and had a slight frown upon seeing a not so friendly cost for a single scimitar.

[…Three gold for this? What kind of material used in this thing anyway?], he internally shook his head as he glanced for his dagger that he had hidden within his wolves pelts.

”Still short of money… ”, he sighed quietly.

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