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The little celebrity had nothing more to be particular about, he pulled him up from the dirt, and said in a muffled voice, “Let’s go back now, no one’s following.”


The little young master was obediently pulled along by his hand to walk, but after not even two steps, halted.

The little celebrity: “?”

The young master held up his absolutely empty left hand.
“Just ran too fast, I bought buns and cucumbers but I don’t know where I dropped them.”


The little celebrity completely lost his temper.
He went straight to the bank to withdraw the last several hundred yuan in his card, took the young master to a restaurant, and ordered two bowls of beef noodles and a plate of smashed cucumber salad to take back home.

The two people sat cupping their bowl, picked up chopsticks full of noodles, and slowly chewed, their stomachs finally feeling a bit full.
The hot steam rising from the bowls enveloped their faces, the little celebrity’s eyes were turned somewhat damp from the heat.

He suddenly said, “You didn’t come back for so long, I thought you sneaked off to kill yourself.”

The little young master looked at him in surprise and shook his head.
“I don’t want to die anymore.”

The little celebrity froze.

The little young master lowered his head and spoke, “Now I think I was too unreasonable before, you’re worse off than me but aren’t you also still alive.”

The little celebrity: “???”

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Whose fault was it that I didn’t die?

After a moment of silence, the little celebrity asked, “So what are you going to do in the future?”

The young master chewed on two slices of beef, cheeks puffed out.
“Gonna find another job.
Aren’t there a lot of western restaurants in S City? I probably wouldn’t keep running into perverts.”

“Where would you live?”

The little young master halted his chopsticks as he suddenly realized.
“Right, where should I live?”

The little celebrity: “…”

Who are you asking?

The little celebrity: “Do you have enough money to rent a room?”

The little young master calculated, “Three months’ salary should be enough if I save.”

The little celebrity sighed, “Alright then, I’ll die a little later.”

The little young master blurted out, “How could I trouble you?

The little celebrity: “…ha?”

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The little young master also thought that did not sound right and rephrased his words, “I meant that me living in your house might be too much trouble for you.”

“Then where did you live before?”

The little young master told the truth, “I didn’t have money to renew the rent and the thought of having to find a hole in a bridge to spend the night made me lose the will to live, then I saw you drive over.”

The little celebrity: “…”

The little celebrity: “No need to feel bad about troubling me.
Instead, you should find a job with weekly pay, otherwise, we won’t survive until the end of the month.”

The little young master nodded, pulled out the calculator, and began to calculate: “If we cook for ourselves at home, we can save a lot of money.”

The little celebrity picked up quickly: “No problem, you cook and I’ll do the dishes, I don’t mind if you only make smashed cucumber salad.”

The little young master: “….alright.”

He pondered on it feeling something wasn’t quite right.
If he took the living expenses of two people out of his salary, no matter how much he wanted to save up for rent, even a year wouldn’t be enough.

Then he peeked at the little celebrity, who seemed unaware, and swallowed the words back.

He thought, this doesn’t seem so bad either?

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