Originally, his plan was that the car would flip into the Lushui River at nine o’clock in the evening, and the police would arrive to investigate at around ten o’clock.
The news would be trending by eleven o’clock at the latest.
Therefore, the Weibo post had been scheduled at exactly 00:00.

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He wanted to let the netizens see how chilling ways of the world were forcing people to commit suicide, using the pen as a knife to denounce the world’s ruined social morality.
He would try his best to serve as a wake-up call for all the haters, so as to leave a name worthy of praise in the history of filmography.

But now, it was six o’clock in the morning.

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A certain person was dead on Weibo, but he was actually still alive.

Even though he was still alive, he’d better drop dead ASAP.

The little celebrity did not dare to turn on his phone at all.
He gripped the little young master’s hand in terror.
“Only you can help me now.”

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The little young master nodded solemnly.
“Tell me, how can I help you?”

The little star pulled his hands over and placed them around his neck.
“Come on, strangle me to death.”

The little young master: “…”

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The little celebrity was practically about to fall apart. Who cares if there were snakes, he shall throw himself into the river.

The little young master pulled him back.
“You should wait a moment first!”

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The little celebrity: “You want to stop me?”

The little young master: “No… take a look behind you.”

When he complied and turned around, his manager was walking toward him with a jolly gang of police officers.

The little celebrity’s eyes rolled back at that sight and he fainted on the spot.

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