ed in, they scared me into swimming back ashore…”

The little celebrity’s hand that was holding the steering wheel froze.

“Why would I lie to you?”

The little young master did not want to pour cold water on the other person’s plans, but his first suicide attempt half a month ago had left him a psychological shadow of jumping into the river, and he was extremely afraid the little celebrity would disregard everything and decide to rush straight down together with him.

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The little celebrity hesitated.
Getting eaten by fish after death and getting bitten to death by snakes were two very different things, and he was afraid of pain.

Thinking about whether he should just forget about today, the little young master stared at the left side of his face that exposed a finger-long scar.
Looking again and again at the five features that gave him a sense of déjà vu, he wanted to say something but kept hesitating: “Have I… Are you… “

The little celebrity: “?”

The little young master: “Haven’t I eaten your melons before2?”

The little celebrity: “…”

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Die! He must die today! Whoever doesn’t allow him to die, he’ll lose his temper at them!

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Translator’s Notes:

Feed the fish doesn’t literally mean feed the fish here! It means like to die and I guess the corpse gets eaten by the fish? A Chinese internet slang.
The rough English equivalent would be ‘sipping tea’ but you wouldn’t usually say ‘have’t I sipped your tea before’ so left it as the original.
More context here: Eating Melons – China Digital Space (chinadigitaltimes.net)

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