Chapter 95 – You Like Me Too, Don't You?

After seeing Tang Yu putting her luggage into the trunk and closing it, Little Zhang tried to fulfill his duties by opening the door for her.
However, before he could even do so, Tang Yu had already opened the back seat door and got into the car.

Little Zhang smiled wryly at this scene.
It would seem he couldn't treat this girl with his normal service attitude.

Tang Yu looked out the window throughout the ride.
The closer she got to the city's urban area, the more cars and high-rises she saw.

“How much longer?” Tang Yu asked, a complicated expression forming on her face as she looked at the concrete forest outside the window.

Hearing Tang Yu's question, Little Zhang glanced at her through the rearview mirror and noticed something amiss with her expression.
After lowering the car's speed, he asked, “It will take another ten minutes or so.
Are you feeling carsick?”

Tang Yu shook her head.
Then, she helplessly looked at the carp wrapped in newspaper struggling on her lap.
The carp's mouth opened and closed repeatedly, looking like it was crying for help.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'll put you out of your misery in another ten minutes, Tang Yu mentally drew a cross over her heart with a sincere expression.

Yin Zhao-an didn't know that Tang Yu was coming to stay over.
Although Wang Zhen knew about Tang Yu's visit, she didn't get to inform her daughter about it since she received a call from the hospital and needed to leave in a hurry.
And because Yin Zhao-an's nanny had taken half the day off to do something, Yin Zhao-an was now home alone.

Feeling bored, Yin Zhao-an went to her room's balcony, where a rattan chair with a blanket was placed.
After getting into the chair and covering herself with the blanket, she closed her eyes and napped under the warm sun.

The black sedan Little Zhang drove silently entered the villa's yard.
After passing a key, which he had received from Yin Changcheng, to Tang Yu, Little Zhang eagerly helped Tang Yu remove her suitcase from the trunk.
Then, when Tang Yu told him she didn't need any further help, he tactfully drove away in his car.

When Tang Yu turned around and looked at the large villa before her, she inwardly sighed and thought, It seems Uncle Yin's business has already grown as successful as it was in my previous life…

The lock on the front door was an electronic one.
When Tang Yu held up the key close to the lock, a light on the door flickered a few times before a click came from the lock.
Then, the heavy doors slowly parted to welcome Tang Yu into the house.

The decorations in the house were as Tang Yu remembered.
There was a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, off-white fabric sofas surrounding a marble coffee table in the middle, white blooming lilies placed on both sides of a huge LCD TV, and a spiral staircase with glass handrails.

Tang Yu didn't reminisce for long.
After placing her suitcase by the stairs, she entered the kitchen, filled a basin with water, and settled the struggling carp.
Then, she put all the vegetables and fruits she bought into the refrigerator.

Although the kitchen looked mostly brand new, there were still signs of it being used before.
After returning the plates left on the kitchen counter to the cupboard, she made her way out of the kitchen.

Tang Yu did not bother with her suitcase in the living room.
Instead, she made her way to the second floor and arrived in front of a familiar bedroom.
Then, after hesitating for a moment, she opened a small gap in the door and peeked inside.

Nobody's here…

Tang Yu opened the door the rest of the way and stepped inside.
When she saw the familiar furnishings in the room, she knew she had gotten the right room.

This was Yin Zhao-an's room.

Tang Yu initially thought nobody was in the room.
However, when she arrived next to the small bookshelf, she found someone napping on the balcony.
Immediately, she walked over to the balcony with light steps.

The person on the balcony slept with a soft blanket covering her waist down.
The person's long bangs had grown past her eyebrows, casting a faint shadow over the person's closed eyes.
When the sun's warm rays reflected on the person's pale complexion, it looked as if the person's face was partially translucent.

When Tang Yu arrived at the balcony, even her breathing had become faint.
After tentatively approaching the girl slumbering on the rattan chair, she crouched down next to the chair to observe the other party's sleeping visage.

Although her formerly pristine face had thinned significantly after a long period of weakness, the girl still looked beautiful nonetheless.
Although the girl's pink lips were currently pursed into a straight light, the corners of her lips were slightly raised as if she was in a happy mood.

“…An-An,” Tang Yu softly called out as she stared at Yin Zhao-an's sleeping face.
However, no response came from the other party, and even the rhythm of her breaths remained unchanged.

Seeing this, Tang Yu's heart suddenly started to beat faster.
It was as if it knew what its owner would do next, so it was exciting itself in advance.

When Tang Yu attached her own lips to those soft pink lips, her body shuddered as if an electric shock had coursed through her body.
The corners of her eyes also reddened as tears began to coat her eyes.

Just as Tang Yu was about to pull away, a force pressed down on the back of her neck, causing her lips to press against Yin Zhao-an's lips.
At the same time, she could feel the lips that had previously remained motionless enveloping hers.
Then, she vaguely heard the following words coming out of the mouth stuck to hers:

“You like me too…don't you?”

Tang Yu's eyelashes trembled slightly.
At the same time, the tears pooled in her right eye reached a critical weight and separated into a teardrop that fell onto Yin Zhao-an's cheek.
Ultimately, the consternation in her heart caused her to angrily break free from Yin Zhao-an's hold.
However, as her legs had gone limp at some point, she fell onto the ground as soon as she broke away from Yin Zhao-an.

Subsequently, tears began to pour out of Tang Yu's eyes uncontrollably.
Covering her face, Tang Yu said in a choked voice, “I'm sorry…
I'm sorry…”

Yin Zhao-an frowned slightly.
The sight of her Tang-Tang crying and apologizing caused her heart to ache.
It felt like countless needles were prickling her heart, the pain causing her to feel suffocated.

Yin Zhao-an dearly wanted to say something.
However, a sudden thought in her mind told her to swallow back her love confession, and now wasn't the time for it.

If Tang Yu knew that Yin Zhao-an was still thinking of teasing her at this moment, she would definitely give her a good beating.

Regardless, the happiness Yin Zhao-an currently experienced was far greater than the anguish she experienced.
This was because she had finally gotten an answer to the problem that had plagued her these past few months.
It was also the answer she desired the most.

Overwhelmed with a bad sense of humor, Yin Zhao-an started to look at Tang Yu's curled-up and sobbing figure with an indifferent expression.
Honestly, though, if it weren't for her leg injury forbidding her from making any sudden or strenuous movements, she would have probably already flown out of her seat and profusely apologized by now.

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