nly mean that he had lost in gender rather than attractiveness.
Hence, when he saw the boy who had warned him not to tear apart the budding couple go against his own warning, he felt incredibly upset.

He was very upset.

“I might be saying something unnecessary, but some opportunities are lost forever once missed.
Take care, Brother Zhao.”

After saying so, Zhao Yu got up from his seat and left.
He had only intended to drop by for a visit and give Yin Zhao-an a wake-up call.
Now that he had achieved his goals, he had no reason to stay.

Meanwhile, Yin Zhao-an froze in place.
She had opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out of her mouth.

Some opportunities are lost forever once missed…

Yin Zhao-an covered her crumbling expression with her hands.
At the same time, a thought that had never appeared in her mind gradually took shape…

The days spent in high school flew by like a rocket.
It was especially so for the top students of the Olympiad Class.
They spent their days studying like emotionless robots.
Except for studying purposes, they would rarely communicate with each other in the classroom.

As Tang Yu gradually adapted to the Olympiad Class's pacing, she also reduced the number of times she went home.
The main reason was that the two adults in her family would usually be busy with work.
Her father would leave home early and return late at night, while her mother would fly around different cities and countries for work.
So, rather than return to an empty house, she'd rather continue studying in the school's dormitory.
In addition, after experiencing Wen Tao's food delivery service a few times, she ultimately chose to start preparing her own meals.

Fortunately, Tang Yu wasn't a stranger to cooking.
When she lived with Yin Zhao-an during her previous life, cooking was her daily routine.
She even had to be creative with her cooking, ensuring she didn't make the same dishes too often.
However, after reincarnating, Tang Yu would avoid cooking whenever possible, opting for the more leisurely option of ordering food deliveries instead.

Thinking back, Tang Yu felt that her past self was truly a fool.
She had received nothing for her enthusiasm to please, and she even put herself in a humble position in the process.
She was truly a fool.

When Tang Yu visited the hospital on the weekend, Yin Zhao-an could already get out of bed and walk by herself.
Even so, she needed to rely on crutches to walk more than a few steps.
Her hair had also grown to match the length of the average boy's hair.
At this rate, it wouldn't take more than a few months for her hair to return to its original length.

The weather was gradually turning cold.
When Tang Yu woke up in the morning, she shuddered from the cold.
So, after getting out of bed, she pulled out a suitcase from under the lower bunk bed and found a wool jacket to put on.

There was a small garden in the inpatient department's courtyard.
Tang Yu originally wanted to push Yin Zhao-an around under the sun in a wheelchair, but the other party turned down her offer, saying with a warm smile:

“It's been a while since I got to walk on my feet.
I don't want to waste this precious opportunity.”

The stairs found in the inpatient department were different from ordinary stairs.
There were no steps, only a gentle slope.
This made it convenient for patients who were in wheelchairs but did not want to take the elevator.

Yin Zhao-an walked forward step by step while relying on her crutches, a thick layer of sweat forming on her forehead as she tried her best to move her bandaged feet.

After struggling like so for some steps, Yin Zhao-an stopped while gasping for air.
Then, after catching her breath, she turned around to look at the person silently protecting her from behind and smiled brilliantly, “Can I use you for support? I'm exhausted.”


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