of glasses while I'm at it.”

“Hm?” Zhao Yu's answer confused Tang Yu.
If she remembered correctly, Gao Rang still wore his usual pair of gold-rimmed glasses to work this morning, and the glasses didn't seem like they needed replacement.

“I accidentally broke Doctor Gao's glasses the last time I visited his house.
I never found the right time to buy a new pair for him.
Seeing that I'd be taking an eye examination today, I figured I'd buy him a new pair now,” Zhao Yu explained.
However, despite the reasoning he came up with, he didn't actually have any vision problems.
His eye examination also proved that his vision was far from imperfect.
In reality, the eye examination was nothing but an excuse to buy Doctor Gao a new pair of glasses.

Speaking of Doctor Gao, Zhao Yu realized that Gao Rang hadn't contacted him in a while, and he couldn't help but wonder if the other party still remembered him.

“I'll be going over to the hospital now.
I'll also visit Brother Zhao while I'm there,” Zhao Yu said with a meaningful smile before paying his bill and leaving the optical shop.

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In an office filled with the faint scent of disinfectant, a young man in a white robe listlessly stared at the potted plant on his desk, his pupils lax.

Suddenly, a knocking sound came from the door, bringing Gao Rang out of his stupor.
After seeing that his colleague was absent from the office, he rubbed his face to get his act together and said, “Please come in.”

Gao Rang originally thought it would be a patient coming through the door.
He never thought it would be the young man he had longed for to appear before him.

“Why…are you here?” Gao Rang got up from his chair in a panic, behaving like a subordinate who had just encountered a surprise inspection from his superior.
Then, he suddenly thought of something and hurriedly checked Zhao Yu's body for any injuries while worriedly asking, “Are you feeling ill? Did you get injured again?”

Zhao Yu didn't expect Gao Rang to have such a reaction, and he couldn't help but pull back his hand from Gao Rang's hands in a panic.
The other party was someone with a “record,” and he was more or less averse to this “record.” After all, he was a straight male.

Some time ago, Zhao Yu had met Gao Rang on the street, and the other party had invited him to his home for a tour and to play some console games.
Boys tended to lose their sense of decency when they played games.
Meanwhile, partway through their fun, Gao Rang brought out a bottle of wine from his cupboard.

Initially, Zhao Yu didn't really care that Gao Rang had started to drink.
Instead, he was focused on helping Gao Rang clear a stage the other party had never conquered.

By the time Zhao Yu remembered he was in another person's home and the house's owner hadn't rejoined their game, Gao Rang had already drunk.
Then…Gao Rang had seemingly mistook him for his girlfriend and took his first kiss unceremoniously.
To make matters worse…it was a wet kiss…


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