as the dispirited figure left the ward.

When Yin Zhao-an noticed Tang Yu's gaze directed at the door, she followed her gaze and was just in time to see the back of a slim and tall man leaving the ward.
Through the man's profile and slightly curly bangs, she could more or less tell that he had an attractive face.

Suddenly, an inexplicable feeling of jealousy emerged in Yin Zhao-an's heart.
Immediately, she waved a hand in front of Tang Yu's eyes and grumpily said, “What are you still staring at? He's left already!”

“He's…” Tang Yu wanted to explain herself and said that the person she was looking at was Gao Rang.
However, when she recalled how Yin Zhao-an's mind worked, she couldn't help but twist her words a little as she said, “He's…quite good-looking.”

Yin Zhao-an inhaled deeply when she heard Tang Yu's response, her right hand hidden under the quilt gradually clenching up.
Then, lowering her gaze to look at the ground, she said, “…I see.”

Tang Yu had expected a bigger reaction from Yin Zhao-an, so she couldn't help but grow a little upset when she got such an indifferent response.
However, before she could think of more ways to stir Yin Zhao-an's emotions, she noticed the time displayed on the small alarm clock on the bedside table and suddenly recalled she still had something to do.
So, she hurriedly got out of her chair and prepared to leave.

“W-What's wrong?” Yin Zhao-an asked in a panic when she saw Tang Yu looking like she was in a hurry to leave.
Could it be, her Tang-Tang was going to chase after that “good-looking” doctor?! 4887

“I need to get a pair of glasses prescribed.
I've already made an appointment with the shop, so I have to go,” Tang Yu quickly explained while she packed her things.
Then, just as she was about to leave, she noticed that there was no one else in the ward at the moment.

An idea suddenly came to her mind, Tang Yu swiftly turned around and pecked Yin Zhao-an on the cheek.
Then, she fled the ward without saying a word.

The entire process happened in just three short seconds.
However, these three seconds felt like a lifetime for Yin Zhao-an.

When the realization of what just happened struck Yin Zhao-an, her heartbeat accelerated, and her face turned bright red.
At the same time, an unknown emotion began to take root in her heart.

Why did she kiss me just now?

Yin Zhao-an covered her mouth in disbelief and started to fall into self-doubt.

I wasn't hallucinating just now…right? That couldn't have been a fake Tang-Tang…right? Then…Tang-Tang really did kiss me…

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