with a thud so that a certain someone could hear it.

Then, as Tang Yu anticipated, the person under the quilt immediately stretched out a hand and grabbed her by the wrist.
Even so, the other party refused to show her head, and Tang Yu could only hear a muffled voice coming through the quilt:

“Don't go.”

“You don't like me, so I don't want to upset you by staying,” Tang Yu said, looking disheartened.
Inwardly, though, she was already grinning widely.

The person under the quilt was momentarily stunned.
Then, she gradually pulled the quilt away, revealing a head covered in short stubbles.

“…I never said I didn't like you,” Yin Zhao-an said while avoiding Tang Yu's gaze.

After a month, Yin Zhao-an had already regrown some of her hair.
However, as the doctors who shaved her head weren't barbers, they didn't do a very good job shaving her.

By the looks of things, the doctors probably only did a single pass through Yin Zhao-an's hair with the shaver before focusing only on the parts they needed to operate on.
As a result, Yin Zhao-an's regrown hair was very uneven.
If someone with a severe case of myopia were to look at her from afar, they'd probably think they were looking at a strange football.

Tang Yu personally found Yin Zhao-an's current look quite funny.
It was ugly but funny.
This remained true even after factoring in Yin Zhao-an's beautiful facial features.

However, Tang Yu couldn't bring herself to laugh, especially not when a certain someone was doing her best to avoid her gaze.
She'd be evil if she were to laugh and joke about Yin Zhao-an's current appearance.

Suddenly, Yin Zhao-an felt a gentle touch on her head.
When she looked up, she saw Tang Yu looking at her with a gentle expression.

“It's cute, but it's a little prickly.”

Yin Zhao-an knew Tang yu was trying to comfort her, so she silently accepted this favor and said with a grin, “I'll grow my hair long so that it won't prick you anymore, then.”


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Wang Zhen had only left the ward to fetch some hot water for a short moment.
When she returned and saw the two young girls practically flirting with each other, she couldn't help but sigh at how difficult it was to understand young people nowadays.

Originally, Yin Zhao-an had planned to wear a hat to cover her ugly hair should Tang Yu come to visit, something she never considered doing in front of Wen Tao and Zhao Yu.
However, after this small interaction, she no longer felt the need to do so.

Meanwhile, with her mother's help, Yin Zhao-an finally washed up and prepared herself for breakfast.
When the warm lotus seed congee entered her stomach, she promptly felt her limbs warming up.

“Has Auntie gone on a business trip again, Tang-Tang?” Tentatively, Yin Zhao-an asked, “Have you been cooking meals yourself?”

Tang Yu was in the middle of peeling an orange for Yin Zhao-an when she heard the latter's question.
After a slight pause, the corners of her mouth inadvertently curled up as she said, “Yes.”

“Oh, that's good, then.” Yin Zhao-an nodded while stirring the congee with the spoon.
“You must eat well, and you mustn't skip meals.”

This again… Tang Yu had already heard this same reminder from Yin Zhao-an many times, and she couldn't help but feel puzzled.
Why would Yin Zhao-an be so concerned about her diet?

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