or two people only.
When Zhao Yu arrived, there was only one doctor in the office.
However, as the doctor was busy with paperwork, he did not notice Zhao Yu's arrival and subsequent departure.

It was already three in the afternoon when Gao Rang came out of the operating room.
After removing his glasses and massaging the bridge of his nose, he walked back to his office with heavy steps.

Gao Rang did not try to be careful when opening the door to his office.
So, the noise he made attracted the attention of his busy colleague.
Meanwhile, after giving Gao Rang a sympathetic look, Gao Rang's colleague asked, “Was it a tough surgery?”

Gao Rang didn't wish to speak.
So, he simply kept quiet and shuffled his way back to his desk, all the while massaging his temples and trying to keep his weary eyes open.

After a while, Gao Rang put on his glasses and reached out to turn on his computer.
However, before he could power on the monitor, his hand froze when he noticed a blue post-it note.
Meanwhile, on the note was a line of neatly written characters:

“Thank you for your care throughout this period, Big Brother.”

The neatly written characters looked exceptionally refreshing on the paper.
Even though there was no signature on the note, Gao Rang could tell who the owner of these characters was.

Tang Yu sat in front of a warm desk lamp with her soft hair draped over her shoulders, her hand scribbling words into a notebook while her eyes scanned a different notebook before her.

Tang Yu had missed out on a lot of notes because of the classes she had skipped.
Fortunately, her deskmate was a cute and enthusiastic girl, and the other party took the initiative to lend her notes to her.
This saved Tang Yu from having to awkwardly borrow notes from people she didn't know.

Li Xiuli sat in her bed with one leg propping up her chin and the other hanging over the edge.
After looking around the room a few times, she moved to Tang Yu's side and quietly asked, “Are you really not with Wen Tao?”

This wasn't the first, second, or third time Tang Yu had heard this question.
After setting her pen down, Tang Yu looked at her roommate seriously and said, “I really am not dating him.
We are only friends, the kind that will never cross any boundaries.”

“Oh.” Li Xiuli breathed a sigh of relief and patted her chest.
“That's good, that's good.
I won't have to feel guilty if that's the case.”

“Are you…really going to go after him?” Tang Yu asked, feeling a little worried.
Although Li Beining seemed polite and didn't look like the kind of person who'd be rough on girls, she didn't know him well enough to say for certain.
Of course, she also didn't know what Li Beiling actually thought about Wen Tao.
Even so, she decided it was still necessary to give her roommate a kind reminder, so she said, “Make sure to take safety precautions, then.”

Li Xiuli blushed when she heard Tang Yu's words.
Then, she patted Tang Yu on the shoulder in embarrassment and said, “What are you thinking?! I'm not a loose person!”

“…?” Li Xiuli's reaction stupefied Tang Yu, her expression gradually freezing and her heart rate skyrocketing when she realized how severely her roommate had misinterpreted her words. What am I thinking? You're the one whose thoughts are running wild!


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