ared at her mother, chatting happily next to her.
However, Wang Zhen quickly sensed the glare and responded with a glare of her own.

Yin Zhao-an's expression deflated.
Her teacher told her all doctors were gentle like angels.
However, that was a flat-out lie.
Despite being a doctor, her mother behaved no differently than a tiger.

While looking around gloomily, Yin Zhao-an came across a brightly colored sight that caused her heart to skip a beat.

A pink cotton dress with a fur collar, the fabric thick but not bloated.
Two pigtails tied with a red silk ribbon that represented joy and festivities.
Upon seeing this sight, the first thought that came to Yin Zhao-an's mind was that of a… Mhm, a butterfly…

Tang Yu's somewhat reddened face was covered by the snow-white collar, for the most part, making her delicate face look even more endearing.

Yin Zhao-an rubbed her sweaty hands against her shirt, her heart beating excitedly.
Although Tang-Tang was dressed like a butterfly today, the other party was the best-looking butterfly she had ever seen.

Yu Wanrou took a seat in the living room and smiled affectionately at Yin Zhao-an.
Then, she patted Tang Yu's back and said, “How about playing with your Little Sister An-An?”

Yin Changcheng put his conversation with Tang Zhengyang on hold and looked at Tang Yu when he heard Yu Wanrou's suggestion.

Tang Yu hesitated.
Although she had told herself not to have any more interactions with Yin Zhao-an in this life, their two families shared an incredibly close friendship.
They also lived in the same military compound.
So, it would be impossible for them to share zero interactions.

When Wang Zhen noticed the two children's hesitation, she pushed her cowardly little girl and said, “Go on.
Go and play with your Big Sister Tang Yu.
Make friends with each other.”

Her ferocious mother had spoken, so Yin Zhao-an sidled up to Tang Yu's side with a blush on her face.
Then, worried that she would make the older girl cry again like last time, she carefully extended a hand to Tang Yu and said.
“Tang-Tang, let's go and play.”

Tang Yu originally wanted to ignore the extended hand.
However, her upbringing forbade her from behaving so rudely.
So, she eventually succumbed to morality and placed her hand in the palm before her.

Tang Yu felt incredibly uncomfortable, her hand feeling as if it were being baked in an oven the moment she touched Yin Zhao-an's hand.
All she wanted to do right now was to shake off Yin Zhao-an's hand.

Things were completely different on Yin Zhao-an's side.
Yin Zhao-an's heart beat rapidly and excitedly, the excitement she currently felt similar to when she received a prize from her teacher at school.
At the same time, she got to verify her assumptions of Tang-Tang's hand being incredibly soft.
On top of that, she found that Tang-Tang's body radiated a sweet fragrance.

The two held hands until they went upstairs into Tang Yu's room and closed the door.
Then, Tang Yu quickly separated from Yin Zhao-an, Yin Zhao-an's hand maintaining a curved arc even after Tang Yu retracted her hand.
As the warmth in her hand rapidly disappeared, Yin Zhao-an felt as if someone had just poured a bucket of cold water over her head, her excitement extinguished without warning.

TL Notes:

[1]An example of Tang Yu's dress:

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