at gradually filled her stomach, Yin Zhao-an gently shook her head and said, “I'm not hungry anymore.” What she didn't say, though, was that she still wasn't full.

Looking up at Yin Zhao-an, Tang Yu said, “I'm getting ready to go back to school.”

Yin Zhao-an momentarily stopped breathing and subconsciously clutched the quilt with her hands.
Then, while evading Tang Yu's gaze, she said, “Oh, is that so?”

The next moment, Yin Zhao-an felt a pair of warm hands wrapping around her cold fingertips.
Before Yin Zhao-an knew it, Tang Yu had set the thermos aside and leaned forward slightly.
Realizing this, Yin Zhao-an held her breath and stared at the enchanting person before her.

“The next time I visit…” Tang Yu let her words trail off.
Then, after keeping Yin Zhao-an in suspense for a moment, she continued, “You'd better have gained some weight.
Otherwise, I won't like you anymore.”

Yin Zhao-an retracted the emotional tears oozing out of her eyes.
She had expected to hear some touching words or perhaps even a confession, but she was left disappointed.

Tang Yu smiled, in a good mood.
Then, when gently caressing Yin Zhao-an's mottled shaved head with her fingers, she said, “You don't look pretty being so thin.”

Although Yin Zhao-an never focused too much on her appearance, having the person she cared about say that she was ugly still damaged her self-esteem.
Putting on a sad expression, she looked at the girl who had already stood up from her seat.

“I'll visit you often, so make sure not to skip any meals,” Tang Yu said.

“You as well.
I'll get Wen Tao to keep an eye on you,” Yin Zhao-an said in response.

Tang Yu chuckled helplessly.
Then, she left the room while under Yin Zhao-an's clingy gaze.

As soon as Tang Yu left, Yin Zhao-an reached for her smartphone on the bedside table, dialed a number, and set the call to speaker mode.

After several beeps, the person on the other end of the call finally picked up.
Then, as soon as the call connected, the other party angrily cursed, “You fucking harass me one more time, and I'm going to have people smash up your damned shop!”

Wen Tao's voice sounded hoarse as if he had just woken up.
After indifferently lowering the call's volume, Yin Zhao-an coldly asked, “Are you done cursing?”

The sound of rustling sheets came through the phone.
Then, all sound vanished for a moment.
If not for the screen showing that the call was still connected, Yin Zhao-an would have thought that Wen Tao had hung up on her.

“Crap! Big Bro!” Wen Tao was audibly shocked.
In a tone of disbelief, he asked, “You're awake, Big Bro?”


“You have no idea how big of a news that incident of yours has become in Zhong High, Big Bro.
I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard the news.
Do you have any idea how scared I was at the time?” Wen Tao said as he recalled when he first learned about the incident involving Yin Zhao-an and Tang Yu.

“What are you scared of?” Yin Zhao-an rolled her eyes at Wen Tao's dramatic reaction.

“I… Don't bring it up…” Wen Tao's voice suddenly turned meek and aggrieved.
“I got cut up by that Tony.”

Cut up? Did they get into a fight?

Yin Zhao-an didn't think she would get to hear something interesting while she was in the hospital.
However, before she could ask for details, Wen Tao dashed her thoughts, saying:

“Hah… Let's not talk about it.
I can't explain it clearly on the phone.
Anyway, I will be stuck in military training for the next few days, so I'll visit you once I'm free.”

Also, I have something to ask of you.”

TL Notes:

Just a reminder, Tony = Li Beining.
Tony (Tony the Barber) is an internet slang in China used to refer to hairdressers with “spectacular” skills.

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