Chapter 69 – The Surgery Was a Huge Success!

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The day Yin Zhao-an entered the operating room, Tang Yu changed out of her hospital gown, put on her coat, and sat outside the operating room.
She refused to leave, even when Yu Wanrou and Wang Zhen repeatedly tried to discourage her.

Nobody knew how she found out Yin Zhao-an's surgery was today, as no one had told her.

When Tang Yu saw the red indicator outside the operating room light up, she expelled everything from her mind and focused solely on the light.
She would not speak or move from her spot until the light went out.

Why are these girls so stubborn… Wang Zhen sighed when she saw Tang Yu's attention was no longer on her and Yu Wanrou.
Left with no better choice, she grabbed an extra coat from her daughter's ward and draped it over Tang Yu's shoulders.
The interior of hospitals was always kept chilly, and the thunderstorm taking place outside didn't help matters.
Neither she nor Yu Wanrou could handle seeing another one of their daughters collapse.

The surgery this time took much longer than any of the other previous surgeries.
When the operating room's red indicator extinguished and a doctor left the room, several anxious people waiting outside swarmed the doctor.

The main surgeon was an acquaintance of theirs, and he was given a fright from getting swarmed.
For a moment, he couldn't help but think that these people were out to get him.

Removing his mask, Gao Rang beamed a smile at the anxious people around him and said, “The operation was a huge success.”

When Wang Zhen heard the news, her legs went limp, and she nearly fainted from excitement.
Fortunately, Yin Changcheng was there to catch her fall.

The surgery this time was a crucial one.
Even before the surgery began, Gao Rang had forewarned them that should the surgery succeed, Yin Zhao-an would be completely out of danger.
However, the risk this time was also significantly higher than before.
It was also why Gao Rang grew incredibly anxious when he was informed he would be the surgeon for the surgery this time.
Fortunately, he lived up to everyone's expectations and successfully snatched a life back from the hands of death.

Tang Yu couldn't hear what Gao Rang said.
However, looking at everyone's reactions, she knew Yin Zhao-an was safe.

She didn't know how to describe her current emotions, too excited for words.
However, one thing was for certain: the boulder that had weighed on her heart all this time had finally disappeared, and so did her tears.

Yin Zhao-an remained in a coma when she was transferred out of the intensive care unit.
The doctor told them to relax since the most critical moment had passed, and the next step was to wait for Yin Zhao-an to wake up and convalesce.

Wang Zhen continued watching over Yin Zhao-an night and day every day, exhausting herself to the point of becoming out of shape.
Gao Rang had suggested they hire a caregiver to share the load, but Wang Zhen turned down his suggestion, saying, “I want to take care of my daughter myself.
That way, I can at least be reminded every day that my baby is still alive.”

Yin Changcheng pushed off his work at the company, leaving the company to the others so that he could prepare nutritious meals at home and bring them to the hospital for his wife and daughter.

Although his daughter remained in a coma, who was to say when she would wake up? Of course, his priority was still to take care of his wife.
Wang Zhen would not care about eating when caring for their daughter, so it wouldn't be strange if she died of starvation one day.
As the only sensible person remaining in their family, he needed to take up the burden of taking good care of mother and daughter.

Tang Yu would visit Yin Zhao-an's ward every day, and she would always stay the entire afternoon.
Whenever Fang Ling came to visit Tang Yu, she would come straight to Yin Zhao-an's ward.

“I heard that Zhong High is rescheduling its military training,” Fang Ling said while chewing on potato chips.
“My school doesn't require us to make up for the canceled military training, so I get to attend classes and go on vacation as normal.”

The ward's curtains were pulled wide open, letting the lazy sun outside spill its rays into the ward and gradually warm up the room.

Tang Yu held Yin Zhao-an's chilly hand, gently rubbing it in an attempt to pass on her warmth.
However, no matter what she tried, it was to no avail.

When it was time to go home, Fang Ling looked at Tang Yu and said with some difficulty, “Tang Yu, my school is going to conduct closed education for some time, so I may not be able to visit you anymore.” After saying so, Fang Ling worried that Tang Yu might misunderstand her, so she quickly added, “I can't even go home during this time.”

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“It's okay.” Looking at her friend, Tang Yu tenderly said, “I am very happy that you have been keeping me company all this time.”

These words gave Fang Ling the urge to cry.
How could her Tang Yu be so gentle?!

Shortly after Fang Ling left, Yin Changcheng also dragged Wang Zhen out to go eat.
Before leaving, he instructed Tang Yu to ring the bell if she needed to leave to do something.
He also reminded her that she didn't need to force herself to take care of Yin Zhao-an.

But what was there to force?

Tang Yu's eyes overflowed with tender love as she gently rubbed Yin Zhao-an's withered hand.

She could be indifferent to Yin Zhao-an.
She could ignore her sincerity and leave her to pursue the life she wanted.
However, that was only limited to the former Yin Zhao-an.
The current Yin Zhao-an had done nothing wrong, so why did she have to take the blame for her former self? Wouldn't that be too pitiful?

Tang Yu had wavered countless times.
She had also told herself countless times to stick to her principles, to stay away from Yin Zhao-an, and to never be moved by Yin Zhao-an.

If Yin Zhao-an behaved like her former self, Tang Yu would never have wavered.

However, the person before her was someone willing to give her life for her.
She might never meet another person like this if she walked away.

Tears gushed out of Tang Yu's eyes again.
Then, smiling in self-mockery, Tang Yu said, “I seem to have…become unprincipled.”

Interlocking her fingers with the withered hand she held, Tang Yu continued in a hoarse and nasally voice, “I'm giving myself to you…

“So…don't lose me again, okay?”

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