Once Gao Rang was gone, Zhao Yu promptly stood up from the bench and politely bowed to Wang Zhen, “Auntie, my name is Zhao Yu, and I am Zhao-an's classmate.”

Wang Zhen lovingly stroked Zhao Yu's head.
The past few days had exhausted her heart, and the only desire remaining in her heart was to see her daughter survive this ordeal.
Because of her change of heart, she became much gentler in the way she treated everyone around her.

“I know.
Thank you for coming to see her.” After saying so, Wang Zhen gazed through the window at the unconscious person in the intensive care unit.
“It's a pity she can't see you now.”

Zhao Yu accompanied Wang Zhen without speaking.
Nothing he could say would be helpful in this situation, so he'd be better off keeping silent and letting Wang Zhen figure things out herself.

“Ah Cheng has gone to apply for temporary leave for An-An from school.”

Zhao Yu did not speak, waiting for Wang Zhen to finish speaking.

“An-An's grades have always been good, but it'll probably be a long time before she can start attending classes again.
By then, she will have a lot of classes to catch up on, and it will be very exhausting.

“An-An has always been a proud person.
She might not seem to care about her grades on the surface, but she works harder than anyone.
I know that.
I have always known that.

“She wouldn't want to fall behind others.
Don't you think so?”

“Zhao-an is an excellent person,” Zhao Yu earnestly replied as he looked into Wang Zhen's tired eyes.
“She isn't inferior to anyone.
She never has.”

Wang Zhen smiled gratefully, tears pooling in her eyes.
“That's right.
My An-An has never been worse than anyone.”

The dream world was like an endless abyss.
No matter how Tang Yu struggled, she simply couldn't break free.

Ahead of her was darkness.
Cautiously, Tang Yu fumbled her way forward, the loss of her five senses instilling a feeling of helplessness in her.
Although she wanted to call for help, she couldn't make a sound.

A cool breeze blew past her face amidst her disarray.
A change had occurred to the flow of air around her.
She tried to reach out with her hand but failed to touch anything.

Then, a whimpering voice came from the darkness…

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“I seem to have lost you again.”

“Why can't I find you…”

“Look at me… Look at me, okay?”

Tang Yu woke up from her dream and opened her eyes, only to be greeted by a blurry sight, a contribution of the warm tears shrouding her eyes.
After blinking a few times, Tang Yu looked out the window and saw that the sky outside was still covered in dark clouds blocking the sun.

When will the rain clear up… Tang Yu wondered.

“You're awake, Little Yu? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Yu Wanrou grabbed Tang Yu's hand and cried with joy.

The wound on Tang Yu's tongue had yet to fully heal and even moving her tongue gently hurt a lot.
However, there was something Tang Yu desperately wanted to say.

“An… An-An…”

Yu Wanrou's hand stiffened for a moment.
Then, squeezing out a smile, she said, “An-An needs to rest.
We shouldn't disturb her.”

“I want to see her.”

An-An was waiting for her.


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