ieving that two people who were supposed to enter high school happily would have such a terrible encounter on the first day.
One of them had even nearly lost her life.

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Eventually, Fang Ling's sobbing got to Yu Wanrou.
Unable to bear the depressing atmosphere any longer, Yu Wanrou offered to give some privacy to her daughter and her daughter's friends.

After crying for some time, Fang Ling's emotions did not improve.
On the contrary, she grew even more grief-stricken as she said, “Tang Yu, please don't leave me…
Please wake up and talk to me…” After a slight pause, Fang Ling began monologuing, “A hateful person came to our house.
She keeps trying to snatch my big brother away…
I still have many things to say to you…”

Seeing his little sister's sobbing growing fiercer, Fang Lang hurriedly pulled her into his arms and said, “Shh, don't disturb Tang Yu's rest.
Also, Big Brother won't get snatched away.
Nobody can take me away from you.”

Embracing her elder brother, Fang Ling sniffled and said, “Then…
Will you stop paying attention to Meng Lu?”

“Okay, okay.
I'll ignore her,” Fang Lang said helplessly.

Yu Wanrou met Wang Zhen on the sheltered rooftop.
Wang Zhen had lost a lot of weight during this period, and her eyes always carried heavy bags under them.

“How is An-An?” Yu Wanrou asked, her body trembling slightly as she sat next to Wang Zhen on the bench.

Wang Zhen looked a little dazed as she stared off into the rain.
After a moment of silence, she said, “There's going to be another surgery tomorrow.”

Yin Zhao-an had never stopped undergoing surgeries since she was admitted to the hospital.
She had suffered multiple bone fractures throughout her body, and several ribs had nearly pierced her internal organs.
Every visit to the operating theater was no different than paying a visit to the netherworld's gate.
Nobody knew when that gate was going to open and welcome her in.

“I'm sorry…”

Wang Zhen's hands hanging by her sides moved a little.
Then, her slightly purple lips parted as she said, “It's her own choice, so there's nothing to be sorry about.
Also, she wants to live.” Turning to face Yu Wanrou, Wang Zhen emphasized, “She wants to live more than any of us.
Do you believe it?”

“…I believe it.”

While walking down a corridor with a medical record folder in hand, Gao Rang came across a young boy standing blankly outside an intensive care unit.
The boy was grieving as he quietly looked at the person lying inside.

“You are her…” Gao Rang walked over to ask the boy for his identity.
Over the past several days, he had seen many people standing outside Yin Zhao-an's intensive care unit.
However, most of them were the special police who had escorted Yin Zhao-an to the hospital.
This was the first time he had seen someone who wasn't an adult.

Zhao Yu wiped the tears staining the corners of his eyes in a panic.
Then, after glancing at the tall doctor before him, he lowered his head and said, “I'm her classmate.”

Oh, a classmate? Gao Rang nodded thoughtfully.
Then, he pointed at the nearby bench and said, “Many people will visit this place.
You can rest there if necessary.”

Zhao Yu nodded but kept his head lowered at all times.

Gao Rang smiled kindly before turning around to leave.
Although he understood Zhao Yu's behavior, he honestly didn't think a boy of Zhao Yu's age should have to be ashamed of crying.

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