Chapter 64 – Trampled Kitten


“I'm the Lone Wolf whose leg your father crippled.”

Lone Wolf's grim words lingered in Tang Yu's words, the words causing her to hold her breath and tears to form in her eyes.

Suddenly, Tang Yu felt the disgusting sensation of her ear being licked, which was promptly followed by a sharp pain.
Then, warm blood streamed from her ear, down her neck, and all the way to her chest, staining her white T-shirt red.

When Lone Wolf failed to hear the crying and begging he had anticipated, he clamped Tang Yu's chin with one hand and sneered, asking, “What are you acting tough for?”

They were in an abandoned steel mill, and the ground was covered in a thick layer of dust.
Dropping Tang Yu back on the ground, Lone Wolf left behind a short trail of footprints as he walked over to a nearby cart stacked with steel.

After taking a seat on the cart, Lone Wolf reached down and pulled up the left leg of his pants, revealing a prosthetic leg.
Then, taking his time, he pulled out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it, and took a few puffs before saying, “Look at how brutal your father was.
He made me lose a leg.
Don't you think he should return one to me?”

Tang Yu could sense Lone Wolf's gaze scrutinizing her legs, the uncomfortable sensation causing the tears in her eyes to roll down her face and land on the dusty ground.

“What? Scared?” Lone Wolf leaned forward and looked at Tang Yu in amusement.
Then, he threw his half-smoked cigarette at her, instantly adding a burn mark to her right arm.
“What to do, oh, what to do? Maybe I won't break your legs, then.”

After saying so, Lone Wolf walked over to Tang Yu and crouched in front of her.
Then, he reached out and slowly lifted Tang Yu's shirt, stopping after exposing her waist.

“Say…” Leaning into Tang Yu's left ear, Lone Wolf asked, “Tang Zhengyang would probably get very excited if he saw his precious daughter beneath me, right? Hm?”

Tang Yu clenched her teeth.
Then, all of a sudden, the fear in her eyes disappeared as she said, “Do you think nobody saw you sedate me?”

Lone Wolf froze for a moment when he heard Tang Yu's words.
Then, once he finished processing her words, he fiercely threw a slap at her face.
“Are you trying to trick me?”

Tasting blood in her mouth, Tang Yu smirked and said, “Only a fool would abduct someone in the middle of a supermarket.
Don't you know how incredible surveillance cameras are nowadays?”

“So what if they're incredible? Do you see anyone coming to your rescue?” Lone Wolf spread his hands disdainfully.
After stepping away from Tang Yu, he suddenly revealed a grin as he said, “Oh, you had a boyfriend with you, right?”

Tang Yu took a moment to process Lone Wolf's words.
Then, panic filled her eyes as she glared at Lone Wolf and demanded, “What did you do to her?!”

“Oh? Did you forget what I said in the car?” Lone Wolf revealed a deep smile, satisfied at seeing Tang Yu's composure gradually breaking.
“It seems you've forgotten, so let me remind you.”

After pausing for a moment, Lone Wolf continued in a pinched accent, “Oh my, I accidentally ran over a little kitten.
What a pity…”

Tang Yu's eyes instantly turned bloodshot, her voice turning harsh as she bellowed, “You bastard! The person you want revenge on is me! What does it have to do with her?! What does it have to do…”

What does it have to do with her… Tears of sadness began covering Tang Yu's face, her heart screaming in agony.
Yin Zhao-an…had nothing to do with any of this…

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.
You still have time to worry about others? It seems you're not looking forward to what's going to happen next,” Lone Wolf said as he took off his coat and walked back over to Tang Yu.

Tang Yu tried to back away, but her attempts were futile.
Knowing of her impending fate and Yin Zhao-an's uncertain fate, Tang Yu's mental state gradually collapsed.

When Lone Wolf grabbed onto Tang Yu's struggling legs, he finally heard the frightened sobbing he desired from Tang Yu.

As someone who often walked on a knife's edge, the thing Lone Wolf liked most was watching his prey struggle before their deaths.
It was akin to a mouse playing with a mouse before dealing the killing blow.
The feeling of watching his prey struggling to escape yet failing to do so excited him.

“Tsk, tsk.
Look how smooth this skin is,” Lone Wolf said as he ran his fingers across Tang Yu's delicate skin, explicit desire gradually appearing in his eyes.
“Tang Zhengyang, let me taste the daughter you've oh-so-carefully protected…”

A tactical vehicle stopped in front of a pool of blood.
Captain Lu got out of the car as soon as the vehicle stopped, his eyes instantly turning bloodshot with rage when he saw the blood.

“Monkey! Collect a sample!”


The bloodstains on the ground were still fresh, they extended into a long trail, looking like they were left by someone dragging their feet.
Apart from the blood trail, Captain Lu did not spot any other footprints in the immediate vicinity.

A short moment later, one of Captain Lu's subordinates, who had gone to scour the vicinity, came running back and said, “I found Lone Wolf's car.
He drove it into the river.”

“Lone Wolf isn't on the car!” Captain Lu said without hesitation, instantly rejecting his subordinate's unspoken speculation.

“Captain, this way!” Tang Zhengyang, who had gone ahead of the team and followed after the blood trail, called out to Captain Lu through his headset.

After Captain Lu and the others caught up with Tang Zhengyang, Tang Zhengyang pointed at the abandoned steel mill ahead of him and coldly said, “This blood trail most likely leads to Lone Wolf.”

Captain Lu and the others exchanged glances.
Then, without exchanging a single word, the whole team tacitly split into smaller groups and moved in different directions, swiftly and silently encircling the steel mill.

“Don't touch me! Get away!”

Tang Yu struggled with tears in her eyes.
Unfortunately, her hands and feet were bound by ropes, so she was no different from a fish on a chopping board.

When Tang Yu felt those disgusting hands making contact with her legs, tears of despair streamed down, and her teeth were already clenched on her tongue.

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