s have incredibly messy private lives.
Du Yuqing even caught them in the act many times.
Maybe that's why she wants to sever her ties with them.”

“So, she's a child who lacks parental love,” Tang Yu concluded.

“I think so, too!” Yin Zhao-an agreed.

“So, the reason the Du family went bankrupt is because…”

Find the original at bit.ly/3Tfs4P4.

Yin Zhao-an hurriedly covered Tang Yu's mouth with her hands before Tang Yu could finish her sentence.
Then, she said, “I never said such a thing.
Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions.”

Tang Yu nodded to express her understanding.

Seeing this, Yin Zhao-an removed her hands and continued, “Honestly, I'm finding all this quite unbelievable.
How can she even know how to run a company at such a young age? She even managed to run it so successfully.”

“It's probably because of her relative's power.”

“What power are you two talking about?” Tang Zhengyang asked as he walked into the living room.
At this time, Tang Zhengyang had already changed into a set of casual clothes.
He had also shaved his scruffy chin clean.
At first glance, he looked more like a man in his twenties than a man nearing his forties.

Because Tang Zhengyang had to go on missions often, he naturally didn't pay too much attention to his hairstyle, opting for a standard military cut.
Paired with his muscular body, he looked very much like a pit bull.
Even though he had quite a handsome face, the image he gave off was intimidating enough to make children cry.

In response to her father's question, Tang Yu pursed her lips and revealed a fake smile as she shook her head.

Noticing Tang Yu's response, Yin Zhao-an sat cross-legged on the sofa and said, “It's nothing, Uncle Tang.
We were just talking about something random.

Tang Zhengyang didn't bother to pry deeper into the matter.
Only, when he considered the mystery surrounding his daughter, he couldn't help but say, “If you two notice any strange organizations, be sure to inform me right away.
We can't let these criminals run wild in our country.”

Tang Yu subconsciously shuddered when she noticed her father's gaze locking onto her.
Before she could offer a response, though, she felt a certain dog-type person pulling her into an embrace.

“Why are you shivering? We're in the middle of summer.
Is the air conditioner turned on too high?” Yin Zhao-an asked as she wrapped her arms around Tang Yu and rubbed her chin against Tang Yu's crown.
However, despite her words, she showed zero intentions of wanting to lower the air conditioner's setting.

Tang Yu initially tried to struggle out of Yin Zhao-an's embrace.
Unfortunately, Yin Zhao-an's long arms and legs were too strong for her to overcome.
So, she eventually gave up and looked up, asking in a huff, “What are you doing?”

Tang Yu's eyes were rounded when she looked up, her dark pupils reflecting Yin Zhao-an's face.
Her face still had some baby fat.
Paired with her dense eyelashes, she gave off a cute and innocent appearance.

When Yin Zhao-an looked down to meet Tang Yu's gaze and saw this lovable sight, a familiar throbbing appeared again in her heart.
It felt as if a voice was calling her, telling her not to lose the person in front of her.

When Yin Zhao-an thought of the person before her disappearing, she felt as if someone was twisting a blade in her heart.
Immediately, a grief-stricken expression appeared on her face, and she subconsciously furrowed her brows as confusion filled her eyes.

Tang Yu could see all of the changes in Yin Zhao-an's expression.
However, before she could figure out what was going on in Yin Zhao-an's mind, the face that was originally already quite close to hers started getting closer and closer, so close that the tips of their noses were about to touch…

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