g Yu suddenly held her stomach and frowned.
However, the pain was only minor and brief, vanishing before Tang Yu even had time to think about it.

Tang Yu didn't think too deeply about the pain and simply shrugged it off as her feeling hungry.
Yin Zhao-an, though, grew agitated.
However, she didn't know why she would suddenly get such a panicky feeling.
She only knew that there was an insuppressible panic in her heart.

“I'm going down for breakfast.
Have you eaten?” Tang Yu asked out of politeness.
Then, after receiving a positive affirmation from Yin Zhao-an, she responded with an “Oh” before heading out.

While Tang Yu was in the middle of enjoying her congee, she heard Yin Zhao-an hastily bidding her and her mother goodbye before leaving through the front door.
Yu Wanrou didn't even get to say anything before Yin Zhao-an's figure disappeared from their vision.

The mother and daughter at the dining table looked at each other before simultaneously revealing a helpless smile.

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“An-An has quite a lively nature,” Yu Wanrou commented.

“She is quite lively indeed.” Tang Yu nodded in agreement.

When Yin Zhao-an arrived back home, Wang Zhen was already back from her night shift at the hospital and was having her breakfast while struggling to keep her eyes open.

“Morning, Mom.”

Wang Zhen lifted her face from her food, revealing the heavy bags under her eyes.
Then, she sluggishly responded, “…Morning.”

Yin Zhao-an instantly got goosebumps from hearing her mother's response.
Hurriedly, she fled from the living room and dashed into the study.

Inside the study, Yin Changcheng was in the middle of a meeting with his colleagues on the computer…

“I think this proposal is doable.
The only problem is whether executing it is going to be too challen—”


Yin Changcheng was startled by the door suddenly being slammed open, the unexpected intrusion causing him to forget what he was going to say.
The people on the other end of the video conference were similarly startled.

When Yin Zhao-an saw that her father was actually inside the study, she perfunctorily apologized, saying, “My bad.
I'm just looking for something, so just ignore me.”

Yin Changcheng was already used to his daughter's boisterous behavior, so he simply let out a helpless sigh and said to the people on the other end of the video conference, “It's fine.
It's just my daughter.
Let's continue our meeting.”

Similar to Yin Changcheng, the other people attending the conference were military personnel who had retired from the army for various reasons.
After losing their ability to protect their homeland, their families became their only faith.
Hence, they simply smiled at the minor interruption.
After all, who here wasn't working for the sake of their families?

In the meantime, Yin Zhao-an quickly scanned the entire wall of bookshelves.
A portion of these bookshelves housed Wang Zhen's book collection, while the other housed Yin Changcheng's book collection.
Yin Changcheng's collection was originally filled with military-related books.
Now, though, books on economics were gradually being added to the collection.
As for Wang Zhen's collection, it housed solely medical books like always.

The books were categorized and labeled accordingly, but because Yin Zhao-an didn't know what type of book she needed, she could only rely on her gut feeling, and she eventually settled on a book on internal medicine.
However, the book was filled with a variety of complex terminology that made her dizzy, so she decisively gave up on reading it after only a few minutes.

Sure enough, it was better if she asked her mother for help.

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