sofa and continued, “She's even hanging up my calls.
Who cares about her? She'll come back once her anger subsides.”

Zhao Yu frowned when he heard Yin Zhao-an's answer.
Unable to help himself, he asked, “Wait, so you're just going to let her stay outside by herself this late at night? Aren't you worried something will happen to her?”

How could Yin Zhao-an not worry? She had dialed Tang Yu's phone so many times that her own phone was running out of power already.
However, after moving her bangs aside, she feigned calmness and said, “She answered my call once.
She should be fine.”

Zhao Yu frowned but did not say anything more.

Yin Zhao-an could be considered a child ruler during elementary school.
Since girls entered puberty earlier than boys, Yin Zhao-an, already very tall at the time, was incredibly protective of Tang Yu.
Particularly, after the great changes that had taken place in Tang Yu's family, Yin Zhao-an had rarely left Tang Yu's side.
As one of those greeted by Yin Zhao-an's fists, Zhao Yu naturally became Yin Zhao-an's underling, and he would often address her as Brother Zhao.

Unfortunately, his Brother Zhao was incredibly dense in the head.
Even though Yin Zhao-an was great at studying, she seemingly never noticed the love in Tang Yu's eyes.
As a bystander and a close friend of Yin Zhao-an, Zhao Yu would be lying if he said he wasn't worried for the two girls' future.
However, Tang Yu didn't seem keen to express her feelings, so Zhao Yu had no choice but to secretly ship the two girls together.

“…Yes, I'm done, I'm done.
I'm heading home now.
Are you going to come to fetch me? Then…” Zhao Yu quietly responded to the person on the other end of the phone.
Unfortunately, even t…

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