Chapter 41 – Confession

Tang Yu's collar was overly wide, so wide that it exposed a large patch of her delicate neck.

The weather in autumn was ever-changing, so it was easy to catch a cold if one wasn't careful.
When Yin Zhao-an saw Tang Yu's exposed neck, her first thought was to take out the camel-colored jacket in her backpack and drape it over Tang Yu's shoulders.

However, just when Yin Zhao-an was extending her hands to Tang Yu, Tang Yu suddenly spoke up, saying, “I think the explanation for this question is wrong.”

After Tang Yu finished speaking, she finally noticed the soft mattress had sunken much more than she remembered.
Then, when she turned around to look at what was causing the indentation, she saw Yin Zhao-an awkwardly holding a camel-colored jacket behind her.

Tang Yu's expression instantly turned complicated when she saw this scene.
Was Yin Zhao-an trying to…put a gunny sack over her head??[1]

Yin Zhao-an lightly coughed to cover up her embarrassment.
Then, after draping the jacket over Tang Yu, she behaved as if nothing had just happened as she sat down next to Tang Yu and asked, “Which question?”

Tang Yu lightly tugged on the jacket draped across her back, fixing its position.
Then, she pointed to a question, saying, “This one.”

Tang Yu felt a little dizzy when she left the exam hall.
She could still see the complicated arithmetic problems floating before her eyes whenever she blinked.

Sometime after everyone returned to the hotel to rest, the teacher knocked on everyone's doors, reminding them that they would leave soon.

When they were about to leave the room, Tang Yu held back Yin Zhao-an and asked with a troubled expression, “Can I sit with you later?”

Yin Zhao-an was initially confused by Tang Yu's request.
Then, when she remembered who had been sitting next to Tang Yu during their trip here, her gaze sharpened, and she promptly nodded in agreement.
She even took Tang Yu's backpack and said, “It's best if you stay away from presumptuous people like that.”

Tang Yu nodded to express her strong agreement.

Tang Yu felt that Du Yuqing was incredibly strange, and she couldn't help but wonder if they were mortal enemies during one of their past lives.
Otherwise, why would Du Yuqing hate her from grade school to university? Moreover, this wasn't just some simple hatred.
It was to a point where Du Yuqing found her mere existence to be an eyesore.

Before getting on the bus, Yin Zhao-an briefly explained the situation to her previous seatmate, and the other party quickly agreed to change seats with Tang Yu.
Then, after getting on the bus, Yin Zhao-an stuffed her backpack in the luggage compartment above her seat before letting Tang Yu take the window seat.

When Du Yuqing got on the bus, she quickly noticed that Tang Yu had changed seats.
However, before she could look at Tang Yu any longer, Yin Zhao-an moved in front of Tang Yu, obstructing her vision.
Then, Du Yuqing and Yin Zhao-an looked at each other, a trace of disdain in both their eyes.

I can smell gunpowder…

Tang Yu turned away from the aisle and looked out the window, trying to reduce her presence as much as possible.

While staring at the passing scenery outside the window, Tang Yu drifted off to sleep due to the mental fatigue she had accumulated from the Olympiad.

The bus swayed around slightly as it moved.
When Yin Zhao-an felt the dozing head next to her gently touching her shoulder, she tentatively lowered the height of her shoulder, trying to create as comfortable of a sleeping posture as possible for Tang Yu.

She recalled seeing such a scene in one of the eight-o'clock dramas her mother watched, so she should be doing the right thing, right?

After the Olympiad, Yin Zhao-an thought her relationship with Tang Yu could return to normal.
However, she forgot that she still had one other problem she had yet to resolve.

Although Yin Zhao-an knew her patience wouldn't necessarily let her see that familiar figure, she still habitually arrived at the familiar intersection twenty minutes ahead of time.
Unfortunately, someone did arrive, but it wasn't the person she was waiting for.

“Morning, lil bro,” Yin Zhao-an greeted Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu faintly smiled and responded in a gentle voice, “Let's go to school together.”

Yin Zhao-an awkwardly scratched her head.
However, after longingly looking at the empty intersection, she said, “Mhm, let's go.”

Theft is never good, try looking at

After walking some distance in silence, Zhao Yu hesitantly asked, “That letter… Have you read it?”

“…” Yin Zhao-an's heart jumped for a second.
After briefly looking around in a panic, she giggled a few times and said, “I didn't have the time.
What did you write? …Uh, on second thought, I'll read it later in the eveni—”

“I like you.”

Yin Zhao-an choked out of awkwardness.

Zhao Yu stopped to look at Yin Zhao-an, his gaze serious and his pure eyes reflecting her figure.

Yin Zhao-an wasn't sure what kind of mood she was in right now, but she definitely didn't want to face the current situation.
Countless words flashed through her mind, but she ultimately responded with the safest answer, saying, “We're still young.”

“I can wait,” Zhao Yu immediately answered.
“If you still haven't reached a clear answer, I can wait until you do.
It doesn't matter.”

“I am indeed…still unsure about this…” Yin Zhao-an still felt guilty toward Zhao Yu, but what she said was the truth.
They were still young, and the last thing they should be doing at their age was talking about love.

Zhao Yu smiled in relief when he heard Yin Zhao-an's answer.
Then, he asked, “That means I still have a chance, right?”

Yin Zhao-an paused for a few seconds before hesitantly nodding.

She dared not say anything about the future, but for the time being, she didn't hate Zhao Yu.
So, a romantic development wasn't completely out of the question.

After resolving the concern plaguing his heart, Zhao Yu no longer behaved depressingly.
He also vowed to work harder in the future lest he failed to keep up with Yin Zhao-an's pace.

When Yin Zhao-an and Zhao Yu stepped through the school gate together, a few of Yin Zhao-an's classmates noticed them.
Then, after whistling at them, these classmates quickly ran away to spread the news to their other classmates, shouting at the top of their lungs as soon as they entered the classroom.

“Big Brother Zhao and the young master are dating!” (TL/N: Big Brother Zhao = Yin Zhao-an)

The class immediately became boisterous.
Some people jeered, while some started asking questions out of curiosity.
In the case of the girls in the class, most of them revealed unhappy expressions.

The ferocious Yin Zhao-an actually wooed the rich, elegant, and gentle Young Master Zhao Yu!

TL Notes:

[1]put a gunny sack over her head(套麻袋): This is an internet slang that doesn't translate well.

I could translate it as “put a bag over her head,” but from what I could find, this line gives the meaning of “someone is too ashamed to show their face,” which isn't the case for this internet slang.

By saying, “I'm going to put a gunny sack over your head,” it roughly means, “I am going to beat you up.” This internet slang is usually used as a joke or a warning to others.

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