h she had tried her best to recall if she had done something wrong, her memories sincerely answered her with a “no.”

While Yin Zhao-an was tormented by her thoughts, Tang Yu ate her meal with an open mind.
Forgive and forget, as the saying went.

Tang Yu no longer wished to become a moth that flew to a flame.
Since she knew loving Yin Zhao-an would lead to a dead end, both figuratively and literally, why bother flirting with death?

After the meal, Yin Zhao-an subconsciously reached for Tang Yu's empty lunchbox to help her wash it, only to meet with rejection from Tang Yu.

“I'll do it.”

This was the first time Yin Zhao-an had faced such a cold rejection from Tang Yu.
Holding her empty lunchbox in a daze, Yin Zhao-an started another round of self-reflection.

So, I must have done something wrong, right?!

The two classes after recess belonged to the same female teacher from this morning.

Tang Yu instinctively shuddered when she saw the female teacher.
Then, she gnashed her teeth when she remembered the thick Olympic mathematics exercise book that was densely packed with questions.

It was commonly accepted that one's learning efficiency would be better in the morning than in the afternoon, so the teacher did not try to teach new knowledge.
Instead, she wrote a few sample problems on the topics they had already covered.

While Tang Yu was looking at the teacher, the other party's gaze coincidentally swept in her direction.
Then, the teacher gave her a warm smile when their gazes met.

However, despite the female teacher's warm smile, Tang Yu felt a chill crawling down her back, causing her to shudder.

After explaining the sample problems, the teacher began distributing the graded papers from the most recent test.
The teacher followed the standard way of distributing test papers, starting with those who scored just above the passing grade, followed by those who scored just below excellent, then continuing to those who scored below the passing grade.

“Alright, I will now distribute the papers of those who scored excellent and above,” the teacher said before reciting one name after another.

As expected, the reactions of those who had their names called from this point forward were joyful.
Some got so excited that they jumped up from their seats with flushed faces.

When Tang Yu failed to hear her name, even when only two sets of test papers were left in the teacher's hands, she knew her test paper was being saved for the grand finale.

“Two students got perfect scores this time.
Those who have questions regarding the test can find these two students for help, but be sure not to just blindly copy their answers; you must also know how to reach the correct answers,” the teacher reminded.
Then, she looked down and recited, “Du Yuqing, 100 marks.”

Du Yuqing got up from her seat and put on a fake but sweet smile.

“Thank you, teacher~,” Du Yuqing said, maintaining her smile as she accepted her paper.

The teacher faintly smiled in response before proceeding to recite the next name:

“Tang Yu.”


The class went into an uproar when they heard Tang Yu's name.
None of them thought the person with the least presence in the class would be a top student.

While listening to the conversations around her, Tang Yu tried her best to keep herself from revealing a wry smile.
After she politely accepted her test paper with both hands and thanked the teacher, she heard the teacher softly whispering to her, “Good luck~”

When Tang Yu returned to her seat, she couldn't help but look at all the red ticks on her test paper with mixed feelings, regret slowly filling her heart.

Because of her carelessness, she had forgotten to manipulate her score…

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