l contact with Yin Zhao-an as possible.

Tang Yu had listened to every word exchanged between the two adults.
From their words, she could roughly guess where she would stay for the foreseeable future.

After Yu Wanrou and Yin Changcheng exchanged a few more words, Yin Changcheng approached Tang Yu and crouched down to meet her eyes.
Then, he smiled gently and said, “Little Yu, let's go to Uncle's house later, okay? I'll have An-An keep you company.”

Although Tang Yu knew she couldn't avoid staying over at the Yin family's house, she still turned to Yu Wanrou first to seek her mother's opinion.
After all, she was a good child.
It wasn't in her personality to take the initiative to play with others.


After seeing Yu Wanrou giving her a gentle nod, Tang Yu obediently responded to Yin Changcheng, “Okay.”

Yin Zhao-an, still unaware of the adults' plans for her bedroom, remained clinging to Tang Yu.
Despite being much taller than Tang Yu, she didn't behave like she was the taller of the two at all.
When Yin Changcheng saw Yin Zhao-an's behavior, he couldn't help but give his daughter a soft kick in the foot out of disgust.

While Yu Wanrou returned home to pack the things she needed to stay at the hospital, Yin Changcheng brought the two girls to the hospital's canteen for a quick meal.
Then, they sat by the entrance of the intensive care unit and waited.

Yin Changcheng recalled the past as he leaned back against the chair, these distant memories filling his heart with various emotions.
There was a time when he, too, laid in an intensive care ward.

Perhaps, at the time, Wang Zhen had also been waiting outside the ward.
Without knowing what had happened, she had probably dashed to the hospital after receiving a call about his encounter and anxiously waited for the doctor to bring her sad or happy news about his surgery.
Despite being used to seeing death, Wang Zhen broke into tears that day.

Fortunately, he survived the ordeal.
Though due to how severe the injuries he suffered to his leg ligaments, it was highly likely he would suffer from sequelae, which turned out to be true as he was now prone to joint pain whenever it started to rain.


Yin Changcheng let out a helpless sigh.
It would have been great if his child was a boy.
His child could have stepped onto the battlefield to defend the country and punish evil.

Yin Zhao-an, who rested her head on Tang Yu's shoulder, suffered another kick to her food.
Taking full advantage of the opportunity, she feigned surprise and looked at Tang Yu with aggrieved eyes while crying to Tang Yu for a hug.

It was already nearing the afternoon when Yu Wanrou returned.
Looking at Yin Zhao-an apologetically, Yu Wanrou said, “Have I kept An-An from her class?”

“She's fine,” Yin Changcheng said, waving his hand.
“Little Yu also has to go to class, right? I'll send them to school first and bring Little Yu straight to my place in the evening.”

Yu Wanrou gave Yin Changcheng a look of gratitude.
Then, she gently stroked Tang Yu's head and said, “Little Yu, be a good girl and don't give Uncle Yin any trouble, okay?”

“I'll be good, Mommy.
I won't make trouble for Uncle Yin,” Tang Yu said, curving her lips and revealing a bright smile, the smile soothing Yu Wanrou's anxious heart.

Yin Zhao-an's eyes widened in disbelief when she saw this smile.
It was as if she had just discovered a new continent.


On the way back to school…

“Tang-Tang~ Tang-Tang~ Give me another smile~”

Tang Yu desperately pushed Yin Zhao-an away from her while rubbing the goosebumps covering her arms, very close to shouting, “Get the hell away from me.”

Yin Changcheng, on the other hand, didn't find anything wrong with this scene.
On the contrary, he felt that the two children were quite close.

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