ur way home.”

These words coming from behind her were spoken lightly, but Tang Yu suddenly felt her nose becoming sour.
She also bit down on her lower lip to the point where it turned white.

Shortly after they started living together, she would always leave home alone while Yin Zhao-an stayed in her room.
Yin Zhao-an didn't even know when she left or when she returned.
How exactly had things turned out like this…[1]

The evening wind in late summer was a little cool.
Tang Yu stuck her hands in her pockets and walked into the small courtyard of her home.
Then, she looked up and saw that, sure enough, the house was pitch-black.

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After carefully inspecting the courtyard door's lock and locking it, she walked up to the front door of her house, took out a key, and opened it.
Then, after changing into her house shoes and turning on the lights, she was greeted by a clean and tidy living room.

Nobody was in the living room, but there was a note placed under a cup on the coffee table.
The note was written in a cursive script, but it was obvious that whoever wrote this note had restrained their handwriting to a certain extent, making the note much easier to read.

Tang Yu could already tell who had written this note.
Meanwhile, according to the note, it would seem that her parents would be busy with a mission these next few days and wouldn't be free to come home to cook for her.
The note also mentioned that some money had been placed in her bedroom drawer and she should ask for more if it wasn't enough.

Tang Yu folded the note and brought it upstairs with her.
Then, following the instructions on the note, she found a small stack of bank notes in her desk drawer.
The notes were also thoughtfully exchanged into small bills.
If children her age were to enter a shop with a 100-yuan bill, there was a high likelihood that they would be cheated.
For example, the shopkeeper could give fake bills for change.

Of course, there was also a small minority of shopkeepers who would refuse to accept large bills from children.
After all, doing so came with a certain degree of risk.

There were some handmade noodles kept in packets in the refrigerator.
Each packet of noodles came with its own flavorings, and there was quite a variety of flavorings.
After picking a packet with long and thin noodles, she made her way to the stove.

After completing all the necessary procedures with the help of a stool, Tang Yu covered the pot with a lid and hopped off the stool.
Now, all she needed to do was wait for the water to boil.

Honestly, cooking instant noodles would have been much quicker than cooking handmade noodles.
However, Tang Yu couldn't stand the flavor of instant noodles.
She remembered that Yin Zhao-an used to them very much, the latter often stockpiling all sorts of instant noodles in their refrigerator.
However, because of how frequently Yin Zhao-an ate instant noodles, there was a time when she kept getting nosebleeds one after another.
After suffering through that series of nosebleeds, the sight of instant noodles thoroughly disappeared from their home.

After the noodles were done, Tang Yu slurped on them while tapping away at the computer, causing a series of codes to appear on the screen.
After jumping through multiple blue screens, she eventually entered an information interface.

TL Notes:

[1]Just to clarify a paragraph in this chapter:

Shortly after they started living together, she(Tang Yu) would always leave home alone while Yin Zhao-an stayed in her(Yin Zhao-an's) room.
Yin Zhao-an didn't even know when she(Tang Yu) left or when she returned.
How exactly had things turned out like this…

[TL: I honestly don't know what 'this' is referring to.
Tang Yu could be:

Wondering how her relationship with Yin Zhao-an had gone from their previous life's state to their current life's state;

Wondering how her relationship with Yin Zhao-an had gone from their childhood state to their adulthood state in her previous life.]

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