Zhao-an had to admit that Tang Yu's panicked reaction just now moved her heart.
If Tang Yu had chosen to stay with her, the pain her body experienced might not have felt as bad.
Unfortunately, Tang Yu didn't stay with her.
Although she had known this would be the result, she still couldn't help but feel disappointed…

Lowering her head dejectedly, Yin Zhao-an waited for her ribs to stop aching.

“Come with me for a bit.”

Suddenly, a pair of bright leather shoes appeared in Yin Zhao-an's vision, and a mellow voice came from above her.
Yin Zhao-an lifted her head, a look of disbelief appearing on her face when she saw Tang Yu, who had already dropped off her schoolbag somewhere, standing in front of her while holding something in her hand.

A quick look at shorturl.at/mCEOX will leave you more fulfilled.

Meanwhile, after saying her piece, Tang Yu turned around and walked into the school again.
However, when she noticed the slow walking speed of the girl behind her, she deliberately slowed down her gait.

When Yin Zhao-an saw the big sign with the “WC” logo a short distance ahead, she quickly guessed what Tang Yu would do next, and she couldn't help but hesitate.
She had many injuries covering her body, and she couldn't help but worry that Tang-Tang would get frightened by them.

“Hurry up,” Tang Yu urged.

“Ah, I'm coming.”

After stepping into the restroom, Yin Zhao-an felt a hand grabbing her and holding her steady.
Immediately afterward, she felt her abdomen getting exposed to the cold air, and the intense gaze she sensed on her abdomen made her blush.
She was so embarrassed by this situation that she even stammered when she spoke: “T-Tang Tang, don't you have to go to class?”

“I asked for leave from the monitor,” Tang Yu said, the frown on her face deepening when she saw the patches of blue and purple covering Yin Zhao-an's fair skin.
Then, she couldn't help but look up and narrow her eyes on a certain someone who was feeling guilty.

Yin Zhao-an shuddered and moaned a little when the icy cold ointment was gently applied to her bruises.
When Tang Yu saw and heard this reaction, a blush formed on her face, the blush reaching all the way to the tips of his ears.

Tang Yu took a deep breath.
She knew she was overthinking things, so she quickly reigned in her thoughts from running wild.
Then, she started applying the ointment with much greater speed.

If it wasn't for the little jab she did just now stirring her guilt, she wouldn't have cared about this fellow's wellbeing!

After Tang Yu was done applying the ointment, she handed the remaining ointment to Yin Zhao-an and went to wash her hands at the sink.
Then, she left the restroom without a word, leaving Yin Zhao-an dazedly standing in the restroom with a warm tube of ointment in her hand.

Outside the restroom, Tang Yu gradually pursed her lips as she looked at the hand she used to apply ointment for Yin Zhao-an…

Can't we just be strangers?!

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