ers in the world had just bloomed simultaneously.
Under her excitement, she pulled away the hand that covered Tang Yu's face and gave her a smack on Tang Yu's pale pink lips.
Then, she laughed and proclaimed, “I have a girlfriend now!”

After confirming their relationship, the two of them began to carefully consider their next steps.

Tang Yu thought for a moment and spoke softly, “My dad will most likely be closely watching our every move throughout this period, so we need to keep a little distance.”

Yin Zhao-an absolutely agreed with this.
Nodding, she said, “I'll move back home and give my parents a heads up sometime later.” After pausing for a second, she added, “We can keep our distance, but you must eat your meals on time, and you cannot try to like any boy! Or anyone else, for that matter!”

Yin Zhao-an placed great emphasis on the last sentence.

Tang Yu nodded like a little chick pecking at grains, agreeing to everything her new lover said.

However, Yin Zhao-an could practically already anticipate the situation they would face once they left the bedroom.
So, while packing her things in a dejected mood, she fixed her gaze on the person sitting on the nearby chair, trying to savor every moment they still had together.

After stuffing all her clothes into the suitcase, Yin Zhao-an saw that a large portion was still empty.
Suddenly, an idea came to her mind as she straightened up and stared sharply at the person leisurely swinging her legs.

Tang Yu's heart skipped a beat under Yin Zhao-an's piercing gaze.
Thinking Yin Zhao-an was looking at something behind her, Tang Yu stopped swinging her legs and cautiously turned her head around.
However, she could find nothing of note behind her.

The next second, Tang Yu felt her body becoming airborne, and she reflexively hooked her arms around Yin Zhao-an's neck.
Then, she saw Yin Zhao-an steadily carrying her toward the suitcase.

Tang Yu suddenly realized what was going on and struggled to get down.
However, Yin Zhao-an mercilessly stuffed her into the suitcase before using both hands to push the suitcase's door down onto her.

Unable to bear Yin Zhao-an's shameful behavior, Tang Yu covered her face and asked in a muffled voice, “What are you doing?”

In response, Yin Zhao-an raised an eyebrow and hooked one corner of her lips as she leisurely said, “Packing you up and taking you with me.”

Unfortunately, Yin Zhao-an was unsuccessful in bringing her new girlfriend along, and she was sadly led away by Tang Zhengyang to a clean guest room.
Even the bedding inside was brand new.

After bringing her to the guest room, Tang Zhengyang started to ramble on and on, saying things like, “Uncle is doing this for your own good” and “You'll understand Uncle's good intentions when you grow older.”

Tang Yu and Yin Zhao-an didn't have a chance to communicate again until after dinner.
However, Tang Zhengyang urged Tang Yu to go to bed early before going to prepare a bath for Yin Zhao-an in the first floor's shared bathroom.
He then went to the kitchen to heat up fresh milk for Tang Yu and personally brought it upstairs to her.

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