Chapter 124 – Passively Coming Out of the Closet

Tang Yu gritted her teeth and bit Yin Zhao-an's neck angrily upon realizing she had been toyed with yet again.
However, her mind and body froze before she could get her mouth to exert any force.

When Yin Zhao-an felt Tang Yu's teeth simply resting on her neck, she initially thought her beloved couldn't bear to bite her.
However, just as she was about to tease Tang Yu again, she heard Tang Yu softly saying:


Yin Zhao-an's pupils spontaneously shrank.
At this time, Tang Yu had already gotten off her, looking bewildered and panicked.
Subsequently, Yin Zhao-an turned around and saw a tall man standing by the courtyard gate, the sight of the man causing her heart to convulse.

In the living room, three people sat in silence.
Of them, the two girls sat with their heads hanging.
Meanwhile, the tall man sitting opposite them held his forehead, looking at the two children with a complicated expression.

Tang Zhengyang found this situation very familiar.
The last time he was in such a situation was when he confronted Tang Yu to ask about the second-hand laptop.

Tang Zhengyang felt like he was holding back a ball of fire in his chest.
He was at a loss whether to scold the children or not.
If he scolded them, it would be bad for their mental growth.
If he didn't reprimand them, he would most likely suffocate from his anger and frustration.

Unable to make up his mind, Tang Zhengyang got up in the living room and walked back and forth restlessly.
On his fourth lap, he poured himself a glass of water and returned to his seat, ready to vent his frustrations.

“Out with it.
What's going on between the two of you?” Tang Zhengyang leaned back on the sofa and crossed his legs.
He was so shocked by what he saw just now that, even now, he still wore his dirty military boots.

Tang Yu and Yin Zhao-an exchanged a glance.
After a long hesitation, Tang Yu timidly said, “We… Nothing's going on between us.”

Tang Zhengyang instantly exploded upon hearing this answer.
Knocking his knuckles against the glass coffee table, he angrily said, “Nothing's going on?! Nothing's going on?! If nothing's going on between you two, why were you two hugging and kissing each other?!”

When Tang Yu and Yin Zhao-an heard the word “kissing,” both of them lowered their heads even more and dared to speak anymore.

We are, find us on google.

“Tell me the truth!! How long has this been going on?!” Tang Zhengyang tried to calm his tone down.
This was the first time he had to deal with such a thing.
At the same time, he couldn't help but curse his luck for being the first to discover the two girls' relationship.

This time it was Yin Zhao-an who spoke first.
Hesitantly, she said, “Um…since…grade school?”

Not only Tang Zhengyang but even Tang Yu looked at Yin Zhao-an in shock.
Quickly, though, Yin Zhao-an realized she had misspoken and explained, “No, no, I…
We got together…last year, I think?”

After speaking, Yin Zhao-an cautiously looked at Tang Yu, only to see the latter covering her face in despair.

Tang Zhengyang looked at the two girls seated across from him.
Both were at the age where they would be considered blossoming flowers.
Both were beautiful and outstanding in their academic achievements.
Logically, there should be countless boys their age trying to pursue them.
So, how in heaven did these two girls end up together?

Tang Zhengyang couldn't make sense of it.
After rubbing his temples for a long time and exhaling a deep breath, he spoke to the two girls in a tone of negotiation, “Here's what we'll do.
Don't let your mother know about this.
You two must separate.
I don't care if you're in an early relationship or not, but you should find a boy you like as soon as possible to take your attention away.
As long as you don't do anything inappropriate, we'll let this matter go, okay?”

Tears gradually filled Tang Yu's eyes when she heard her father's words.
Ultimately, she lowered her head and did not answer, nor did she intend to go against her father.

Yin Zhao-an, on the other hand, had already calmed down at this point.
After weighing her options, she answered Tang Zhengyang, “So, Uncle is saying that we should find a boy we like to distract ourselves with.
But what if we can't find one? Can we still be together?”

“Not a chance!” Tang Zhengyang's voice rose a tone higher.
“Attraction between opposite sexes is innate.
You just haven't had the chance to meet others.
You'll understand it once you stay away from each other for some time.
This is the end of our discussion.
An-An, I won't tell your parents about this, but I hope you both can be more understanding.”

Yin Zhao-an choked for a moment.
She knew this was not the time to argue with Tang Zhengyang, so she simply said a meaningful sentence, “If I can't be with the one I love, then I will choose to live alone for the rest of my life.”

While Tang Zhengyang was looking elsewhere, Yin Zhao-an quickly pinched Tang Yu's fingers resting on the sofa.
Unlike usual, Yin Zhao-an's hand was not warm.
Instead, it was cold, and it even had a thin layer of cold sweat covering it.

Tang Yu's restless heart calmed down a little at Yin Zhao-an's pinch.
After a moment of silence, her pale pink lips moved slightly as she weakly said, “I'll try.”

This was the result that Tang Zhengyang wanted.
It was not his intention to become a villain in this situation.
If Yin Zhao-an were a boy, he might have only advised Tang Yu not to entrust her whole heart to someone else and to be careful.

Unfortunately, Yin Zhao-an was a girl.
Love between two girls could not last.
Moreover, rather than call it love, it'd be more appropriate to call it a twisted form of friendship.

He might not be a good father, but he must consider his children's lifelong happiness.
Both girls were outstanding and should not face society's malice.
Timely intervention was the best choice.

Later, when Tang Zhengyang found out Yin Zhao-an and Tang Yu were living in the same room, he immediately started cleaning the guest room.

Friendship could exist, but twisted friendship must be severed as soon as possible!


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