Chapter 117 – Wrong Room

After hanging up the phone, Yin Zhaoan turned to look at Tang Yu.
Under the illumination of the dim bedside lamp, the two of them laughed in unison.

It had already been a few days since Yin Zhao-an started staying here.
After all, Tang Yu had stayed at her place for so long, so it was only appropriate to reciprocate, right?

Moreover, as Tang Yu did not reject her embrace, Yin Zhao-an would stick to Tang Yu no matter how warm the weather became.
Only by doing so could she fill the void in her heart.


“Hm?” Tang Yu responded in a daze as she watched Yin Zhao-an holding and fiddling with her hand.

“When can we be together?”

Tang Yu's body froze, and her eyebrows creased slightly.
She didn't know what to say in this situation.
Not to mention, with how closely they stuck to each other every day, they could have long been considered a couple.
The only reason she refused to acknowledge their relationship thus far was that…

“Let's talk about it only after you come back to school.
For now…I'm still unsure,” Tang Yu said.

Tang Yu did not doubt that she was already bent.
This had been the case since her previous life.
Her only concern was Yin Zhao-an.
She wasn't sure if Yin Zhao-an was only behaving this way on a whim or if she was serious.
After all, the Yin Zhao-an she knew in her previous life was essentially indifferent to love.
On the off chance that…

Regardless, Tang Yu was still too afraid.
Blind confidence would only lead her to another dead end.
In her previous life, she believed Yin Zhao-an would open the heavy iron door and take her away from that endless abyss.
She believed it would happen, even when she was dying.

But it never happened…

Yin Zhao-an did not continue on the topic.
She didn't intend to force an answer out of Tang Yu.
While Tang Yu's response wasn't the answer she had hoped for, at least it wasn't a rejection.
She simply thought of it as Tang Yu still needing time to think things through and having difficulty accepting how two girls could be together.
In that case, she would give Tang Yu time to adapt.
It wouldn't matter even if Tang Yu took a lifetime to adapt since she had already decided that Tang Yu was the only person for her in this life.

“Let's go to sleep,” Yin Zhaoan reached out and pulled Tang Yu into her arms.
She hugged Tang Yu like a doll, her hand quietly wrapping around Tang Yu's waist.

Late at night.

Amidst her slumber, Li Beiyu suddenly woke up to a sharp pain in her neck.
When she opened her eyes, she saw a figure pressing on her body.
Although she instinctively tried to scream, the person on top of her covered her mouth before she could do so.

Out of reflex, Li Beiyu bit the other person's hand, which resulted in a metallic taste spreading across her mouth.
She struggled to reach for the bedside lamp, but the person on top restrained her hand and tied her hands together with a rope.

Suddenly, everything in front of her turned pitch black.
Although the room was originally dark, she could feel that the person on top had used something to blindfold her eyes.

“Fuck off! Do you know who I am?! Don't you dare touch me! My brother won't let you get away with this! You better not let me catch you!”

Li Beiyu never expected to get sexually assaulted here, of all places.
This was the employees' dormitory, wasn't it? Where was Hua Qian? The person on her obviously wasn't Hua Qian, but she didn't get a clear look at the person, so she could only use verbal threats.

The person on top leaned down slightly and whispered into her ear, their voice somewhat hoarse, making it hard to tell if they were male or female.
“Do you know that you walked into the wrong room?”


“Are you an employee here? I…I'll give you money! Let me go, and I won't report you! Just let me leave!”

Li Beiyu didn't know she had walked into the wrong room.
But even if she did, so what? As long as this sexual assaulter was an employee here, she would have plenty of ways to get back at them!

The person on top chuckled quietly and gently touched her soft face with their rough hand.
Then, the person whispered, “I won't touch you.”

Before Li Beiyu could react to those words, her mouth was covered, and a sweet alcoholic scent entered her mouth.
Then, she felt a soft tongue invade her mouth, sweeping through it quickly before retreating.

That person licked their lips, their eyes flashing with a hint of warmth.
At the same time, the person couldn't help but chuckle upon remembering the sharp teeth that had come down on and nearly bit off their tongue.

Out of breath, Li Beiyu cursed, “You fucking freak! Don't you dare run away afterward! I'll have my brother beat you to death!!”

She felt another sharp pain in her neck, and she couldn't help but gasp.
Before she could continue cursing, she heard the person on top get off the bed, which was followed by the sound of the door closing.

Silence returned to the room, the silence making the previous commotion feel like a dream.

Li Beiyu remained dazed for a long time.
Then, she slowly curled up, tears wetting the black cloth covering her eyes as she softly sobbed in the room.

In the morning, Li Beiyu stood in front of the mirror, looking at her red, teary eyes and the bite marks on her milky neck.
She felt aggrieved, so aggrieved that her nose turned stuffy, and tears nearly came pouring out of her eyes again.

She was still wearing the white shirt she had taken from the wardrobe the night before.
She assumed this was Hua Qian's room, so she acted without restraint, but she never expected…

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Rage burned in her red eyes.
Without a word, Li Beiyu changed back into her own clothes and headed straight to the bar after coming down the stairs.

The nightclub was closed in the morning, but someone had to get up to clean the mess from the night before.

“Get me the staff list, and where can I access the surveillance footage from last night?” Li Beiyu demanded as she looked at the cleaning employee with her slightly puffy eyes.

The employee knew that the person in front of her was the boss's daughter and didn't dare to neglect her.
However, it was also a fact that she didn't have the staff list, so she said, “The list should be with the manager, and the surveillance footage is…”

“Where is she?”

“She's in the lounge on the second floor…”

The employee stared at Li Beiyu's back in confusion as the girl ran away.

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