Chapter 116 – Grumpy Greeting

Li Beiyu often visited this nightclub, but almost everyone she saw here was a woman.
Whether it was the manager, bartenders, DJs, or even customers, all of them were women.

Initially, she didn't quite understand why this was the case, but when she later went to ask Li Beining about it, she was told this was a lesbian nightclub.

She knew what “lesbian” meant but didn't understand why Li Beining didn't allow her to go to any other nightclubs other than this one.
When asked, the reason Li Beining gave her was…very far-fetched.

He said, “There are all kinds of people in nightclubs, but lesbian nightclubs are slightly better.
At least there are no men, so it's safer.”

What kind of reasoning was that even?

Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do.
It wasn't an exaggeration to say that the security personnel of every nighttime entertainment facility in the city knew her face.
So long as she was spotted trying to enter anywhere other than this lesbian nightclub, she would be apprehended on the spot, and her family would learn of her actions…

People came and went to the nightclub.
When the midnight session began, like a drop of water splashing into a boiling pot of oil, the atmosphere in the nightclub surged with the DJ's rhythm.

Normally, Li Beiyu would go home before the midnight session.
But today, she sat at the bar, refusing to leave.

Hua Qian handed a freshly mixed glass of rum to a waiter.
When she looked at the time and saw that it was almost 11 o'clock, she tentatively asked, “Beiyu, aren't you going home? Won't your brother give you another earful?”

Li Beiyu shook her head.
Then, she leaned forward, looking very cautious, like she was about to reveal a big secret, “My brother's bringing a woman home tonight…” After saying so, she raised her eyebrows lightly, making a “you know what I mean” expression.

This made Hua Qian feel a little embarrassed.
After faking a cough, she asked, “So, where are you sleeping tonight? A hotel?”

“Aren't there private rooms here? I'll just make do with one of them for a night.
I'm not that picky,” Li Beiyu said matter-of-factly, leisurely swinging her delicate legs as she sat on the high stool.

“Okay, let me know once you're tired.
I'll take you to the employee dormitory to stay for the night,” Hua Qian readily agreed.

The nightclub became increasingly crowded throughout the midnight session.
The people on the dance floor also shook their heads and bodies with increasing passion.
At this point, nobody could tell who was clean and who was high on drugs.
Even though Li Beiyu knew drugs would inevitably find their way into such establishments, she still couldn't help but feel disgusted and annoyed when she saw such things polluting her beloved dance floor.

Hua Qian was busy mixing drinks.
The other bartender had gone to the bathroom, so she was the only one manning the bar, and she was slowly getting overwhelmed with all the orders coming her way.

“I'm tired, Big Sis Qian,” Li Beiyu said, her eyes feeling a bit dry.
However, tiredness was only one part of why she was retiring from the nightclub.
Another reason was that she was fed up with the noise.

“Huh?” Hua Qian panicked for a moment.
She couldn't leave now since she was the only bartender available, and the manager had gone to deal with a dispute.
Moreover, as this was the busiest time for the nightclub, none of the waiters were standing by at the counter.

“Then…I'll give you the directions.
You can go and find it yourself.
If you can't find it, call me,” Hua Qian said as a last resort.
Not to mention, the employee dormitory was directly upstairs, and non-employees couldn't enter, so there was no need to worry about Li Beiyu coming into any danger.

After grabbing a bunch of keys from the counter, Hua Qian said, “My dorm is on the fourth floor.
Once you go upstairs, turn left and enter the third room.
It's the room without a number.
These are the spare keys for the dorms.
I forgot my key in my room, so try these.”

“Okay.” Li Beiyu took the keys left for the employee dormitory.

After trying several keys, Li Beiyu finally opened the door to Hua Qian's room.
The furnishings inside were a little different from what she had imagined.
She had expected to see a messy room, but the place was incredibly clean and neat.

Although surprised, Li Beiyu ran back downstairs to return the keys to Hua Qian before running back upstairs again.

Summer vacation came unexpectedly, and an unexpected visitor also arrived at the Tang family's abode.

Even though they were several dozen centimeters apart, Tang Yu could still hear an irritable “greeting” coming from the other end of Yin Zhao-an's smartphone.

“Would it kill you to stay at home?! What? Now that your legs are healed, you just decided to up and disappear?! And you dare act first and report later?! Do you think I would tie you up if you told me beforehand?!”

Yin Zhao-an calmly moved the phone far away from her ear as the person on the other end of the line continued yelling through the phone, the other party thoroughly conveying her intention of wanting to strangle her through the phone.

Search for the original.

“Do you hear me, little brat?!”

When this one-sided and overwhelming greeting was finally coming to an end, Wang Zhen angrily gave her daughter a way out.

Yin Zhao-an quickly accepted her mother's olive branch and said, “Yes, yes.
I hear you, I hear you.
Next time for sure, I will say goodbye before leaving and not make decisions without consulting you.”

“That's more like it…” Wang Zhen said with a huff.
She was a woman who loved her husband and daughter dearly, so she was greatly shocked and infuriated when, after finally getting to take a break from the hospital, she came home to find that neither her husband nor her daughter was home.

Yin Changcheng sat nervously on the sofa, his body subconsciously shuddering when he heard the phone smacking the glass coffee table.
At this time, he looked like a big yellow dog that had been wronged and had its tail between its legs.
None of the resoluteness and decisiveness he exhibited when doing business or holding meetings could be seen.

Wang Zhen sat down on the sofa, arms crossed and looking extremely unhappy.

After catching her breath, she slid a finger across the coffee table, catching a thick layer of dust.
Even if her husband and daughter only came back to eat occasionally, there wouldn't have been so much dust accumulated.
The fact that there was this much dust showed that not even one of them had been using the living room when she was stuck at the hospital.

If it weren't for the hospital's director seeing how hard she was working and giving her time off, she might not even be aware that her household was already on the verge of breaking apart.


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