Li Beiyu didn't stay around after taking a couple of photos of Tang Yu and Yin Zhao-an.
Instead, she left the area before uploading photos onto the school's forum with a cheesy title.

Breaking News! Aloof Goddess Finds New Love After Capturing The Hearts of the School's Handsome Gods!

When Wen Tao saw the post and its title, he nearly threw his phone away out of disgust.
Then, he quickly took two sips of his kelp soup to calm down.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Yin Zhao-an had nothing better to do while Tang Yu was eating, so she leaned back on the bench with her legs crossed and played with her phone.
Her current posture was very similar to the clown uncle often seen at the entrance of McDonald's.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar ringtone sounded, and Tang Yu turned to look at the brand-new smartphone in Yin Zhao-an's hand out of curiosity.

When Yin Zhao-an answered the call, before she could even say anything, the person on the other end urgently said, “Big Bro! Can't you be more low-key? Everyone at school knows you two are dating now!”

Yin Zhao-an was startled by the news, and she quickly sat upright.
However, her face did not show any signs of anxiety but rather a strange excitement instead.
“For real? Do others really think we are a couple?”

“Yes… Wait, why aren't you nervous?” Wen Tao asked, feeling as if he had worried for nothing.

“What's there to be nervous about? On the contrary, I want them to think that way,” Yin Zhao-an said as she leaned back and glanced at Tang Yu.
When she saw her beloved Tang-Tang earnestly nibbling on broccoli out of the corner of her eye, she couldn't help but smile in a good mood.

“Well, I'll stop bothering you, then.
Just keep it low-key, and don't get caught by any parents or teachers.
Otherwise, you two are going to get into trouble,” Wen Tao said, shrugging.
Going by Yin Zhao-an's tone, it really did seem like she didn't mind others finding out about her relationship with Tang Yu.
In that case, there was no reason for him to worry about this matter.

“I know.
I have self-restraint,” Yin Zhao-an replied.

Tang Yu rolled her eyes at Yin Zhao-an's words.
The only thing Yin Zhao-an didn't have was self-restraint.

The sunshine today was comfortable, and there was even the occasional breeze to complement it.

At some point, Yin Zhao-an pulled the zipper of her uniform to the top, causing her collar to touch her chin and cover the entirety of her slender neck.

Tang Yu looked over when she heard the sound of the zipper.
After taking a small sip of soup, she feigned nonchalance as she asked, “Cold?” 4887

It took a moment for Yin Zhao-an to process Tang Yu's singular word.
Then, she looked down at her uniform and chuckled as she realized what Tang Yu was asking about.
“No, I just wanted to cover up a little.”

Tang Yu didn't ask what Yin Zhao-an tried to cover up.
After silently finishing the lunch box Yin Zhao-an brought her, she stood up from the bench, deciding to wash the box at the cafeteria's sink.
However, before she could do so, Yin Zhao-an snatched the empty lunch box out of her hands.

“How can I trouble you to wash it? It's too much trouble.
I'll just take it back and wash it myself,” Yin Zhao-an said, pulling out a folded cloth bag from her uniform pocket and putting the lunch box inside.

Going by standard practice, Tang Yu should be returning to her classroom now to take a short nap.
It was nearing one o'clock in the afternoon now, and classes would resume at two o'clock.

Yin Zhao-an noticed Tang Yu's hesitation, so she patted her on the shoulder and said, “I'll be going back first, then.
See you to—”

Yin Zhao-an originally wanted to say that she would come to pick Tang Yu up after school, but she suddenly remembered that Tang Yu was staying in the school's dormitory.
So, she quickly changed her words, saying, “Sleep early tonight.
Don't pull an all-nighter.”

Tang Yu looked at Yin Zhao-an for a moment.
Then, she lowered her head and replied with a soft “okay.”

Seeing this, Yin Zhao-an scratched the back of her head, chuckled twice, and said, “Okay, I'm leaving.

Tang Yu stood under the shadow of the tree as she watched Yin Zhao-an run toward the school gate, the bag she carried on her wrist swinging about and giving her a comical look.

When Tang Yu was revising her studies in the evening, Li Xiuli plopped down in the seat next to her like a fish that had sniffed out something fishy.
Then, Li Xiuli nudged her glasses and tentatively asked, “Tang Yu, what's your relationship with that pretty girl on the forum? Oh, don't misunderstand! I'm just asking out of curiosity after seeing the forum post!”

Li Xiuli was aware that Tang Yu didn't have a phone.
So, she showed her own phone to Tang Yu, and displayed on the screen was one of the photos Li Beiyu had uploaded at noon.

There were two girls in school uniforms in the photo.
The taller of the two girls had her hair tucked to the back of her ears and sat with her legs crossed, and she wore a doting expression as she leaned toward the shorter girl next to her.

Of course, it was impossible to see any doting expression in the photo.
It was merely the imagination of the forum post's uploader.

Regardless, the taller girl's looks received everyone's acknowledgment, and this could be seen by the responses to the post.

Many replies consisted of photos secretly taken by other people from various angles.
Some photos showed the taller girl by herself, while some showed her with the shorter girl.
Some images were blurry, and some were clear.
However, without exception, every person who had replied to the post was trying to find out which class this beautiful new face belonged to.

There were plenty of beauties in Chong High, some belonging to the cute category and some to the mature category.
There were also various other categories, such as the internet celebrity category, Instagram category, and pure category.

Tang Yu was admittedly a very beautiful girl.
She had fair skin, long eyelashes, and a small and tall nose.
Her lips were always moist and pink, and she had the kind of face that made people want to protect her at first glance.

However, girls like Yin Zhao-an were rare in Chong High.
While girls of her height weren't rare, none of these girls had her delicate features or her carefree and youthful vibe.
These were Yin Zhao-an's most attractive features, and it was also these features that fascinated Tang Yu.

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