depending on the severity of their actions, they might even have to go to court for trial.
Seeing as Wen Tao and Li Beining had chosen not to seek help from a hospital, they were most likely the aggressors in their so-called fight and trying to avoid prosecution.

In response, Wen Tao defended himself and Li Beining, saying, “Just now, Li Beining and I went to a bar and saw a student-looking girl getting forcibly pulled inside.
I couldn't stand by and watch, so I stepped in to help.
But who knew those bastards would retaliate… Those lowly scumbags!”

Wen Tao was still wiping his bleeding forehead as he spoke.
Zhao Yu couldn't stand seeing this anymore, so he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to the other party.

If Yin Zhao-an was here right now, she would definitely mock Wen Tao for being a loser.
After all, he tried to play the hero despite being weak.

After providing some basic treatment for Li Beining, Gao Rang looked up at the person whose face had turned pale due to excessive blood loss and asked, “Why didn't you guys call the police?”

If the situation was as Wen Tao described, there was no reason not to call the police.
After all, they were only helping a damsel in distress.

In reality, Wen Tao wanted to call the police.
However, Li Beining forbade him from doing so.

Meanwhile, hearing Gao Rang's question, Li Beining frowned and hoarsely said, “No.
Tao'er will get a criminal record if we call the police.”

Tang Yu raised an eyebrow when she heard Li Beining's words.
She felt as if she had just stumbled on an interesting development.

“Stop visiting these shady places and getting into trouble if you don't want a criminal record.
Otherwise, you two will end up in jail sooner or later,” Zhao Yu said from his small tool.
Although his tone wasn't very good, what he said made sense.

Once Gao Rang was done wrapping Li Beining in bandages, he started to pack his tools while speaking to Wen Tao, “This is as much as I can do with the tools I have.
His hand is broken, so he must go to a hospital for surgery if he wants it treated.”

Li Beining tried to sit up on the sofa to thank Gao Rang, but Wen Tao quickly stopped him, saying, “Can you not move?”

So, Li Beining remained lying on the sofa as he said to Gao Rang, “Thanks.”

Nudging his glasses, Gao Rang said, “It's no big deal, but you're going to need a family member's signature if you plan to go for surgery.
Will that be convenient for you guys?”

“I can take care of that,” Li Beining wearily said.
At this point, even breathing was somewhat of a challenge for him.

Hearing Li Beining's response, Gao Rang picked up his medical kit and stood next to Zhao Yu.
“We'll be taking our leave first, then.
Remember to go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.”

“Will you be leaving as well, Big Sis Tang? Do you want a ride back?” Zhao Yu asked as he was leaving.

“I'll stay behind to see if I can help with anything.
Please tell An-An for me,” Tang Yu said.
She lacked a phone, so she could only rely on others to inform Yin Zhao-an.

We'll be leaving, then.”

Meanwhile, Wen Tao was both anxious and angry.
He felt that Li Beining was incredibly stubborn.
Not only did Li Beining refuse to let him call the police, but Li Beining also refused to go to the hospital.
He had no idea what was going through Li Beining's mind.
It was fortunate that he remembered Yin Zhao-an being acquainted with a doctor.
Otherwise, who knew what would have happened to Li Beining?

Not to mention, all the extra suffering Li Beining had to go through turned out to be in vain, as he ultimately needed to go to the hospital still!

TL Notes:

Rest assured, there won't be any detailed development between Wen Tao and Li Beining like there is with Gao Rang and Zhao Yu.

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