Chapter 108 – Sister-In-Law?


Please skip the second half of this chapter if you do not wish to read yaoi.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

The chapter's title is referring to Zhao Yu wondering about Gao Rang's non-existent girlfriend (hence sister-in-law).
It has nothing to do with Tang Yu and Yin Zhao-an.

Also, I'll be skipping Chapter 109 because the whole thing is yaoi, and I doubt anybody here wants to read that, so I'm not gonna bother translating it.

Basically, Zhao Yu and Gao Rang hooked up.

The party was led by Zhao Yu.
After joining, Yin Zhao-an put her character on follow and began to browse strategies on the game's official forum.

This was her way of doing things.
No matter what she did, she would do it to the best of her abilities.
It was just like how she would always tackle her studies in a planned and purposeful manner.
She would never take on a challenge blind.

After getting a basic understanding of the game's operations, Yin Zhao-an was just about to close her web browser when she caught a glimpse of a small line of text.

The conditions for becoming Fated Partners… Yin Zhao-an moved her cursor over the hyperlinked text and clicked on it.
Then, she was brought to a different information page.

In addition to becoming Fated Partners, the game allowed players to form two other kinds of relationships: mentor-apprentice and sworn friends.

The conditions for forming a mentor-apprentice relationship were simple.
Firstly, both players must be at least 30 levels apart.
Secondly, both players must share Intimacy exceeding 40 points.
Both conditions were easy to meet.

The condition of becoming sworn friends was even easier.
Both players only need to reach 40 Intimacy with each other.

Out of the three types of relationships, the hardest to achieve was Fated Partners.

The prerequisite for two players to become Fated Partners was to have an Intimacy of 80 or more.
Then, with the increase of their Intimacy, their relationship status would change to Infatuation, Mutual Affection, and Life and Death.
Only after developing their relationship to the Life and Death status could players visit the Moon Lord under the Tree of Joy and Prosperity to trigger a Fated Partners dialogue.

When two players triggered the dialogue, they would each receive a prompt.
Should both players agree, they would become Fated Partners, and their joining would be announced on the global chat.


Yin Zhao-an sank into contemplation when she read the last condition to become Fated Partners.

Players could only become Fated Partners with players of the opposite sex.

“Big Bro! Big Bro! Can you just put your character on follow and stop running around blindly?” Zhao Yu asked, gnashing his teeth when he saw Gao Rang's character breaking away from the party once again.
They were raiding the same dungeon from ages ago, and this was already their nth time raiding it.
Now that he had included a piece of orange equipment into his items, if they still couldn't beat this dungeon, he would…he would…just snatch Gao Rang's laptop and complete the dungeon himself!

Gao Rang leaned back on the sofa with his legs crossed, his eyes paying zero attention to the computer in front of him.
He didn't even seem to care that his screen had turned gray.
The only thing in his eyes was the boy with a snowy-white neck in the air-conditioned room.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yu subconsciously shuddered.
Unaware of Gao Rang's gaze, he lifted his head to feel the room's temperature.
However, to his confusion, the room's heating was sufficient, and it didn't feel cold at all.

Failing to figure out what had caused him to shudder, Zhao Yu returned his focus to his game, only to see that the Diviner on the screen had died to the dungeon boss once again.
Immediately, he cursed in frustration and got up from his seat.
However, when he turned around and saw the gaze of the man on the sofa, he quickly shrunk back and held back his urge to get angry with the other party.

Gao Rang didn't expect Zhao Yu to stand up and turn around so suddenly, so he failed to retract the intense desire in his eyes in time and ended up giving the innocent boy a scare.

He's…looking at me like that again…

In the end, Zhao Yu decided to keep his frustrations to himself and returned to his seat.
However, when he recalled Gao Rang's lazy yet handsome appearance and the tempting gaze he wore, he couldn't help but wonder how many beautiful girls Gao Rang had seduced already.

Thinking up to this point, Zhao Yu asked while controlling his character, “Do you have a significant other, Big Bro?”

Gao Rang's gaze sharpened, his expression becoming a little colder.
“Why are you asking this at such a young age?”

Zhao Yu's heart thumped when he heard Gao Rang's strange tone.
Tentatively, he answered, “I…I'm just asking.
What if you have a significant other? Wouldn't I be interrupting you two if I keep staying over…”

Gao Rang didn't respond right away.
Instead, he switched to a lying position on the sofa before lazily asking, “What if I say yes?”

Zhao Yu didn't know what was going on, but he suddenly felt a sharp pang in his heart, and even his fingertips started to ache.
Despite this strange feeling, he simply laughed and said, “I'll just go home, then.”

Gao Rang didn't respond to Zhao Yu's words.
Instead, he put on a reminiscent look as he said, “Your sister-in-law, her lips are bright red, and her teeth are pearly white.
Her skin is especially tender and soft, and her voice is pleasant to the ears.
Her eyes look like they have stars in them, and she is very cultured and speaks softly…”

Before Gao Rang could finish speaking, he heard the sound of a chair moving.
Looking up, he saw Zhao Yu grabbing his jacket and heading for the door.

Gao Rang was startled by this sudden development, and he hurriedly threw his laptop onto the sofa and went to stop the boy.
“What's wrong? Why are you leaving all of a sudden?”

“It's none of your business,” Zhao Yu said with his head lowered, his hand already on the doorknob.

“No, it is my business.
Where are you going like this?” The person in front of him was obviously in a bad mood, so there was no way Gao Rang could let him leave like this.

“It doesn't concern you.” Zhao Yu pushed Gao Rang away and opened the door.

Seeing that persuasion was futile, Gao Rang slammed the door shut and used his height advantage to hold Zhao Yu in his arms.
Both their breaths became a little ragged for a moment, but whether it was because of anger or anxiety, nobody knew.

“What are you getting upset about? If you want to go home, just tell me.
I'll send you home.
Why are you trying to leave without a word?” Gao Rang was aware that he had spoken with ulterior motives just now, but he didn't think his misleading words would result in such a big reaction from Zhao Yu.

Sniffling, Zhao Yu looked up at Gao Rang with teary eyes.
Then, in a trembling voice, he said, “I shouldn't have stayed and bothered you and Sister-in-law.”

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