Chapter 107 – The Sounds You Made Sounded Nice

After staying silent for an unknown amount of time, Yin Zhao-an started to get drowsy.
However, just as she was about to fall asleep, her body suddenly stiffened as she thought, What…did I just do?

Tang Yu noticed Yin Zhao-an's body stiffening almost immediately.
This made Yin Zhao-an's already tight embrace even tighter, and this caused Tang Yu to frown even more in discomfort.

“I…” Yin Zhao-an let go of Tang Yu in a panic when she realized she was hurting her.
Then, she cautiously looked at Tang Yu, afraid she might see a look of disgust.

Yin Zhao-an had no idea why she would suddenly feel such intense heartache, but she knew that something within her was telling her to hold onto Tang Yu and not let go.
It felt as if Tang Yu would disappear from her life forever should she let go.

In the meantime, Tang Yu's mind fell into turmoil.
How did the situation suddenly get so out of control? Shouldn't they still be in a cold war? Moreover, for some reason…Yin Zhao-an's abnormal behavior caused even her to feel an inexplicable heartache.

Yin Zhao-an knew she had made a mistake.
She didn't want to pretend as if nothing had happened, either.
Right now, all she wanted to do was touch the person in front of her and verify that this person truly existed by her side.

Yin Zhao-an didn't know why she was behaving so abnormally tonight, but she could see the concern and silent indulgence in Tang Yu's eyes, so…

…she lowered her head and tentatively touched Tang Yu's lips.

There was no rejection.

After the end of a long kiss, Yin Zhao-an gently pecked Tang Yu a few times as their lips parted, the soft kisses forming in Tang Yu's calm lake of emotions.

“Let's not argue, okay?” Yin Zhao-an whispered into Tang Yu's ear, the hot breath coming out of her mouth earning her a shudder from the person before her.

Tang Yu closed her eyes and silently agreed with Yin Zhao-an in her heart.
On the surface, though, she expressed her thoughts via action instead of words.

“Ah! Are you a dog, Tang-Tang?” Yin Zhao-an held her bitten arm and looked at Tang Yu, who was calmly wiping her mouth, in disbelief.

Tang Yu knew how to be tactful with her mouth.
She used just enough force to teach Yin Zhao-an a lesson but not cause her any physical harm.

After venting her anger, Tang Yu adjusted her sleeping posture and put her back facing Yin Zhao-an.
Before going to sleep, she didn't forget to warn Yin Zhao-an, saying, “I'm going to sleep on the sofa if you make any more unnecessary movements.”

“Oh, okay.” Yin Zhao-an had already gained enough emotional security after their long yet fleeting physical conversation, so she didn't feel the need to make any more advances for the time being.
Closing her eyes, she tucked herself in and got ready to sleep.

However, a moment later, Yin Zhao-an suddenly thought of something and opened her eyes.



“The sounds you made just now sounded very nice, hehe.”

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Tang Yu's face instantly turned bright red.
Growling in anger, “Sleep!”

“Okay, okay.
I'll sleep.”

After a while, Tang Yu felt the person behind her quiet down, looking like she had truly fallen asleep.

Sleeping on her side, Tang Yu started to recall the moans she had made not long ago, and she couldn't help but feel incredibly embarrassed.
She couldn't believe such moans could come from her mouth.

After this little episode passed, the cold war between them also concluded.

The two girls woke up the next day in vastly different states.
One was energetic and clear-headed, while the other looked dead inside.

When Yin Zhao-an saw Tang Yu walking into the bathroom surrounded by an air of resentment, she couldn't help but be frightened.

After breakfast, Yin Zhao-an went to the balcony with her laptop.
Not only was the air there good, but the sun was warm.
Most importantly, the sunlight made it easier for her eyes to look at the computer.

Tang Yu, on the other hand, didn't get to relax like Yin Zhao-an, since she still had a lot of homework to do.

When Yin Zhao-an logged into her game, she saw that the only person in her friend list was online.
So, she immediately sent a party request to the other party.
And then…

“Who's this?” Yin Zhao-an asked in the team channel when she saw that the party she joined consisted of Zhao Yu and another person.

“I'm Gao Rang,” the other person in the party, a Diviner wearing a gold-ribbed robe, answered.
He also sent a greeting gesture in the team channel.

Following Gao Rang's words, Zhao Yu said, “My Big Bro is working the night shift today, so he has some time to play during the day.”

“Are you two living together?” Yin Zhao-an asked but failed to receive a reply even after a long time.

Instead of an answer, Yin Zhao-an saw a change in her game interface.
Apparently, Zhao Yu had started a dungeon raid and automatically ignored her question.

“My Big Bro hasn't cleared this dungeon yet.
Let's go through it first.”


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