Chapter 105 – Misdirected Affection?

Yin Zhao-an was startled by the sudden rage that appeared within her.
At the same time, she experienced a deep sense of frustration and self-blame that came from the bottom of her heart.
When all these emotions mixed, they made her feel like her brain was about to explode.

Seeing Yin Zhao-an stay silent, Tang Yu signaled the nanny to give them some privacy with her eyes.
Then, once she and Yin Zhao-an were the only ones remaining in the living room, she gently massaged the back of Yin Zhao-an's hand and soothingly asked, “What's wrong, An-An?”

Yin Zhao-an didn't answer Tang Yu right away.
Instead, she tightly embraced Tang Yu as feelings of fragility and helplessness overwhelmed her.
Then, as her eyes reddened slightly, she softly said, “What should I do? I don't think I'm worthy of you…”

Tang Yu was stunned.
Why would Yin Zhao-an think this way all of a sudden?

“Everyone understands you better than I do.
Even a person who's only known you for a few days knows how to take better care of you than me,” Yin Zhao-an said, her voice choking up.
“I will only drag you down.
I also keep making you angry…”


A cold voice suddenly entered Yin Zhao-an's ears.
Then, Yin Zhao-an felt the person in her embrace pushing her away.

“Are you intending to let go of me, then? Just because of that? If you are so cowardly, I must have misjudged you before,” Tang Yu coldly said.
She was truly angry this time.
If Yin Zhao-an thought she was lacking, all she needed to do was think of ways to compensate for her shortcomings.
What use was there in drowning herself in self-pity? Not to mention, it wasn't even a problem that couldn't be solved with a little effort.

“I won't let go!” Yin Zhao-an shouted, a hint of crying in her urgent voice.
“I won't let go even if I die…
I will never let go…”

Tang Yu snorted in contempt when she saw Yin Zhao-an's behavior.
In her previous life, she was the one worrying about losing their existing relationship.
Now, it would seem that the positions were reversed.
It felt like the two of them were being wantonly manipulated by fate.
Perhaps, even her reincarnation was merely a round of fate's game.

“Think it out for yourself,” Tang Yu left these words for Yin Zhao-an before walking away from the dining table.
It was pointless to say any more words.
If Yin Zhao-an truly couldn't come to terms with reality, perhaps…she(TY) should reflect on whether she had misdirected her affection.

Tang Yu didn't go upstairs but went into the courtyard to relax.
The moon tonight was beautiful, and it covered the plants in the courtyard with a light veil.

A person was sitting on the bench next to the flower bed.
When Tang Yu saw the other party's silhouette, she quickly recognized the other party.

When Tang Yu walked over to the young nanny, the other party moved over slightly to make room for her.

The two didn't speak for a while.
Apart from the sound of the wind, nothing else could be heard.

“Are you two…in the kind of relationship I'm thinking of?”

The young nanny was the first to break the ice.
Perhaps she felt that Tang Yu was easier to talk to, but she didn't restrain herself as much around Tang Yu.

However, no matter how gentle Tang Yu was, that didn't mean she would like others to know about her private affairs.
It was especially so when the nanny's question concerned such a sensitive topic.
Hence, Tang Yu chose to remain silent.

Meanwhile, the young nanny twiddled her fingers awkwardly when she saw Tang Yu staying silent.
Then, she clasped her hands and said, “Actually…this kind of thing is quite common in university.
It's not just limited to girls but also boys.
Everyone would usually just dismiss such relationships with a smile.
Some would even generously offer their blessings.
There is no discrimination toward such relationships, and even those who don't agree with these relationships wouldn't say anything radical.”

Even though the person beside her still didn't respond to her words, the young nanny did not mind.
She had already said what she wanted to say.
She also didn't think there was a need to be secretive about this topic.

Then, the young nanny seemingly thought of something as she started to feel sad, saying, “Even if you two cannot remain together until the end, please do not resort to extreme methods.
So long as you are alive, it will still be possible to turn things around.
At worst, it'll just take a lifetime to accomplish…”

Tang Yu shuddered a little when she heard the nanny's words.
Turning to look at the other party, she hesitantly asked, “Could it be that…you too?”

“No, no.” The young nanny didn't think Tang Yu would misunderstand her words in such a way.
Breaking into a smile, she said somewhat helplessly, “It happened to a friend of mine.
When his parents discovered his relationship, they dragged him to a hospital and were adamant about curing him.
Nobody expected him to…jump out a window and end his own life.”

“…I'm sorry for your loss.” Tang Yu didn't think she would get to hear such a story, and she couldn't help but be shocked.

The young nanny quickly regained her composure when she heard Tang Yu's condolences.
She had started out trying to advise Tang Yu to be more open-minded, yet she herself had ended up feeling sad.
In an attempt to change the topic, she asked, “By the way, has the Young Miss finished eating yet? The food's going to go cold soon if she still hasn't finished.
It'll be bad for her stomach to eat cold food.
Not to mention, she didn't have anything for lunch.”

Tang Yu couldn't help but get a headache when she thought about how Yin Zhao-an was creating trouble for her one after another.
But what could she do except spoil the girl rotten?

“I'm going back first.
Do you want to come in?” Tang Yu asked as she got up from the bench and patted her clothes.

Shaking her head, the young nanny said, “I'll stroll around outside.”


Theft is never good, try looking at

Originally, Tang Yu had wanted to feign indifference when she returned to the living room.
However, as soon as she stepped into the living room, she couldn't help but be amused by the impactful scene before her.

How could this person…be so silly?!

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