Chapter 100 – You Must Persist in Liking Me

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By the time Yin Zhao-an snapped out of her daze, Tang Yu had already left the bathroom and sat in front of the study desk.
Through the bathroom mirror, she could see Tang Yu quietly reading a book.

After quickly washing up, Yin Zhao-an weakly called out to her human crutch, “Tang-Tang, I can't come out.”

When Tang Yu heard Yin Zhao-an's call for help, she lowered the book in her hands and went over to the bathroom to give Yin Zhao-an a helping hand.
In the midst of doing so, though, she couldn't help but look at Yin Zhao-an strangely.

Once Tang Yu settled Yin Zhao-an back onto the bed, she walked over to the desk and grabbed the book she was reading just now.
Then, leaning against the desk, she waved the book and smiled deeply as she asked, “Isn't this my book? Why is it in your place?”

When Yin Zhao-an heard Tang Yu's questions, her hand reaching for a glass of water froze, and her forehead began to sweat.
Anxiously, she stuttered, “Ah… T-That… I-I…saw it on the ground when I visited your classroom in the past, so…”

“Tell the truth,” Tang Yu interrupted.
Although it had been some time since she last read any books other than her high school textbooks, that didn't mean she would randomly place her books.
Not to mention, the book in her hand should still be on her bookshelf in her bedroom.
Why would it suddenly appear in Yin Zhao-an's room?

Yin Zhao-an had to admit that her Tang-Tang currently had her eating out of her hand.
Not daring to disobey Tang Yu, Yin Zhao-an obediently revealed the entire process of how she came to possess one of Tang Yu's books.
Of course, she didn't forget to make up an excuse for her actions, saying, “I was just curious at the time.
I wanted to know what exactly was going on in your mind.
So, when I saw you taking notes in that book…”

The more Yin Zhao-an spoke, the softer her voice became.
However, when Tang Yu heard Yin Zhao-an's confession, not only did she not get angry, but she even felt an indescribable warmth spread across her body.
Her eyes also became overflowing with tenderness.

“You dummy…” Tang Yu chuckled before gently caressing the scribbles she had left on the book.
She had merely scribbled these words on a whim.
She never thought a certain someone would be so concerned over them.

The young nanny arrived at the villa early in the morning.
When she saw that the two occupants of the house had yet to come down, she put the breakfast she had prepared into a cooler box and began tidying the large house.

After an unknown amount of time, some noise came from upstairs.
When the young nanny looked up, she saw Tang Yu straightening her clothes while walking down the staircase.
When the two met eyes, they silently greeted each other with a polite smile.

When the young nanny saw Tang Yu walking toward the kitchen, she hurriedly reminded her, saying, “Breakfast is in the cooler box.”

Tang Yu had already taken a set of breakfast from the cooler box when she heard the young nanny's reminder.
While setting the breakfast on the dining table, she kindly smiled and said, “Thank you, but I'm quite familiar with this place.”

The young nanny awkwardly smiled at Tang Yu's words and asked, “Do you come here often, Ma'am?”

“You don't have to be so polite.
Just call me Little Tang,” Tang Yu said, shaking her head.
She couldn't help but chuckle a little when she heard how respectfully the nanny was addressing her.
Then, she returned to the nanny's question, saying, “We grew up together.”

Although this was a new house for the Yin family, it was a house Tang Yu had lived in for nearly ten years.
So, this place was no different from home to her.

The young nanny revealed a look of realization.
Then, she smiled brightly and said, “I see.
No wonder the Young Miss is especially close to you and treats you like family.”

“Thank you,” Tang Yu said with a faint smile.

Subsequently, the young nanny became lost in her thoughts for a moment.
Then, when she noticed no further movement coming from upstairs, she couldn't help asking, “Will the Young Miss not be coming down yet?”

“I'll bring her portion upstairs in a moment.”

“Oh, okay.”

Seeing that there was nothing else for her to do here, the young nanny went into the courtyard to tend to the garden.

While waiting for her Tang-Tang to return with breakfast, Yin Zhao-an lay on her bed and stared at the white ceiling in a daze.
Suddenly, the phone on the bedside table vibrated and played a pleasant ringtone.

When Yin Zhao-an answered the call, an excited voice came from the other end.
Then, after listening to what the other party said, she said, “Come over to my house, then.
Tang-Tang is also here.”

Subsequently, the other party said something that made Yin Zhao-an frown a little.
After hesitating for a moment, Yin Zhao-an replied, “It should be fine…
Anyway, just come over first.”

Tang Yu just so happened to have entered the room with a tray of breakfast when Yin Zhao-an hung up the call.
When she saw Yin Zhao-an smiling at her in a cute sitting posture, she walked over to the bed and nonchalantly asked, “Who was on the phone?”

While helping Tang Yu move the food tray onto the bedside table, Yin Zhao-an answered, “It was Zhao Yu.”

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When Tang Yu heard the answer, her hand that was about to reach for a porcelain spoon froze.
However, she quickly recovered her composure and responded with a simple, “Oh.” Then, she proceeded to grab the spoon and stir the bowl of longan porridge in her hand in silence.

Yin Zhao-an panicked a little when she saw Tang Yu's indifferent expression.
Tentatively tugging at Tang Yu's sleeve, she meekly asked, “Are you angry?”

Hearing this, Tang Yu squeezed out a smile and said in a gentle tone, “Not at all.
Whatever you do has nothing to do with me, so why would I be angry?”

Yin Zhao-an instantly got goosebumps when she saw Tang Yu's smile.
That was a smile with a concealed blade! Hurriedly, Yin Zhao-an held up her phone, saying, “I'll tell him not to come.”

However, before Yin Zhao-an could unlock her phone, a tender hand stopped her.
Then, Tang Yu helplessly sighed and said, “I was just joking with you.”

Yin Zhao-an looked at Tang Yu in confusion.
Not only were there no signs of aggression on her Tang-Tang's gentle face, but there was even an inexplicable trace of sentimentality.

“I am not trying to limit your right to make friends, but I hope you understand one thing,” Tang Yu said, her expression gradually turning serious.
“Your confession was a pleasant surprise to me, but I cannot be certain you will keep liking me in the future.
Before I can be certain of your feelings, every ambiguous action you make will be no different than you taking a slice off my heart with a dull blade.”

Bending forward slightly, Tang Yu stared into Yin Zhao-an's confused eyes and continued, “So, please…
I beg of you…

“You must persist in liking me.”

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