Chapter 99 – Fortunately, I Didn't Let You Slip By

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Skip to the second half to avoid the Zhao Yu/Gao Rang part.

“Big Bro!!” Zhao Yu held onto Gao Rang's neck in a panic, worried that Gao Rang might throw him off the sofa.

However, Zhao Yu's concerns did not occur.
Instead, Gao Rang proceeded to pick him up from the sofa, carry him to the bedroom, drop him onto the bed, and whisper into his ear, “Goodnight.”

By the time Zhao Yu recovered from his shock, Gao Rang had already left the bedroom and closed the door on his way out.

After staring at the bedlight at a loss for a moment, Zhao Yu quietly got out of bed and walked over to the door.
When he opened a small gap in the door and snuck a peek outside, he saw a person wrapped in a blanket lying on the sofa, the person's long legs hanging off the sofa's edge.

Zhao Yu felt remorseful when he saw this scene.
After sitting on the bed and hesitating for some time, he ultimately couldn't bear the condemnation in his heart and went back into the living room.

“Big Bro.”

Gao Rang was a little surprised.
However, because of the sofa's limited space, he could only turn his head slightly to look at Zhao Yu.
“What's wrong? Not used to sleeping here?”

Shaking his head, Zhao Yu said, “Let's sleep together.
It's not comfortable to sleep on the sofa.”

Smiling helplessly, Gao Rang said, “It's fine.
It's not uncomfortable.” At the same time, he couldn't help but start to feel pity for the boy.
Even though fear and rejection were clearly written in the boy's eyes, the boy was still willing to compromise because of his kindness.

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“I'm serious, Big Bro.
Let's sleep together,” Zhao Yu said, his voice starting to sound a little coquettish.

Although one normally wouldn't notice this minor detail, Gao Rang, with his sensitive mind, noticed it.
His mind heating up, he abruptly pulled Zhao Yu into an embrace.

The two stuck closely to each other on the narrow sofa.
Leaning against Gao Rang's chest, Zhao Yu could hear an unusual heartbeat coming from the other party, and his face involuntarily blushed.

Gao Rang faked a light cough when he felt the person in his arms stiffening.
Taking the initiative to get off the sofa, he said, “You asked for it yourself.
I didn't force you.”


After entering the bedroom, the two silently looked at each other before each taking a corner of the bed.
At first glance, they looked like a pair of husband and wife who were in a cold war with each other.

Zhao Yu quickly fell asleep.
Before he thoroughly lost consciousness, though, he heard the person next to him quietly answering a call before he felt the quilt getting tucked.
Then, silence returned to the room.

When morning arrived, Zhao Yu found that the person next to him had disappeared.
When he got out of bed and went to the living room, he found some money and a key on the coffee table.
There was also a post-it note placed on the side.

“Something came up at the hospital.
Buy some breakfast downstairs with the money.
The key is yours…”

After reading the note, Zhao Yu picked up the silver key and carefully analyzed it.

After a night of unintentional movements from a certain someone, Tang Yu woke up with her belly exposed and a large but skinny hand firmly clasped on top of it.

The sky outside was already bright, so Tang Yu didn't even need to look at the clock to know what time it was already.

Tilting her head slightly, Tang Yu saw Yin Zhao-an was still asleep, so she carefully tried to remove the invasive hand on her belly.
Yet, she found that the more she tried to remove it, the tighter it held onto her belly.

Tang Yu quickly realized what was happening and glared at the person next to her, only to see the other party's lips slightly curled up.
A certain someone was still pretending to be asleep while holding back a smile.

In a fit of anger, Tang Yu grabbed the quilt and pushed it against Yin Zhao-an's face.
Then, amidst the confusion, she quickly got out of bed and straightened her wrinkled pajamas.

Yin Zhao-an hugged the quilt and looked at Tang Yu through her sleepy eyes.
Grinning, she said, “Good morning, Tang-Tang.”

Tang Yu smoothed her hair and silently glared at Yin Zhao-an.
Then, she grabbed a change of clothes and went straight to the bathroom, her ears reddening and her feet hastening when she heard joyful laughter coming behind her.
Since the confession yesterday, Yin Zhao-an had been becoming increasingly shameless.

Yin Zhao-an sat up and leaned against the headboard.
When she looked out the window and saw the peach tree planted in the yard downstairs, she couldn't help but wonder if she would see flowers blooming on the tree's thin branches this year.

When Tang Yu left the bathroom after changing into a form-fitting sweater, she immediately felt a scorching gaze locking onto her.
Taking a deep breath, she squeezed out a “kind” smile and gave the gaze's owner a warning look.

Yin Zhao-an guiltily looked away and subconsciously rubbed the tip of her nose when she was caught staring.
She even faked a cough to try to cover up her actions.

Tang Yu did not pursue the matter.
After helplessly shaking her head, she went to grab her down jacket from the coat rack by the door and put it on.
Then, she returned to the bed and extended a hand to Yin Zhao-an, saying, “I'll help you to the bathroom.”


With her hair in a mess, Yin Zhao-an climbed out of bed and clung to Tang Yu.
Initially, she tried to drag her feet to prolong the journey, but she quickly straightened her act after getting a warning smack from Tang Yu.

When Yin Zhao-an saw that there was already a cup of water and a toothbrush with toothpaste on it prepared on the sink, a warm feeling spread in her heart.

Fortunately, she had corrected her path in time and didn't let the opportunity slip by.

When Yin Zhao-an thought about how Tang Yu would wake up every day in another person's arms, gently wake the other party up, thoughtfully prepare toothpaste for the party, and even make soup for the other party, her heart throbbed in pain.

Fortunately, she didn't let her Tang-Tang slip by.

Tang Yu didn't know why Yin Zhao-an suddenly went silent.
After ensuring that Yin Zhao-an could stand on her own, she retreated to the doorway and dazedly stared at Yin Zhao-an as she leaned against the doorframe.

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