“Oh, damn it!”

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Everyone’s eyes were focused on one place at the voice that echoed in annoyance through the hall.

“I can’t eat it because it’s dirty!”

A pitiful wooden sword was thrown to the floor.

There was a terrible silence inside the training ground, which was not noisy, but neither was it quiet.

“You crazy bastard!”

The protagonist of the act violently pushed her hardened colleagues and headed somewhere. 

The blonde hair tied up and swayed as she walked.

At the end of her angry walk.


A handsome man boasting of his tall stature was looking at her with joy as he approached her.

“Captain Noah Bello.”

He recited Noah’s name as sweetly as the serenade of love.

The aide next to him did not hide his momentary disgust.

Then he sympathized with Noah.

‘He happened to be in love with that crazy dog…’

If there was anything wrong with Noah, no, frankly, there was nothing wrong with her, but if she had to be examined, it was only that.

‘But even Captain Bello…’

Was not usually a crazy dog.

While the aide had short compassion, Noah, who came up, grabbed the collar of the crazy dog.

At this time, the aide’s eyes widened as if about to pop out.

“I tried to be patient, but you think it’s very funny, don’t you?”

She was smiling, but it wasn’t an expression of kindness or affection.
Rather, she was closer to the intersection of murder and anger.

“Leto Oceanus.”

Noah recalled her superior’s name.


At the same time, someone fainted with a shrill yelp.

The crew took notice and pulled the fainted comrade into a shady corner and removed them.

“Hey, Captain.”

The beautiful mad dog called Leto grinned.

“I didn’t know that you had that ultimate hobby.”


“I think that’s too much.”

Leto lightly shook off Noah’s hand, which was holding his collar.
Rather than pushing it away, it was Noah that let go of his collar first as if he had pushed her.

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“If you want to be punished, I am willing…”

“You’re talking like a bee.”

Noah cut him off and ripped off the badge of rank from her chest.

A hole was punctured in the chest of the military uniform with the rank insignia at the harsh gesture.

“I’m going to quit today.”

Leto’s expression, which was always relaxed, was distorted for the first time.

In fact, Noah had no regard for such a superior.
Rather, the people around were secretly screaming and sneaking away from Leto.

“By the way.”

Noah said.

“I can’t go on like this.”

Even if it’s time to leave this damn job.
She had to relieve the resentment caused by him somehow.

Noah recalled her sorrows and said to Leto.

“Let’s play a game without the insignia.”


The Southern Saf Territories is the most glamorous and prosperous area on the continent.

Thanks to its huge trading port, it is always at the forefront of fashion, and it has an exotic atmosphere thanks to the many foreigners who visit it every year.

The land of the sea was always crowded with people.

If you go a little further from such ports and towns, there was a hill to avoid, which was almost unique in the Saf estate.

It was a gentle slope perfect for walking for an elderly person to exercise.

The blue horizon was clearly visible, and it was reasonably far away from the downtown area, so it was a famous place without worrying about noise.

And above it was a two-story mansion.


The child who was having a snack on the awning terrace lifted herself and jumped out of the chair.

“Ash! Ah, look at this!”

“Lady Clare.”

The maid, who had brought her drink, gave a slight caution to the child clinging to her leg.

“You can’t run when I’m holding something.”

“But Ash is good at picking things up!”

As she said, the drink glass hadn’t spilled a single drop of water.


Placing a lemon drink with three ice cubes on the table, she asked Clare.

“What are you doing?”

“Look at this!”

What Clare brought with her was a newspaper.
She was reading while eating a snack, so there were cookie crumbs all over the newspaper.

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“This person.”

Clare pointed to one of the photos on the political page.

“Is that the one she talked about?”

“It’s Lieutenant General Oceanus.”

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The young man in the picture was a very famous person.

“Crazy dog.”

Clare said the celebrity’s nickname in a cheerful voice.

“Lady, you have to use kind words.”

“But my sister said that when god made this man, he was so focused on his face and body that he forgot his personality and conscience.”

“My lady is smart.”

Clare had a good memory.

Ash gently patted Clare’s hair.

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