[The origin of black magic is still unknown.
Decades after the birth of magic, warlocks were born one by one.
There are several theories about the birth of warlocks, but the most supported hypothesis is that of magic.
It is said that black magic started from imitating magic.—A wizard’s observation of black magic]

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Oliver turned the book cover and read it.

This book describes black magic from the point of view of a wizard, it also explains why black magic is called wicked and why it should be eradicated in 200 pages, and the first reason why black magic is so evil is that it was a way for the inferior people to use magic without mana, so it was against the logic of nature. 

In order to prevent such a catastrophe, they said that an institutional approach was needed to forcibly isolate humans without magical powers and to naturally cull inferior genes by eliminating fertility.

It may have been that Oliver was wrong because of his short learning, but it seemed to be a very narrow-minded and absurd argument for him.

That’s why it also felt pretty fun for Oliver.

When Oliver was thinking about the book he read, suddenly someone knocked on the door. 

Oliver raised his head and asked.

“What happened?”

I’m sorry, but… it’s time to work.”

At Marie’s voice, Oliver checked his watch.

She was right. 

It was time to work.

“Yes, wait a minute.”

After putting a bookmark on the book he was reading, Oliver went out of the study and saw Marie waiting for him with her back bent.

“Emotions have been sent from the Anthony and Dominic families.
They have been moved to the studio.”

“Thank you.”

After saying that, Oliver walked toward the studio.

Countless people had already gathered in the studio which was the largest space in the Joseph Family headquarters.

Everyone from the senior disciple to the informal disciples was present.

“I greet the Master!”

“I greet the Master!”

As soon as Oliver entered, all the disciples bowed to Oliver with Peter as the main lead.

Respect comes from the heart, not simply by force.

It wasn’t too strange. 

After all, Oliver actually negotiated with Anthony and the Dominic family on his own.

But it was not just because of this that their attitude changed.

“Is everyone here?”

“Yes! Master!”

Everyone was present including the informal disciples and the servants who had been doing chores all this time.

Oliver provided them with as much education as possible.

Somehow, having taken over the family, it was Oliver’s minimal sense of responsibility to do something like a Master.

“Before class, I will do the task.
You may not be able to help me right away, so please watch everything I do.”

The eyes of the informal disciples, junior disciples, and some intermediate and senior disciples, who received the opportunity for education were excited.

“Where are the ingredients?

“Oh, wait a minute, Master.”

Marie made some informal disciples get the box.

Inside the box, partitions were tightly divided, and test tubes with emotions were placed in each box.

“Maternal love and anger, 8 to 2 ratio.
We checked it accurately.”

Oliver took a look at the box. 

It was indeed 8-2.

“Can you open the test tube lid?”

Marie beckoned and all the informal disciples became busy opening the lids.

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“Everything is open.”

“Thank you.
Can you step back for a moment?”

At Oliver’s words, Marie and others in the vicinity quickly retreated.

After some space had cleared up, Oliver stretched out his hand in the air and after a moment, each test tube tossed and the emotions within them rushed out.

“Oh my God….”


“Aww, it’s beautiful.”

Each disciple looked in admiration at the scene unfolding before their eyes.

Oliver understood how they felt. 

Oliver also felt that it was beautiful to look at.

It was truly beautiful to see so many emotions coming together.

The two emotions with different personalities caused repulsion when they were combined, which was quite intimidating due to a large number of emotions.

Big and small sparks spread all around which made even Oliver feel that it was beautiful.

What would happen if Oliver were to make a mistake here?

Perhaps not just the basement, even the entire factory might explode.


As the reaction between the two emotions grew bigger and bigger, everyone felt that it was not unusual, but at that moment, when Oliver clasped his hands as if they were holding hands, the fluctuating emotions regained stability, as if the previous reaction was just a lie.

Oliver lifted his hands tightly and dropped the synthesized emotion into each test tube.

“Everyone, close the lids, and check the quantity to make sure the emotions are in the right place?”

Those who had been immersed in the magical sight that was in front of their eyes came back to their senses and quickly closed the lid of the test tube as Oliver said, and checked the amount of emotion.

“…..There is nothing wrong here.” 

“There is no problem with this box here.”

“No problem here either.”

“No problem!”

All the test tubes in the box were appropriately assigned with emotions.

Oliver went straight to class after ordering the finished emotions to be set aside.

“As I said before, divide into groups 1, 2, and 3.”

At those words, everyone stood apart.

Informal disciples and some junior disciples were in the third group, some junior disciples and some intermediate disciples were in the second group, and some of the intermediate and Senior disciples were in the first group.

For you information, Marie and Peter were also placed in group 1 and Oliver had them practice by taking out a test tube that had been prepared beforehand.

“Group 3 has to make shapes with emotions.
Don’t make it sloppy, just do it right and when you make it, try to change the form of the emotions faster than you speak.”

The third group members followed Oliver’s words without saying a word.

“Group 2, use basic black magic such as Las Bullet and Black Shield using the emotions but try to hold them in your hand until the end.
Then, when you can’t hold it any longer, release the black magic and use those emotions again to practice other black magic.”

The second group also followed Oliver’s orders without saying a word.

“Group 1, did you see what I did before?”

It was the mixing of maternal love and anger.

Everyone got scared and nodded their heads.

“Mix the emotions in the test tube.”

Oliver’s words felt like a lightning bolt to the disciple in group 1.

However, there was no one who raised their concern. 

After all, the achievements achieved through Oliver’s class cannot be described in words.

It was like a miracle for them.

It will vary from person to person, but one class of Oliver’s teachings was worth more than the months of Joseph’s teaching.

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“You don’t have to worry.
If you use a small amount, the backlash will not be too great and it will be a lot easier because you will be mixing emotions with the same tendency.”

It was true.

Currently, the emotions in the test tube of group 1 were hate and anger. 

It wasn’t that difficult to mix the slightly different but identical emotions.

In this way, the three groups gathered and practiced.

Oliver walked between them, pointing out those who made mistakes.

“It’s out of shape.
Do it right.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry, Master”

“Don’t be swayed by the emotions, take control.
Don’t waste the emotions.”

“Yes, I understand! Master”

“A little faster.
You are still slower.”

“I will fix it, Master.”

“You’re making this mistake again, please correct it.”

“I’m sorry.
I’ll fix it, Master”

“If mixing didn’t work properly.
Separate them and try again.”

“Yes, thank you, Master”

Oliver corrected every mistake they made and gave them tips whenever necessary.

Compared to their days with Joseph, they were able to get a very soft and generous education.

Thanks to such a soft and generous education, the disciples were able to practice more actively, and their skills also improved quickly as much as they made mistakes.

Although Oliver was the youngest one here, the disciples who received education from him began to regard him as their true teacher and Master.

As time went on everyone’s practice began to get on track to some extent.

With nothing more to point out, Oliver walked around the disciples observing them and then he suddenly grabbed someone and asked a question.

“…can I ask how you got here?”

The informal disciple who was practicing in group 3 asked back in surprise.

“I, Are you asking me, Master?”

“Yes, the form of the emotion is breaking down.
Get it right.”

“Ah! I’m sorry…”

“…how did you get here? Oh, if it’s hard to say, you don’t have to force it.”

The informal disciple thought about it for a moment and then opened his mouth.

“That… I lived with a gang of beggars in the countryside and I was running away after hitting the chief of the beggars, and at that time I met Mas…no, I met Joseph.”

“I see, so that’s how you met Master.”

“Ah, yes…”

Oliver then asked the other disciples randomly how they joined the Joseph family.

Orphanages, construction sites, slums, etc. 

Everyone told their stories and Oliver nodded mechanically whenever he heard them.

“Then, this time tell me your story….”

“ Master.”

Marie interrupted Oliver who was asking questions. 

She had a cold sweat as she was mixing two different emotions.

“Yes, Marie.”

“Today’s practice time is over.”

Oliver looked at his watch.

“….that’s right.
Everyone has worked hard, let’s stop the training here today.
Please clean up.”

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As soon as hearing Oliver’s words, those who were controlling the emotions in a cold sweat gasped in relief and put the emotions back into the test tube.

They all looked very exhausted but nevertheless, Oliver could feel a sense of satisfaction from them that he had never seen before.

That’s right, now that they’ve been practicing every day, they’ve built up their skills as a warlock.

If it goes on like this, becoming a real warlock was no longer a dream for them.

“…Then, is the work done for today?

When Oliver asked Marie about the schedule, she pulled out her notebook and checked it like a secretary.

“…Yes, Master.
Since you have finished processing the emotions, we can give them to Anthony and the Dominic family through the pharmacist, and there is nothing more for you to do.”

At that moment, Peter intervened.

“Then, Master, I have a suggestion for you.”

“Hey, what are you talking, Master needs to rest….”

Oliver stopped Marie and asked Peter.

“What is it?”

“I…, I didn’t mean to bother you, Master.
However, I think we need to gather ingredients again… So if you give me permission, then I will go with the other kids.
I will come back soon.”

Oliver thought for a moment, then said.

“I will come with you.”

“What? No, Master.
We don’t want to trouble you.”

“No, I am coming because there is something that I want to see.
Can you prepare?”


Oliver put on the black magic item ‘Fake Face’ and teamed up with Marie and Peter to collect emotions.

The first place they went was suggested by Oliver, which was none other than an inn.

It was the place Oliver first visited to extract emotions.

When Peter knocked on the door, an old woman came out.

“Huh? Who are you?”

“Are the fruits ripe?”

“Ah… I thought it was time.
I’ve cooked three.
Come in.”

The old woman beckoned them to come in.

Then, just as before, they climbed up the narrow hallway through the stairs to the second floor where they heard sounds of the children from three small rooms.

Up to this point, it was the same as back then.

“It’s me.
Are you there?”

Someone opened the door slowly and they saw a woman poking her face through the crack in the door.

She was not the woman Oliver remembered.

“Landlord Madam?”

“That’s right.
The usual.”

She opened the door as if she was familiar with it.

Her eyes were lifeless and the child was lying on the bed and crying.


The baby’s loud voice was heard.

While Peter was counting the money while checking the woman’s condition, Oliver approached the old woman and asked.

“Where is she?”

“Huh? Who?”

“The lady who was here before.”

“The girl before…? Ah, that one? I kicked her out.
She said that she needed money because she was sick and so she sold her feelings on her own and she was of no use anymore, so I kicked her out.
It’s an empty can anyway.

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Oliver listened and stood still.

Peter and Marie looked into Oliver’s lost gaze instead of extracting maternal love.

When they came out of the inn after work, Oliver remained silent for a moment.

Marie asked cautiously.

“Master…what happened…?”

Actually, objectively speaking, it wasn’t such a big deal.

It didn’t mean that her feelings were particularly beautiful or anything like that.

But Oliver couldn’t say what it was.

To Oliver, she was the first mother from whom he extracted maternal love. 

For some reason, he felt like he wanted to see her.

It was not necessary to see her, but Oliver’s unique curiosity got triggered.

He had a painful sensation as if unable to scratch the itchy area.

Oliver closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them while adding strength to both eyes.

Then, the blurred emotions around him became clearer and the range also expanded. 

Soon his eyes started to hurt as if he was looking at the sun with the naked eye.

However, Oliver didn’t care.

It hurts more for Oliver for not being able to do what he wants than his eyes hurting.

Oliver’s field of vision widened and as he began to cross an area, he found emotions that were dim, but similar to the woman’s. 

“….found it.”

With those words, Oliver suddenly began to move.

Marie and Peter followed him without even knowing what was going on, and after walking along the main road for a long time they entered a side road.

In the place where the beggars and the homeless were gathered, Oliver found the woman.

She had a bottle of wine and a dying child that was left behind, covered in ugly and dirty rags.

She was the woman from whom Oliver first extracted maternal love.


The skinny woman looked up at Oliver with empty eyes.

She couldn’t remember who he was, but it didn’t matter to her.

As if she was used to being a beggar, she brazenly showed her dying child and begged for money.

“The child is sick.
Please, give me some money.
The child needs medicine.”

Even if it wasn’t for the smell of her alcohol, Oliver could easily recognize that the woman was not normal.

Peter noticed the situation and whispered in his ear.

“It looks like an empty can, Master.”

Oliver didn’t say anything.

He just stared at the woman for a long time as she held out her child like a bowl and soon, a feeling that was hard to describe welled up within Oliver.

Oliver didn’t know whether it was sadness or emptiness, but it was something that was hard to explain.

“Please, benevolent one, give the child a penny.
I haven’t eaten in several days.
The child is sick.

Oliver deeply looked at the empty woman and the dying child.

After a long silence, Oliver barely opened his mouth and said.

“Give her some money.”

Peter looked at Oliver and threw a small amount of money.

The woman threw the baby away and picked it up with her face like a dog. 

Oliver looked at it for a moment and then went back in the way he came.

Oliver muttered at the time when no one could speak anything in that unusual atmosphere.

“Aaaah…it was beautiful.”

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