Genius 18

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Oliver and Andrew together with the crew members walked along the back alley towards the back of the factory. 

Even while moving, blue lights kept flashing from the front door along with the screams and gunshots.

At that moment someone spoke.

“Even after coming here I had doubts whether Wizards would be here, but now it seems to be true.
Looking at those well-made magic traps….they seem to be real Wizards.”

“It doesn’t matter.
It’s more advantageous for us if they can keep drawing attention like that.
We don’t need to care about the back.”

“Wouldn’t they have set a trap in the back?” 

At that thought, Andrew paused for a moment.

If you think about it, it was a very natural assumption. 

It was highly likely that a trap was set up on the side where the defense was poor.

After a moment of thought, Andrew abruptly turned his head to look at Oliver.

“Oliver, take the lead.”


“You have a sharp sense, so I think you can avoid traps, right? So, you will be at the forefront.”

A ridiculously far-fetched reason. 

However, Oliver had no choice but to nod his head.

If he were to reject the command here, he instinctively knows that something will happen.

From the time Andrew grabbed him, Oliver felt something unusual, and now when he was looking around, he was surrounded by people with hostility.

These are people who will do harm at any time if anything goes wrong.

Oliver had fallen into a well-established trap that even he wasn’t aware of.

“Let’s go.”

Andrew spoke while standing behind Oliver, who had been forced to lead.

Naturally, Oliver moved again according to his instinct, but he could feel Andrew’s murderous intent behind his back even though he couldn’t see it.

Andrew was now as hostile to Oliver as he was to the enemies. 

Oliver couldn’t understand why Andrew was doing this to him.

However, this curiosity also disappeared due to Oliver’s survival instinct.

The important thing now was not knowing why Andrew is doing this, but getting out of this tricky situation.

Oliver felt that there would be a very high probability that he would be in danger if he stayed near Andrew like this.

Still, Oliver didn’t show any suspicious movements and kept moving forward.

Oliver kept thinking about how to get out of this crisis. 

While he was thinking about it, all of a sudden, the sparsely lit street lamp around the group suddenly went off.



In an instant, the surroundings got swallowed up by the darkness and at that moment everyone could see several beams of light coming, flying from the upper floor of the factory building.

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[Magic Missile]

A mass amount of magic poured out like a rain shower.

Andrew and his party, who were already moving through a narrow alley, could not dodge the attack since they were trapped like a mouse in a cage. 

They had no choice but to stand there stupidly.

At that moment, Andrew exclaimed.

“Everyone Defend! Black Shield!”

Everyone came to their senses at the shout and opened a black curtain toward the direction from where the magic missile came flying.


The high-speed magic missile was blocked by a black curtain and the missiles exploded like firecrackers in the air.

The surroundings became bright for a moment due to the colorful sparks.

At that moment, gangsters hiding in front of them suddenly came out and fired their guns all at once.

“Scrape it! Grind it! Kill them all!”


Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo—–!!!

Muzzle blazed flashing with a loud noise.

The Black Shield deployed to block the magic missiles that were falling from the sky made it difficult for them to block bullets from the front. 

The darkness surrounding them also made their response to get delayed.

Under normal circumstances, allied warlocks would have collapsed due to the forefront attack from the flashing muzzle flames.

But that didn’t happen.

It was because Oliver, who noticed them first, deployed a huge black shield towards the front.

Ting! Tak! Tading Dang——! Tak!

Perfect block!

With a dull sound, all the bullets were blocked by the black wall.

But Oliver was not satisfied with just that.

He quickly extracted the emotions and initiated an attack on the gangsters who attacked from the front.


The extracted emotions flew like smoke and turned into a target mark searching for the enemies.

As soon as he saw the target, Oliver fired a Las bullet right away.




The bullets of hatred accurately struck the enemies. 

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Many members of the gang fell all at once and at that time the one who seemed to be the commander shouted.

“Damn! It’s a Counterattack.
Get back.
Get back.”

Far from being successful, they were suddenly counterattacked which made the gangsters run away without looking back, but at that very moment, Andrew shouted.

“The enemies are running away.
Go after them! Charge! You cover! Don’t miss them!”

In accordance with Andrew’s instructions, half of the allies of Warlocks jumped in unison to attack the fleeing gangsters while the other half covered the allies by blowing the Las bullet towards the Wizard, who shot Magic missiles from the upper floor of the factory.

“Damn it!”



The gangsters who ran away with their backs were hit by Las bullets and fell one after another.

Everyone got excited because of the sudden battle, but Oliver did not join them, instead, he leaned into the darkness and looked around calmly.

Although his vision was blocked due to the darkness, his third eye for emotions, the warlock’s eye, worked.
So he had no trouble understanding the situation.

“Uh… um?”

Oliver noticed something strange.

It’s not due to the gangsters who obviously got scared and ran away, but it was because of the wizard who was exchanging attacks with the warlocks from above the factory was very calm.

As if he was waiting for something.

Although he couldn’t figure out what it was, Oliver didn’t feel very good, so he spread out the black shield and wrapped it around his body like armor.

It is to be prepared for any emergency.

At that time, an unusual energy arose from the front door.

A flash of blue light flashed like before, and then, suddenly, a huge stalk of thorns rose from the ground to the sky, illuminating the entire surroundings.



Everyone stopped and turned towards the front door, they were startled by the threatening yet alien sight. 

However, that was an obvious mistake.

They had to prepare rather than be standing idly.

“Hey, what’s going on? What’s going on?!”

Andrew placed his hand on his ears and inquired at the front, but instead of answering, the bright blue lightning he saw in the front door spread out from the front door to the back door within a few seconds.

Before everyone could react, it exploded and swept the surroundings in an instant.

It swept away the warlocks and gangsters on both sides.

DUD DUD DUD——————!!!




Naturally, Oliver was also swept away by the lightning strike, and an excruciating pain that he felt for the first time in his life hit his spine, to the point his head almost went blank.

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It was fortunate that he had a black shield around his body, and if he didn’t, he would have been baked brown like the numerous bodies scattered on the street now.

If struck, immediate death was inevitable.

Oliver lay down with the bodies and pretended to be dead.

Oliver seemed to have got a vague understanding of why everyone was afraid of the wizards.

At that moment, a man wrapped with lightning bolts around his body came down to the messy ground. 

Apparently, he is a wizard.

“Heh! I was looking forward to seeing what the fake wizards are capable of, but it’s no big deal.”

“Didn’t I tell you? There’s no way anyone can deal with you, no, it doesn’t make sense in the first place.
You’re a genius even at the Tower.

The wizard, who was holding the warlocks in check from the upper floor of the factory, said gently descending in the wind.

The Lightning Wizard spoke again.

“Still, I thought there would be someone.
I heard there’s a tough guy in this town.
It’s too boring for the first fight away from the Tower.”

“It’s the same for me….what else can we do? Our side suffered damages too.”

said the wizard, pointing to the brown-fried gangsters around him.

The Lightning Wizard was calm.

“It’s fine.
They are the ones bought to fill up the numbers anyway.
If the news of our victory goes around, guys like this will swarm.
It’s not a bad idea to change to some sturdy tools.”

Oliver knew what he meant.

Oliver still didn’t know what kind of being a wizard is, but he could tell that the thoughts of wizards were different from those of ordinary people.

It felt like they were self-centered people.

“Anyway, it’s fine.
we’ve cleaned up here, so let’s go to the front door to clean up…”


A black bullet suddenly flew in, and the wizard stopped what he was saying and deployed his magical powers to spread the shield.

At the end of the attack, there was Andrew, standing surrounded by black curtains everywhere.

It’s no wonder that he’s the second in rank in the family. 

When everyone got attacked by the lightning, he was the only one to protect himself by spreading a shield. 

He even tried to attack the wizards, but, it didn’t bring any change in the eyes of the wizards

“Hey… look, there’s a guy who defended my attack.”

“Can I help you?”

“No, it’s fine.
I want to see some of the skills of a black wizard, the so-called warlock.
Since I’ve put together a rough estimate on the front door, it doesn’t really matter even if we didn’t go.”

With those words, the Lightning Wizard once again gathered his magical powers.

Clear blue magic power gradually gathering could be seen, and Andrew immediately attacked as if telling, he was an idiot to let him gather his powers.

[Hate Bullet!] 

[Las Bomb!] 

[Black Javelin!]

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Bullets of hate, bombs of rage, and black javelins flew swiftly and struck the Lightning Wizard.

But unfortunately, instead of spreading a shield, the wizard once again covered his body with lightning and quickly avoided it.

An effective strategy to prevent meaningless magic consumption.

After dodging, the lightning around him disappeared.


[Black Shield!]

A blue lightning current flew along with a piercing sound, but it was blocked by a black curtain.

However, it was not completely blocked. 

Despite being blocked, due to the unique nature of lightning, it spread out and indirectly caused damage.

Andrew felt pain continuously, though not fatal, eventually making him spread the Black Shield wide, creating a round, full-body shield once again.

[Black Marvel!]

It was then. 

The wizard quickly narrowed the distance as if he was aiming for it and struck the shield with his magical hand.

[Lightning Explosion!!]

Once again, a flash of huge lightning burst out and lit up the surroundings.

As the flashes subsided, all that could be seen was Andrew, whose body got burned and had his arm blown off.

“Ha…Is this the level of fake wizards?”

The Lightning Wizard said, looking down at Andrew.

Contrary to his disappointing appearance, he was drenched in a sense of great superiority on the inside, and he glanced at his own victory with great satisfaction.

The other fellow wizard was also off-guard and relaxed.

At that moment, Oliver, who had been lying dead, got up and fired hate bullets with both hands.

Since it was an attack that came at an unexpected time, the Wizard who was nearby could not react and his body got pierced in vain.


Unfortunately, the most dangerous wizard quickly evaded the attack.

The Lightning Wizard, who had escaped the attack, approached the fallen wizard and checked the condition.

The Lightning Wizard’s emotions were fluctuating with shock and sadness, while Oliver slowly and quietly walked away, creating a small orb called a ‘minion’.

Oliver knew that it was very difficult to deal with that wizard alone right now, but at that moment the wizard called Oliver.


Oliver stopped and looked back.

The wizard, whose magic and emotions were fluctuating, glared at Oliver with eyes filled with rage.


“Um… That’s troublesome.”

Oliver answered, scattering the minions in the air unnoticed.

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