turi, however, was understandably unconvinced.

I had no choice but to get up from my chair and open my mouth to Count Venturi.

“In order to convince you, let me say something very rude.
Please lend me the Count’s sword or shield.”

When I told him this, I thought he would get angry, but surprisingly, the Count quietly looked at the man sitting next to him.
Then, the man in large armor silently lifted his thick shield.
It looks incredibly heavy, but he’s lifting it with one hand, this guy.

Dee and some of the other adventurers use large swords like in the game, but this is a world that seems to ignore the laws of physics even without magic.

I look at the face of the man who is looking at me with his shield lifted and wonder why he and the other knight commanders, who must be Count Venturi’s family, are all stern-faced stalwarts.

I wonder why they are all so stern-looking and strong.  I think so, and I think they look alike.

“…What should I do with this?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.
Then, have him hold it as it is…the hand is in the middle, right? Okay…”

I was in a daze and the man mouthed that in confusion, so I looked at the state of the shield while checking things out.

“Then, please don’t move for a moment.”

Saying that, I quickly reached around his waist, pulled out my sword, and cut off the shield as it was.

I cut the large shield vertically by about 30%, and in the process, I also cut through the wooden table with too much momentum.
I didn’t cut all the way to the floor, but the people around me were dizzy.

Everyone’s eyes turned to a piece of the shield that rolled across the floor with a deafening clang.

“…It is even sharper than before…”

Panamera muttered and looked at me, and everyone turned around as if caught at the moment.

I smiled at them and held up my own sword in front of my face.

It is a beautifully decorated sword.
It is a sword of Orihalcum, a sword with no impurities and a beautiful shine.

“This sword is one of my finest, but the iron swords I sell are as sharp as this one.”

After saying this, I looked around at everyone’s faces once more and opened my mouth again.

“And what flies with my ballista is an arrow with a blade that is as sharp as this one.
I used that ballista to defeat the Green Forest Dragon.
Incidentally, I also killed a wyvern that invaded my village with a catapult.”

“A dragon with a ballista?”

Count Venturi asks in a low voice, and before I can answer, His Majesty opens his mouth.

I’ve seen him take down a wyvern with a single blow.”

His Majesty said this, and even the Count was forced to be silent.
Then, Panamera spoke up.

“I was part of the dragon slaying.
All the magic only served to slow them down, but the baron’s ballista penetrated the dragon’s scales and killed it in the blink of an eye.
I can assure you of its power.”

At their words, Count Venturi, My Daddy, and Arte Daddy all looked at each other.

It was not easy to believe them, but they could not doubt His Majesty’s words.

Well, there is no use thinking about it.
I’m sure words won’t convince them, so I’ll just do what I can and hurry home.

I will make a mobile ballista and a catapult and go home.
I have prepared barrels filled with arrows and shurikens for the catapult, so please use those.”

“…You’re going to make them now?”

Van, I’ve been patient and silent so far, but you still don’t know what’s going on… now is not the time.

“Yes, I’m going outside!”

I cut off the line of the stubborn OLD MEN who were beginning to rekindle their anger, I got up from my seat and quickly left the room.

Once outside, the knights turned bodily and the knight standing in front of the entrance looked at me.

“Baron Van, is the meeting over?”

The knight asked, I nod lightly and moved.

I have some preparations to do, so could you please clear the main street for me?”

“Yes, sir!  All right, sir!  Split up!”

The knight uncle quickly gave his orders in return.
The knights were under the direct command of His Majesty.
Their movements were not in vain, and above all, they were fast.

Feeling the presence of His Majesty and his men coming out from behind me, I shout toward my unit at the end of the main street.

“Sorry!  Can you bring the materials!?”

“Yes!  I understand!”

Camsin’s reply came immediately, and the wagon loaded with materials started moving.

Now, let’s make a ballista and a catapult and go home.

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