The fathers were astonished at the impossible cut and the fact that it was only a child of about 10 years old who had done it.

The next time Camsin gets a new sword, we will name it “Zantetsuken”.

As I was thinking this, my father looked down at me as if he could not believe what he was seeing, and opened his mouth.

“What was that… what the hell is that sword…?”

Just as I opened my mouth to answer my father’s question, I heard a voice from the opposite direction.

“Baron Van!”

I turned to look at the familiar voice and saw a beautiful woman of stunning proportions, the embodiment of the American dream, coming toward me.

“Baron Panamera.
It has been a long time.”

Panamera was dressed in light armor, the opposite of father’s, white and silver.
It is probably a big battle armor.
It is more beautiful and elegant than anything I have seen before.

You’ve grown a little taller.”

“Yes, I have.
I plan to be bigger than the Viscount someday.”

“Ha ha, I’m looking forward to it!  Now, His Majesty is waiting for you.
Follow me.”

“Ah, so His Majesty has already arrived.”

“Yes, His Majesty is already here.
“Oh, His Majesty is already here, isn’t he? I hope you have prepared something interesting again.

As we were laughing and having such a conversation, my father, who had been left out of the conversation, looked up.

“…Van, did you really defeat a Green Forest Dragon?”

My father said that much in a gravelly voice.
To that question, I smiled vaguely, nodded, and answered.

“Yes, I did.
For now, let’s greet His Majesty and then show him ballista.”

When I told him that, Panamera, not my father, opened his mouth in a good mood.

“Yes, that would be good.
Seeing is better than hearing.
If you give me the arrows, shall I show you my ballista?”

“No, I have something better than what I gave the Viscount.”

“What! What?  What? What?  I want one too!

“Well, I’ll get you one next time.
We can discuss the price.”

I went to His Majesty’s office, placating Panamera’s excitement.
My father followed a short-distance behind me, but he did not speak to me after all.

As we continued through the town, the number of soldiers gradually increased, and in front of the two-story mansion at the far front was a line of knights in obviously gorgeous armor.

They were knights in splendid red armor.
They must be the King’s Red Armor, the SS under the direct command of His Majesty.
Well, it is said that they are also called the “bloody armor” with awe by people from other countries.

I am Viscount Panamera Carerra Cayenne and I have brought Baron Van Nay Fertio.”

“Come in.”

Panamera said his name, and the red armors all split to the left and right to make way.

The red armored men stood straight and tall, with the same posture as if they had been standing in a straight line.
It was just like an army lineup.


Panamera laughs as she lets out a small exclamation and lets out a breath.

“Phew, are you impressed by seeing His Majesty’s Imperial Knights?”

It’s very powerful, isn’t it? Are they very strong after all?”

I asked, and Panamera nodded with a laugh.

“It is.
Only 500 people are allowed to wear the red armor.
Those who are judged to be outstanding in the annual knight promotion examination must fight against the current Royal Guards and take it from them on merit.
In other words, only those who are truly competent can become knights.”

Panamera glances at me as she answers this.

“…Well, depending on the equipment, the boy might have a chance to win.”

He muttered quietly.

The red-armored men’s eyeballs twitched as they looked at him, but Panamera paid them no mind as she walked into the pavilion.

With the attention of the kingdom’s best and brightest on me, I smiled and took off at a run.

You did that on purpose.

I followed Panamera with my nose stretched out under his bonkers backside.

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