[Another Viewpoint] Astonishment of the Knights of Jiernetta Kingdom


As if in a frenzy, a wall of flames consumed my soldiers, and the enemy soldiers, energized by the flames, turned to the offensive and came at me.


The speed with which they moved from defense to offense was extremely rapid, clearly anticipating the magic of the flames.


“…Scuderia’s guard has emerged?”


He mutters and quickly gives his instructions.


“We’re right on schedule…give the instructions immediately.
Be calm and throw the black ball.”




At my words, the messenger headed for the front line.


A moment later, I raise the corners of my mouth at the sound of impact and explosions echoing from the front lines.


Black balls.


A new weapon, far too powerful, that has transformed the lives of the small northern countries that until now have only been exploited.


It is not numerous, but if used sparingly in important battles, it can be used with menacing effectiveness.
With this new weapon in hand, our kingdom, which had been bitterly disappointed for so many years, was able to decide to invade Scudetto, which we had longed for.


The Black Jade is capable of more than even those who are not able to fight as mages.


The soldiers threw the black ball while keeping their distance as if they were running away.
That was enough to reduce the number of those knights of the Marquis of Fertio.


And the soldiers, unable to respond and on guard, stopped.


Now is the perfect opportunity.
Give the signal.
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.”


The second-in-command then sends a signal to the sky.
Three small pillars of fire were created, and the wyverns that had been arcing in the sky slowed their speed and altitude, scattering black balls of fire.


There was no way they could react in time.


The enemy soldiers concentrated in front of them were blown away by the explosions of black balls pouring down from the sky.


One after another, the sound of explosions rang out, and the enemy formation was quickly broken.


This is more successful than I could have imagined.
I never thought it would work this well.”


I laughed as I shook my shoulders and brushed my own green-green hair back.


The key to this battle was the fall of the fortified city of Scudetto.
Two neighboring towns and three villages were to cut off the supply to Scudetto, but with the way things were going, it was no longer necessary.


The corps that had been on the defensive in Scudetto seemed to have changed its move to retreat.
The number of defenses has been reduced, and they are moving to secure the retreat route.


The walls of the fortress had collapsed due to the black ball received from the sky, and our knights were beginning to enter the interior of the fortress city.


At last, the time had come to accomplish my long-cherished dream of conquering Scudetto.


As the third prince of the Kingdom of Jiernetta, I had been forced to lick the bitter pillows many times since I was entrusted with the Second Order of Knights of the Kingdom.


“Fleeing knights and citizens are boring, but the chase is the flower of war.
Drop a black ball on the fleeing wyverns and cut them down from behind with your swords.
Let them know what a crushing defeat is.”


He said this with a laugh and looked at the citadel, just as the citizens and soldiers were coming out of the citadel.


A messenger runs out to relay instructions.


The front line is in the process of falling back and throwing black balls.
It will take some time to rearrange the formation for the chase, but the enemy is also not moving well because of the citizens they have.


“…Don’t be in a hurry to rearrange the formation.
We will never have such a great opportunity again.
With this one battle, I will take the Marquis Fertio’s head.”


Saying this, I also suppressed my own feelings of agitation and checked the battle situation.


Since he has confirmed the fire magic, he has the wyverns standing by on the city walls, but once the pursuit begins, he can go around the front of the enemy army and use the black ball again.


He has about half of the black ball left, but that’s still more than enough.


“It’s completely deadlocked; taking Scudetto is synonymous with seizing this whole area.
If we defend it for three months, strengthen our stronghold, and then take the next stronghold from this place…”


Thinking of a glorious future, I confirmed the formation of my knights and nodded.


“Now, the battle of extermination!  We’ll give chase!  Don’t care about the soldiers or the civilians!  Kill them all!”


He gave the final order, which was tantamount to a victory battle cry.
The soldiers, who had felt the victory firsthand, let out an angry cheer, raised their swords, and began to charge.


I raised the edge of my mouth, pointed my palms at the wyverns holding onto the edge of the ramparts, and shouted.


“Give the order to the puppet sorcerers!  Wyverns, go to where the enemy is fleeing and drop the black ball!  Watch out for fire magic and be sure to maintain altitude!”


That was the end.


As I was about to watch the wyverns fly away, something inexplicable suddenly happened.


The wyvern at the very front fell from the ramparts with a spray of blood.
I was speechless as the wyvern’s head detached from its body like a toy and fell without effort.


Immediately after, a heavy crash sounded from somewhere, and with a sound that cut through the wind, one wyvern fell from the ramparts, followed by two more.


I don’t think they lost their balance.


The wyverns all fell to the ground in a way that made it impossible for them to land on the ground.


“What… what happened…?”


Just as he muttered this, another wyvern fell to the ground headless.


The wyverns, controlled by the puppet sorcerer, were unable to take evasive action on their own.
They can only start moving when the puppet magician gives them instructions.


Therefore, it is impossible to react on the spur of the moment.


What, what is happening! What is happening?  Why is Wyvern’s head…?


I yell at the nearby adjutant, but he just shakes his head with a pale face.


Damn you, you’re useless!  Incompetence! 


I open my mouth, gnashing my teeth in gut-wrenching anger.


“Hurry up and send those wyverns flying!  If it’s in the sky…!”


Just as I gave that instruction, I heard another sound similar to an earth tremor and a whoosh of wind.
The wyverns then fell from the castle walls like a joke.


By now, the number of wyverns dropped exceeded 30% of the total number.


It happened in the blink of an eye.
How could this be so stupid?


And then another wyvern is decapitated.


I wanted to cover my face, but this time I saw it.


I saw a thin figure swinging a sword.


“Enemy!  There is someone on the ramparts with a sword!  Get out of there quickly!”


The figure was dressed like a woman, but it didn’t matter.
Whether the enemy is a swordsman or a first-rate adventurer, if they fly into the sky…! 


Perhaps my prayers were answered, and the wyverns flew up one after another.


“Good!  All right, all right!  In the sky!  Attack the top of the ramparts from the sky!  This enemy is far more troublesome than the Marquis of Fertio!”


As soon as I shouted that, as if on cue, that sound echoed through the air.


Just when I thought I heard the wind howl, I saw four wyverns falling headfirst down.


“Baa, silly!!!?  What the hell!  Where is the enemy!?”


My second-in-command replies to my words with a panicked look.


“To the right!  That is a new enemy that was not on this battlefield!”


At these words, I reflexively look in the direction the adjutant is facing.
Then, I saw something in that direction.
It was something like a huge wall.


“…Change target!  We can’t just run back like this!  The Marquis de Fertio’s knights are in full breakaway position!  There is no chance of a pincer attack!  Smash that spearing bastard with all your forces! !”


I shouted angrily, my voice turning inside out, and I maneuvered my horse to reverse.


I’m not sure about the mysterious wall, but the enemy’s formation is small and compact.
No doubt there are no more than a thousand of them.


“Let’s trample them down!”


I shouted from the pit of my stomach and raised my sword.

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