Unveiling of a New Weapon

For a test, I created a Mithril doll about a little less than two meters tall.
The arms and legs are slender and long, and the mithril will be sturdy even though it is thin.

One hand holds a sword, and the other holds a large shield.
The other hand holds a large shield, also known as a Tower Shield, which is more than one meter long.

Usually, huge shields are made of wood or hide from magical beasts, but I thought that Mithril doll could hold it, so I made it of Mithril.
Of course, the sword is also made of Mithril.

Thanks to this, I used up most of my Mithril ore.

“Oh, um, Van-sama? I have many questions, but why the sword and shield in a dress? “

Till told me that, I nodded confidently.

“It’s a girl doll in a dress that dances and looks good, but I thought it would be nice to have weapons and armor anyway.
That way, if something goes wrong, the doll can still fight.”

Till looked at me with half-lidded eyes as I told her this.
But Arte looked up at the doll dumbfounded for a while and then laughed as if he was about to blow up.

“Heh, heh…hahaha!”

As she laughed, Arte burst into tears.
Till and I looked at each other as Arte laughed with a radiant face, as if something had been blown away.

I’m still not sure if I should just take off the shield.

“That’s not why I laughed.”

“Okay, let’s let them fight with the umbrellas.”


As Till and I are having this exchange, Arte nods with a tearful smile on his face and opens his mouth.

“I think an umbrella would be good, too.”

“Eh…Arte-sama, you don’t have to force me to go along with you? “

Till says this with a worried look on her face, and Arte and I look at each other and laugh.

It was the first time I felt Arte laugh from the bottom of her heart.
Seeing her innocent smile, which was appropriate for her age, made me smile as well.

“Come on, let’s practice.”

Arte hesitated for a moment, but quickly nodded.

“Wow, I understand.”

Saying that, she turned to the newly made Mithril doll.

Let’s begin.”

Arte declared, and the Mithril doll’s hands moved.

The arm slowly rises, and the wrist and finger joints bend in turn.
It is a beautiful, flowing movement.

The doll’s right leg came forward, spinning around, and its arms outstretched.
When the spinning stopped, he bowed softly.

It is simple, but it is indeed a dance.
It is just a simple movement, but I honestly think it is beautiful.
Each movement is made with an awareness of the fact that it will be seen by others.

However, because she is holding a sword and a shield, it looks more like a martial arts dance than a dance.
Well, that is interesting.

“It’s a beautiful dance, isn’t it?”

I said and looked next to Arte, who was breathing roughly and repeatedly, breaking out in a cold sweat.


“Arte-sama! Are you okay? “

Till supported her from behind as I held Arte’s shoulder in surprise and called out to her.

“Wait, I used too much magic power…is it because I was Mithril’s doll?”

“It’s a lack of magic power.
Come on, lie down, let me get you some water…”

Till takes care of her, and Arte smiled.

“Thank you.
But even though my body is tight, I feel good.
Thanks to both of you.
I…I have lived my life thinking that I have no value at all.
But from now on, I will try to find something that I can do to help.”

To this spirited Arte, I have a suggestion.

“Let’s study Arte’s magic.
Then we can see what kind of things we can do.”

Arte nodded happily.

Two new weapons were created in this way.

First, a mechanical bow made from Van’s Mithril and the bones and skin of a magical beast.
It is much more powerful and sturdy.

However, since it is quite heavy, the Mithril weapon is for men.
For women, it is a mechanical bow made from wood blocks and the skin of a magical beast.
It is lightweight and easy to handle.

Of course, when I showed it to Borra, she fired it wildly, and I wondered if she would be okay with Borra as her commander.
I wondered if Borra would be okay with it as his commander, and I felt a little uneasy.

I also tried using Camsin, but he seems to prefer the sword.

Well, it would be better to be able to use both.

And the second thing.

I stood in front of the wood block doll that was sitting in front of the storeroom and looked back at everyone who had gathered.

It was already evening, so not only the slaves but also the villagers and adventurers had gathered.

“Now, then, Miss Arte is going to unveil the new weapon of the village of Seat.
Go ahead and put up your arms!”

With that said, she moved to the edge and stood beside Arte, who gently took a deep breath and extended her hand toward the doll.

The next moment, the seated doll wobbles up and dexterously bows.
The white doll was wearing a dress, shoes, and even a round hat.
It would really look like a human being.

“Oh… it looks like it’s alive…”

“But that’s…”

“Puppet magic, huh? Wasn’t there a story once about one that turned its blade on a royal or noble family? “

I heard a voice uttering a negative image, albeit slightly in surprise.

Arte’s hand trembled slightly at the words.

There were various bad stories circulating about magical aptitudes that royalty and aristocrats were awed by or avoided.
Some were based on mere images, others on actual incidents that had occurred in the past.

For example, Camsin’s magical aptitude for stealing.

This is avoided because of a past incident in which a slave thief used this magic to form a grand bandit gang.
There are also stories of merchants who used the magic of thievery to commit all sorts of evil deeds.

The same goes for the puppet’s aptitude for magic.

Whenever there is talk of assassinations of royalty and nobility, there is a good chance that a puppet sorcerer will also be mentioned.
Trouble is, even when the existence of a puppet magician is not confirmed, stories of a puppet magician or brainwashing magician behind the scenes manipulating the culprit come out.

Therefore, discrimination against those with this magical aptitude is deep-rooted.

Arte, who understands this even at the age of 10, wonders how she will be viewed and treated.
How will she be treated? She must be terrified by the thought of it.

I feel the presence of confusion and fear gradually spreading, so I clap my palms together and open my mouth.

“Come on! Don’t think that the lifeless doll just took a bow! Mistress Arte’s dolls can dance the most magnificent dance you’ve ever seen!”

When she said this and looked at Arte, Arte closed her mouth with a giggle and looked up.

Then the doll slowly crouched down and gently spun around in place.

Keeping a low posture, she spun around, moved to the side, and leapt up softly.
The skirt of her dress swayed, and her outstretched arms and legs swung beautifully in a soft movement.

Everyone gasped and gazed at the dance of the dolls.

The delicate dance of the doll continued for two or three minutes with flowing movements, and finally ended with the doll kneeling on the spot and bowing.

Everyone was speechless.
The villagers, especially those who had not experienced much entertainment, were wide-eyed.

Watching their reaction, I clapped and opened my mouth.

“It was a magnificent dance! In this way, Miss Arte has a wonderful aptitude for magic, breathing life into lifeless objects! It pains me to ask the gentle and modest Miss Arte to fight, but when the time comes, this doll will stand at the forefront and fight the dragon without running away, even if it is against a dragon!”

With that, I applauded, and Arte looked back at me with teary eyes before bowing deeply to the crowd.

“That was a hell of a move, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Indeed, if Arte-sama is going to move it, it might be a relief.”

I could hear their words, and their smiles were gradually increasing.

As a final push, I clap my hands hard and open my mouth.

“Yes, everyone claps!”

Immediately after I said that, the confused people started clapping and cheering, and by the time ten seconds had passed, they were cheering loudly.

Arte was so moved by the thunderous applause and cheers that she hugged me and cried.

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