red hair, for some reason kneels in front of me and receives the mechanical bow.


Laughing at her exaggerated attitude and awesome nervousness, I stood next to Porte and put my hand on it.


“Yes, relax your shoulders.
Let’s aim at the forest you can see by the street.
That’s right.
Hold here.
Oh, it’s okay if it’s light.
Then, pull the stick next to this box-like thing, and yeah, you’re set.”


Porte completes setting the mechanical bow while turning bright red, probably because everyone is paying attention to her.


I put my hand on Porte’s shoulder and supported her elbow from below to help her aim.


“Well then, let’s grip the lower stick sticking out.
Squeeze it like you’re squeezing…”


Porte squeezed the trigger part of the grip, the mechanical bow made a sound like the clash of metal and wood, and the arrow was ejected.


The arrow was successfully fired on target, and the sound of the wind cutting through the air went into the forest.


“That was perfect!  You did good, Porte.”


Porte looked at me with a bright red face and replied, “Yes, yes! Porte looked at me with a bright red face and replied, “Yes!


She reverently returned the mechanical bow to me and went back to her original position.


I offered the mechanical bow to Borra, who was looking at me half-stunned.


“This is a state-of-the-art mechanical bow.
Would you like to try shooting it? “


With that, Borra lifted the edge of her mouth and staggered over to me.


“Ha-ha-ha!  Ha-ha-ha!  This is great!  This is wonderful! “


A minute after I handed him the mechanical bow and taught him how to operate it, Borra was so excited that I thought he was a bit of a badass.


In a blink of an eye, he fired the remaining nine in rapid succession into the forest, marveling at their performance.


“Van-sama, you can fight even large magical beasts with this.”


I nodded to Borra, who was approaching me with a twinkle in her eyes, pulling back slightly.


“Yes, it is.
But we have the Ballista for large magical beasts, so we should be fine.”


“Oh, really?  That Ballista is also called…! “


“Well, yes.
Let’s go take a look.
We can go up there.”


As I said this and led the way, I could hear the presence of a snickering Borra right behind me and the footsteps of others following a short-distance behind me.


Someone stop Borra.
He’s going to attack us.


Inwardly frightened, I climbed to the top of the ramparts and turned around to stand next to Ballista.


“Well, this is the two-stranded Ballista…”


The moment I turn around, I see Borra in front of me, her eyes blazing, and I freeze.


Camsin and Till seized Borra from behind, as if they couldn’t see him.
With Borra looking like a beast on a leash, I go back to introducing Ballista.


“…Now, this is the two-stranded Ballista.
With this, I also killed the Green Forest Dragon.”


“Which, a dragon! “


“Even though it’s big, with a bow…? “You’ve got to be kidding me.


“You’ve got to be kidding…”


I hear such voices.


Laughing at that, I look for the petite girl.


“Oh, there she is.
Come over here.”


“Yes, yes! “


I called, and he came trotting toward me.


“This time it’s a little heavier than before.
First, pull this stick.
It’s designed to pull when you put weight on it, so just hang on to it.”


“Yes, yes!  Hmmm…! “


Porte-chan groans cutely.
With a clank, the set was complete.


“Well then, since it’s the first shot, let’s use this metal arrow over here.”


I said and let the arrow set.


“Make sure no one else touches the arrows when you put them down.
Porte-chan will fly away.”


When I warned her, Porte hurriedly set the arrows and came back.


Then, I’ll take aim at the end and knock down this stick.”


Porte aimed at the forest in accordance with my instructions and pulled the stick.


The air vibrated, and at the same time a terrific wind noise rang out.


A moment later, the arrow reached the forest.
Three or four thick trees are knocked down by the sound of the arrow’s impact, which can be heard from here.


It was a good thing I had strengthened my ballista and arrows.


All the first-timers are completely frozen.


“Uh-oh, uh-oh! “


but only Borra was cheering as her tension swept over the meter.

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