ubt, but Bell is stumped.


“I thought that…perhaps it means that the Mary Chamber of Commerce thinks highly of Van-sama.”


As he said it, Bell twisted his own head.
That’s because I’m afraid that they think they will gain status and power in the frontier, but the Mary Chamber of Commerce, which has the backing of the king, still doesn’t have much influence.


Well, I would appreciate it if you could make a discovery.
Next time something happens, we can deal with the Mary Chamber of Commerce on a priority basis.


While we were having such an exchange, Rango first brought ten slaves.


The lake was opened in the morning, and the slaves cleaned themselves by wiping and bathing.
The Apkallu children, who were surprised by the Apkallu but had become accustomed to humans, helped by creating a bathing area for the women.


They also provided clothing and shoes, so the men and women lined up in front of them did not look like slaves.


“These are slaves who would normally be valued at three to ten gold coins or more, so if Van-sama needs them, please purchase them.”


Bell says this and introduces the slaves.


A former baron’s daughter.
A former knight’s man.
The daughter of a knight.
A man with aptitude for wind magic.
A woman with aptitude for earth magic.
A former B-rank adventurer man.
The daughter of the chairman of a major merchant company that went out of business.
A former knight who was an officer of an enemy country.


Normally, these people would be in a better position or richer than the commoners.


“How much magic can the two of you with aptitude for wind and earth magic use? “


“Wolf? I can kill an orc with a single blow.”


“I can create a wall of earth.”




How about an assistant for Espada, especially a woman around twenty years old with an aptitude for earth magic?


“So, woman from the Chamber of Commerce.
Have you ever been involved in accounting or commerce? “


“Ha, yes.
I’ve been running a store since I was a kid…”


Isn’t this the kind of person the Bell Rango Chamber of Commerce wants? “


“Of course, if Van-sama is willing, we’d be happy to let you run the store…is that okay? “


I ask, as Bell looks at the woman in response to my suggestion.
Oh, because she’s so beautiful, right? 


“Yes?  She’s so beautiful, I think she’d make great sales if she opened a weapons and armor store at the entrance to Espa Town or Seat Village.”


“Thank you!  Then, I would like to entrust her with the arms shop in Espa Town.


Hearing such an exchange, the daughter of the former merchant chairman moves toward Bell, confused.


“I’m in the process of building a knighthood for people who can fight, so I’ll hire them there.
Just because you’re strong doesn’t mean you should act like a big shot, okay?  Even if you are just a villager at our place, you are a member of the knighthood.
Let’s get along well as colleagues.”


When I told them this, the men who had been knights or adventurers laughed happily.
Well, it’s not every day that a slave becomes a knight.
That’s a relief, isn’t it?


“After that, you’re a former noble’s son, huh?”


I mutter and look at the former baron’s daughter.
She is about fifteen years old, and she is the beautiful girl who looked most anxious from the beginning.


Even now, she is gripping the hem of her long skirt with both hands, her shoulders shaking slightly.


“…I guess so.
An innkeeper, a knight, or a maid in the lord’s mansion.
Which of those would you prefer?  In the case of the nanny, there’s a sweet and lovely maid named Till who will teach you how to do your job.”


“Oh, my goodness, Van-sama!”


Till was embarrassed at my words behind me.
I’m not mistaken, you know.
She’s cute.


“Well, in that case, the maid will…”


I don’t know if she was relieved or what, but she looked up and opened her mouth for the first time.


Mmmm, she’s cute.
Maybe I should make her my secretary after all.
No, Till is enough of a secretary on her own.


Oh, perhaps Espada’s secretary…no, no.
No, no, no.
I’ll definitely be trained in Sparta, and I’ll cry.
I’ll cry.


Well, it might be fun to have such a pretty maid, so I guess it’s okay.

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