o inside the building now, okay?”


As if remembering, he said this and the adventurers rushed out.


Once inside, the cheers started coming in one after the other.


“Wait, what’s this?


“Hey, we can sleep in the dining room!”


“You idiot.
You can sleep in the dining room!”


I thought I heard a lot of noise, but then someone came out from the terrace on the fourth floor.


“Wow, what a view! You can see what’s going on around here!”


“Hyahaha! The terrace is mine!”


A few adventurers’ faces appear through the small windows on the wall.


They look like dingoes.


 I have to ask them to keep their doors closed because I’ve installed more small windows for lighting.


As I’m thinking this, I realize it’s time to go home.


“Ah! Hey everyone! It’s time to go home! It’s time to be my Guard!”


I raised my hands as I called everyone out.


Then, all the chin sea eagles came out at once.




“It’s still bright!”


“I want to go home and take a nap!”


Complaints came in rapid succession.


“I have a curfew until the sun goes down! I’m going home! I’m the one who’s going to get in trouble with Espada!”


As he yells this, a moment is left open, and stifled laughter escapes from all parts of the base.


Shall we destroy the newly built base?


I cross my arms and wait for the adventurers to come out.


After a minute or two, the adventurers finally line up in front of us.


“Come on, we’re leaving! Hurry up or you’ll miss dinner!”


I said, and they all laughed happily.




“Yes, sir!”


“I’m running home!”


The adventurers are excited.
These people are completely licking their chops.


I’m angry, but I know they don’t mean it, so I don’t say anything.


As I was being carried on the palanquin by Till and the others, laughing at me and getting angry, I heard a voice from outside.


“Van-sama! There’s another cliff!


I looked out the window at the voice and saw the cliff I remembered seeing earlier.


It was such a big cliff from a distance….


I was shocked and at the same time I felt a twinge of fear.


“Such a dangerous place, let’s improve it immediately!”


I built a bridge.
It was simpler than the previous one, but it would still be possible to cross it with a carriage.


I would have to build two more bridges before I could get through the forest.


As a result, I arrived back at the village around the same time as sunset.


The huge main gate of the castle wall is open, and behind the gate are Espada and Van.


Van had his arms crossed with a blank face, but Espada was scarier than that.


Espada, always expressionless and Buddha-like, was smiling.


Espada waited for him with a soft face, but he could not stop shaking.
It was dark, so Espada was holding a lamp.
Lit from below by the lamp’s light, Espada’s smile is tinged with madness.






A scream came out of my mouth.


“I need to talk to you.
Come on, this way.”


“Oh, my! Tell them we’re having dinner now!”


I called for help, but everyone looked away at once.




“I’ll come with you.”


Not that!




“I can’t.”


“What do you mean, you can’t!”




“Ah, eh, me?”


Not you too!


“Espada-dono! They all asked for this!”


I complained, and Espada stepped forward, perhaps feeling responsible.


“Uh…Espada-dono, well, this whole thing is our fault…”


Good one, Espada; yes, Van, it’s not your fault.


“Shut up.”




But the moment Espada said a few words, he backed down.


In the end, I was lectured by Espada until midnight.

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