The name of Dee, the mightiest of the Dragon Slayers, spread quickly among the adventurers who came to the village of Seat.


Adventurers were so terrified that they would greet Dee’s face when they saw him.


“Dee-dono, hello!”


“Good evening!”




You’re the junior members of the baseball team, aren’t you?


I was about to rush in unintentionally, but I didn’t want to comment because I thought it would make the place more secure.


“If you guys misbehave, I’ll forgive you.”


“No, I won’t! I don’t want to get cut!”


Dee’s one-liners also have a terrific effect.


Dee’s impression of me is that I’m a child lord, which is amusing to him.


“Van-sama, is there any place around here where I can buy weapons or something?”


“There’s a merchant named Belle in the village.”


“Thank you very much!”


Some of the adventurers were more than happy to talk to us.
Some of them asked more in-depth questions.


“Van-sama, what brings you to this remote area?


“I was kicked out of my house.”


“Oh, poor Van-sama!”


“Yes, isn’t that so? It’s not easy being a nobleman.


“Van-sama, you know a lot of words, don’t you?”


“I’m a lord, you know.”


With such frighteningly friendly conversation, the adventurers quickly adjusted to this place.


Seeing this, Ortho and the others open their mouths with half-lidded eyes.


“…Before we knew it, there were such a large number of business enemies…”


“Huh? When did you leave, Ortho-san and the others?”


Ortho snarls with an indescribable look on his face as he turns around and says so.


“…We were too persistent in our search around the dungeon, and finally came back a while ago.
So, if this many adventurers are here, Kusala is reporting back…?”


I’m back.
What a surprise, with a beautiful woman.”




Ortho and the others roll their eyes.
Pluriel looks over from the side and tilts her head in doubt.


“Kusala brought a woman?”


“No way.”


Amidst the heartless words from his friends, Kusala appeared on a horse-drawn carriage.


“Oh, there’s your husband.
It’s late, so I thought I’d check in on you.
The guild’s investigators and staff will be here a day late.
I guess we’ll go and explore the dungeon tomorrow.”


As Kusala laughed at that, Flamilia appeared from the hem of the carriage’s hood.


“Um, Kusala-sama?”


Kusala laughed and nodded in annoyance as Flamilia called out her name in a calm voice.


“Ah, yes, that’s right.
This is Miss Flamilia Stratos, who accompanied me from the royal capital to this village.
And this is my fellow adventurer.”


Xara introduced them one by one, and Ortho and the others rolled their eyes and froze.


“I was going to help you, but since you’re back now, I guess I won’t be going any further today.
We’ll see you tomorrow.”


With a wry smile, he turned the carriage around.


“Well, we’ll stay at the inn.
See you tomorrow.”


“Oh, well, I’ll be off then.”


Kusala bids farewell with a triumphant look on her face, and Flamilia bows politely.
All of them looked at us, stunned at the sight of them leaving.




“Did we dream that?”


“What is that?”


I remember what Till, Khamsin, and Arte said to me.


“I heard that you saved him when he was about to be attacked by orcs.
As a hero, it’s no wonder he can be counted on.”






I nodded my head in agreement to Ortho and the others who were puzzled.
But facts are facts.
I have to accept it.


“So, I’ll build a small house for Xara and Flamilia.
Can we build it next door?”


“A new house for the two of them…!”


“Damn, why didn’t I go to King’s Landing instead of Xara back then…!”


I can hear the lamentations of the men.
For the time being, let’s leave them alone.


I think so, and talk to Pluriel, who seems the calmest.


“So, what’s the dungeon like?”


“Eh? Oh, the dungeon.
There aren’t many magical beasts in the dungeon around.
The area around the entrance is near a steep cliff, and it’s in a very dangerous part of the forest.”


“Deep cliffs?”


“I think it’s pretty deep.
The entrance is cavernous and large enough for two people to enter at the same time.
I went inside once to see if it was a cave or a dungeon, but it was definitely a dungeon because of the stairs, the pillars at the entrance of the first level, and the magical crystals glowing on the walls and ceiling inside.”


I cross my arms and groan at such an explanation.


“That’s a lot of work.
Is it far from the village?”


“It takes about an hour by carriage and a couple of hours after entering the forest.”


“Far! That’s a lot of work.”


When I answered in surprise, Pluriel laughed and nodded.


“All dungeons are similar.
Around dungeons, strong monsters and beasts tend to appear, so settlements are naturally formed in remote areas.”


I see.


It’s true, they wouldn’t go out of their way to build a village in a dangerous place.
But I guess it would be okay to build a village near the dungeon later.


As I was thinking this, Pluriel opened her mouth as if she had guessed something.


“Most dungeons are surrounded by a rugged natural environment, as well as large magical beasts.
So, even though we have been able to build small bases, we have not been able to build full-fledged settlements.
Until now, that is.”


Pluriel looks at us expectantly, saying with a hint of implication.


“What is it?”


“What are you trying to say?”


“Van-sama can do it, right?”


He said it.


He’s the kind of guy who shouldn’t say something even if I’m thinking it.


“No, you see, the forest is dangerous.
I can’t take my barista with me.”


I tried to turn her down softly, but Pluriel rather took a step forward and pulled a face at me.


“We’ll protect you.
We’ve been to the dungeon many times already, so there’s no danger.”


For some reason, he’s really enthusiastic.


But I have no intention of backing down.
I want to stay indoors.


“Well, I’ll have you carry me to the entrance of the dungeon, plus a nap and dessert.
I’ll bring Till and Khamsin as well as Arte, since Dee and Espada are in detention because they have to build the town.
I think we’ll need a full complement of guards.”


He adds more conditions, flexing his fingers.


How’s this forest-licking statement.
If I weren’t an eight-year-old, I’d be poked in the eye and my eyeballs would pop out.
Ah, it’s terrifying.


However, the face of Pluriel was filled with the color of a margin.


“I understand.
Then, I will make preparations.
I’ll make sure we can leave tomorrow, right?”




I asked back, unintentionally and plainly.
But Pluriel had already gone to talk to Ortho and the others about what they just said.




I, alone, raised a question mark in such a dumb voice.

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