hey gawked.

“What? I’ve never seen those carriages before.”

“Look around more than that!”

“Knights? Why would there be knights in a village like this?

They hurriedly move the carriage to the side of the road and give way to a group of people who look like knights.

A uniform design, a uniform set of equipment, and a high level of skill.
They were Knights from all angles.
The wagons were moving down the middle of the road, so the merchants could not see the interior, so the group appeared to be larger than it really was.

“Which knighthood?”

“The Marquise de Fertio?”

“That’s absurd.
Rumors aside, it is a fact that the fourth son was kicked out of the marquis’ house.”

The three were confused and looked at the situation from inside the carriage.
However, they soon noticed something strange.

The shape and number of carriages.

It was not a carriage for a nobleman, nor did it have a family crest.
Moreover, it was too big even for a large carriage.
The wheels were at least twice as large as those of a carriage ridden by a group of merchants.

It was an odd-shaped carriage.
There were a total of four carriages pulled by a total of ten horses.
All of them were loaded to the limit.

“Oh, hey.
That thing…”

It was the youngest of the three merchants who said this.
He pointed to Rango, who was acting as the coachman.

“No way, is that…”

Stunned, the merchants watch as the wagon and the group of soldiers proceeds.

As the 5 carriage passed, they saw a beautiful female knight riding a horse.
Around her were two soldiers holding a banner, and one of the merchants remarked upon seeing the unicorn and shield emblems on the banner.

“Oh, is that… no way, Viscount Cayenne? Why would an upstart who is supposed to be in the Count’s territory be with Rango and…?”

“Wait a minute! If the nobles were to cooperate, Bell and Rango would start up a trading company!”

At these words, everyone began to get seriously impatient for the first time.

The merchants’ advantage over Bell and Rango was how to transport the dragons and where to sell them.
They had thought the two would never have the means to do anything about it, but they were in for a rude awakening.

It was painful that the merchants had wasted their time and effort to go to such a remote area, but most of all, it was painful that they were going to lose their profit.

If they had nodded their heads when asked for a hundred platinum coins instead of being so stingy, they would have all gained a huge profit of one to two platinum coins.

“…Oh, that can’t be…”

“What are our options? Even with that number of wagons, they would most likely have carried it in two batches anyway.
Should we apologize and ask them to let us carry it together?”

The two merchants turned pale.

What they feared was the loss of their own status as merchants.
The three men, all veterans of the Mary Merchant Association, took Rango up on his incredible offer and asked the chairman of the merchant association to arrange a caravan.

The delivery of forty armored lizards.

This was the condition for moving the caravan.
But because of their greed, they ended up returning to the city with nothing on board.

Who would give such an explanation to the Chairman of Commerce?

“…Bell and Rango trampled on the goodwill of the Chairman of the Board of Trade.
That is what I will tell the Chairman of Commerce.
They have deceived us.”

The oldest merchant mutters this, and the other two blinks at him.

“Hey, can you convince them of such a story?”

“At the very least, we need to carry some armored lizards…”

“The current Chairman of Commerce is that Diane-sama.
I don’t think she will punish us so clearly yet.”

The merchants relax their shoulders a bit at the name of the newly-replaced chairman of the Mary Chamber of Commerce.

“But, but Cactus-sama is staying behind as an advisor, you know.”

The older merchant nodded as he added that.

“Cactus-sama would never allow it, but that man also has a soft spot for his daughter.
If Lady Diane decides, it will probably not be overturned.
Besides, even if they quit, if Bell and Rango, former merchant members, delivered the dragon, they would be involved in the profit even if they wanted to twist it.”

“I see…with the help of Cactus-sama…”

The three of them had such an exchange, and in the end, they continued to watch the transport of the dragons without doing anything.

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